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  • scifichick09scifichick09
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    All right guys. So bought grey paint, the paint color I posted a pic of earlier in this thread. Totally grey. Got the nursery painted and crib up last night, and while in some lighting it looks grey, I think it looks purple most of the time. Here's two photos, am I crazy?

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  • @scifichick09 - The top one looks like a beige grey to me, and the second I can see a faint glow of lavender purple near the electrical outlet, which is either the way the picture took or the lighting throwing a weird glow?

  • @BlondePeanut I'm hoping it's just a lighting issue. We're going to replace the bulbs with white light, instead of yellow, and see what that does.

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  • @scifichick09 I see the lavender in that second picture.  :/
  • that definitely looks lavender to me
  • @scifichick09 First picture I don't really see it, maybe a little towards the bottom if I squint. The second one does look like there is a purple cast though. I hope switching to white light helps! It definitely still holds some grey so it might also help to add in some pops of other color that might draw away from the walls and make them look more grey.
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  • Thanks guys! I'm just glad to know I'm not crazy!

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    @scifichick09 I definitely see the lavender tint in photo #2. I feel your pain though, the color on our nursery walls is gray, and it looks completely blue. Everyone is assuming we painted it blue on purpose... Nope, that's a gray called rain clouds or something. You can only tell it's gray from the hall, where it is near an actual blue paint border.

    In other news, our glider/ottoman is ordered! In 1-2 weeks it should be here.
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  • I think it may just be my phone, but I don't see lavender at all. It looks like a very subtle gray to me
  • Lol, I feel like we're playing "is the dress black and blue or white and good?" 

    I see total beige in the first and little bit of lavender in the second.  

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  • @FishyMom Where is that dresser from? It's exactly what I'm looking for!!
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  • Aussie45 said:
    @FishyMom Where is that dresser from? It's exactly what I'm looking for!!
    It's from Ikea. It took us a year to assemble but it was worth it!! 
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  •  I think we're going to do a vintage transportation theme with airplanes, cars, and trains. We'll probably paint the walls blue or green and then do a lot of browns and whites in there.
    This was going to be our theme for a boy but just found out we're having a girl so I guess we need to start brainstorming girly themes? 
  • Anyone have any tips on 1 bedroom houses? Our bedroom is spacious enough I suppose. We'll be able to put a crib with a changing table in there and still be able to keep the Queen bed, large dresser, bookcase, 2 bedside tables, the record player (and stand thing), the big dog crate, and the Lazyboy. My questions are 1. we rent out house and will be moving in June so we cant change colors or really put wall decals up so just stick to pictures and maybe some stuff on the celling? And 2. where the hell do I put everything? We have no more space for storage really. We have 2 walk in closets and half of mine will be given to baby as well as the empty dresser in there. Do we need more? I pretty much need help decorating a small nook in our bedroom and keeping it clutter free since it'll be cramped. Ugh sorry that was so long!

  • Can I get some opinions on rugs? I'm looking at the rug below. You guys have seen my nursery photos above... the plan was that accents would all be aqua, gray, and white. Sadly, the walls are looking mighty blue.

    I think I'm still going to stick with aqua, because the woodland Decor I like is aqua. I'm not sure how that will go with the walls.

    But should the rug be white, gray, or aqua? The only other piece of furniture in the room will be a glider/ottoman, which is below (it's gray in person, looks a little tan in the photo).

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  • MLRochaMLRocha
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    Last night, after dinner, DH and I went to a couple places to look at rockers/gliders.  This was after him telling me that he pretty much hates my whole color theme for the nursery.  So, I was thinking that maybe we could start over and build off of a chair.  Macy's Furniture had nothing.  Big Lots (are they only a regional thing?) had the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in.  It was a rocking recliner.  Unfortunately, it was the ugliest chenille fabric.  I kept thinking about baby spit up getting stuck in all those fabric crevices.

    So, now we're searching for that specific brand in leather.  Is that crazy for a nursery?  I'm kind of thinking that it'd be easier to clean than fabric.  Or, am I completely overthinking this and I'll be the one covered in spit up and poo (not the chair)?

    Edit because I forgot the second part of why I'm thinking leather...  At Macy's, they had these great white plaster animal busts in several of the "rooms".  DH and I both loved them.  The salesperson said they are from Amazon.  I found them and there are a ton of options (a few below).  At Big Lots, we saw a whole end-cap of woodland type decor and now I'm thinking a safari or woodland theme might be fun.  I just keep imagining my mom's reaction to faux taxidermy on a baby's wall.

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  • @lfrank12 We ordered the aqua! If it looks weird with the walls we'll return it and reluctantly change our color scheme.

    @MLRocha I love those animal heads! But my husband hunts, and I have a strict "no dead animals on the wall" rule... so those would set a dangerous precedent in my house.

    Also, I don't think you're over thinking the glider. Everyone tells me we'll be spending a lot of time in whatever we pick, so we need to love it!
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  • @winchestergirl Aqua! 

    @mlrocha I remember not being able to find good looking gliders when we looked in the stores. They were either ugly or the fabric sucked. I don't think there's anything wrong with leather but I do know you CAN find a really nice chair with softer fabric. Mines cream and has no stains on it. Scotchguard the crap out of it and you'll be good.
  • @mlrocha i had a glider experience yesterday also. 

    i sat in a glider at west elm and pretty much had to tear myself out of it. i wanted to give someone my cc and have them deliver it to my house with me still in it. 

    i hadnt thought about fabric issues tho. thanks for brining that up. H and I are going back today so he can sit in it also. I will have to keep cleanable fabric in mind. 
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  • @MLRocha I love those animal heads!! 

    @WinchesterGirl I had to chuckle- I used to have a no dead animals on the wall rule too, mostly because DH is convinced he's going to catch a monster musky and hang it. Those things are ugly! Then I shot a huge buck and it's been hanging on our wall ever since lmao. He looks great in our downstairs though, and he was delicious
  • @Janefelicity where did you order your furniture from?
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  • @TeacherMom2517 its from a uk store called mamas & papas.
  • @MLRocha omg I love those heads!
  • My furniture came from Amazon and it was damaged.  Aarrghhhhh. We had already started putting stuff together so now are hoping they just send replacement pieces instead of trying to get it in the box and shipping it back. 
  • @PerraSucia that sucks! Hopefully they will replace it for you. What will you do with the damaged stuff though? Whilst i have ordered all of our big items (nursery furniture, pram etc) i have booked delivery of everything for the first week in jan to give us a chance to clear out & not have to store everything until closer to when we will need it.
  • @PerraSucia ;That sucks!! I'm so impatient when it comes to those types of situations. I want to put furniture together now! Not wait for parts!
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  • My furniture came from Amazon and it was damaged.  Aarrghhhhh. We had already started putting stuff together so now are hoping they just send replacement pieces instead of trying to get it in the box and shipping it back. 
    I HATE when that happens. Also, it's a total PITA trying to get that stuff back in the box. I swear those guys are geniuses when it comes to packing as much as you can in a smaller box. I'm pretty sure they have algorithms just to get it to fit :D
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  • @Janefelicity I assume toss them right?

    I don't know what they do with these pieces. 

  • Urgh that is so frustrating @PerraSucia. I wonder would charities take them it theyre still usable just a little beat up?
  • @Janefelicity I'm hoping they just replace this part D and EX or whatever so I dunno if someone would want 1/25th of a dresser? Maybe?
  • @Gretchypoo Those cloud shelves are amazing. I am totally stealing that. My husband may be less enthused, considering it will be him that will actually have to make the things...

  • @poetryandoceans super cute, right? I love Pinterest. My dad is helping Hubs make them :smile:
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    @PerraSucia ah in my head they would send you a whole new thing rather than just the damaged parts, so you be left with a good one & slightly damaged one. Your way prob makes more sense.
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