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We are telling my family this weekend while we are on vacation with my parents and siblings, so we took a picture - in the comments - of DD to send to my husband's siblings (we called his dad already)

Any one else have anything they've done so far? I don't know what we will do for our 'public' announcement yet, waiting awhile until we tell everyone. 
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EnglishTeacherMama[Deleted User]JustAnotherUsername16

Re: AW - Announcement

  • Too cute!! We also revealed with brother shirt:(
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    CanadianintheSouth[Deleted User]JustAnotherUsername16Liss_37
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  • @CanadianintheSouth so cute!!!! We did an early announcement with my family and a "Big Sister" outfit too :)

    CanadianintheSouth[Deleted User]JustAnotherUsername16
  • @Scarlett830 we are doing that too! 

    @catrb89 love it, such a good idea!
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  • @catrb89 that's really cute! And @CanadianintheSouth, your DD is so stinkin' adorable!
  • @mcdonald-bailey I was thinking our wedding anniversary would be a great day to announce, but it's August 15th and that's just too early for me personally. I like the idea of knowing the sex before announcing! 
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  • Super cute! :)
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  • I hear ya @NurseMama, the only way I was able to keep her still for a picture was by bribing her with the sucker she is holding. 
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  • @CanadianintheSouth You DD is absolutely adorable

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  • kelizrkelizr member
    She's so stink in' cute! We did a best sister ever shirt for family. Haven't decided on a public announcement yet.

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    [Deleted User]
  • @mcdonald-bailey I'm going to do the same! Our anniversary is in September and we are getting pictures down in the Outer Banks the day before with our wedding photographers so we will be announcing with a slideshow video on fb. I can't wait!
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    mcdonald-bailey[Deleted User]
  • Love all the ideas! 
    My friend is actually making my daughter a shirt very similar to that @CanadianintheSouth
    I'm not really sure if we will do any big announcement though, only because the timing is weird and our family's are very spread out. Also once we tell my daughter she's probably going to tell everyone anyway. For some reason I'm not that excited about telling everyone. Like maybe they'll find out when I have the baby? haha
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    CanadianintheSouth[Deleted User]BurrberrymumHappyAnjel
  • We'll be telling our families next weekend (6w+6 and 7w). Far earlier than I was ever planning on telling them, but my parents are moving across the country and this is probably the last time I'll see them before at least well into 2nd tri.

    Also, we're getting together for my mom's bday and then my MIL's bday on the same weekend. I'm planning on simply signing it into their birthday cards, but we'll see if DH has other ideas.
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    JustAnotherUsername16EnglishTeacherMamadubcompanion[Deleted User]
  • We announced to my in-laws last Saturday by giving my BIL a "belated birthday present" which was a wrapped onesie that said "My cute uncle is single, ask mom for details". Everyone was completely shocked and it was so cute! 

    @kjd291 I love that announcement you posted!! I may have to steal that idea for our public announcement!

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    EnglishTeacherMamaCanadianintheSouth[Deleted User]
  • We have told a select few that we are close to, for a public announcement we aren't sure yet probably a big sister shirt for our daughter 
    [Deleted User]
  • @librarymom917 I like those announcement cards! Good idea to send to extended family. 
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  • We're telling our parents this weekend and still have no idea how to do it...we'll see my parents on Saturday when my brother graduates with his Masters degree and the ILs on Sunday at DH's dad's company picnic...not the ideal place to tell them since his mom has a big mouth, but we don't see them often (thank goodness) so it'll have to do.

    However, we do have our gender reveal picked out, and my lips are sealed since I've never seen this idea done before!  Kudos to DH for coming up with it!
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  • My siblings and friends guessed when we went away for the weekend and I didn't drink or go down waterslides...we are flying to england on Aug 19th. DS is wearing a shirt that says "I have all the koalifications to be promoted to big brother" when we meet my in laws at the airport. 
    howdthathappenCanadianintheSouthScarlett830[Deleted User]
  • Very cute @Skyjewell23! I've never seen that before. :) 
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  • @kjd291 i love that! now i want donuts though...
  • vino831vino831 member
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    Boo.... it won't let me upload!!! I dont knwo why it lwt me do thr last one but not this one... lame.

    We're going down to NC to tell the inlaws in the am! 
  • This was our public announcement. We had DS wear his shirt to family dinner to tell the family.

    Omg I'm crying! This is so adorable
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