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Welcome to March 2017: READ THIS FIRST!

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Hello and welcome to the March 2017 BMB! Congrats on your BFP!

This post is intended to keep our board organized, welcoming, and fun!

First, please use the search function. As we get more people and more threads, there are sure to be duplicate posts. For easy to answer questions, the search box will be your friend. It's on the top right on desktop, and at the bottom of the page on mobile. 

Next, introduce yourself and share your due date on our intro thread!

Some links that you may find helpful:

For those of you that are new to TB since you got your BFP, the threads below are standard threads to all boards. Anyone can start these threads, just please do not duplicate! Some work better if one person volunteers -- feel free to do so in the comments below! I'll list volunteers next to their chosen thread(s). If you do accidentally start a duplicate thread, that's a great opportunity to start a GIF party!

Daily Threads:
(please add the date to the thread title)
  • Ticker Changes (when your weekly progression changes, you participate in that day. For example, if I will be 10 weeks on Friday, that's the day I participate). Please see this post for days of the week and their corresponding EDDs.

Weekly Threads: these will be posted on Mondays and will run the course of the week (please add Monday's date to the thread title). If there is another check-in you would like to add and start, please comment below!
  • Exercise/Fitness Check-in (kjd291)
  • First Time Mom Check-in (khbear)
  • GTKY (wirtlehm)
  • High Risk Pregnancy Check-in (Sugargirl1019)
  • Moms of Multiples Check-in (MrsNap_515)
  • PGAL Check-in (JDMRS)
  • Second Time Mom+ Check-in (Skyjewell23)
  • Symptoms Thread (Scarlett830)
  • TTGP Grad Check-in (Schumerator)
  • Weekly Appointments (Scarlett830)
  • Weekly Randoms/Spam (meq124)
  • What My Pregnant Self is Eating (Kiki75)
  • Why My Pregnant Self is Crying (UnicornsPlease)

Weekday Specific Threads: happen once a week on the same day (please add date to thread title)
  • Meal Plan Monday (theabels) / Monday Bitchfest
  • Twatwaffle (TW) Tuesday!
  • WTF Wednesday
  • Unpopular Opinion (UO) Thursday
  • Flame Free Friday Confessions (FFFC)
***HDBD (hump day bump day) will be added on Wednesdays once they become necessary***

Monthly Siggy Challenge: Beginning in July (JDMRS)

Once we all get farther along, we will also have pinned threads for things like ultrasound pictures, sex announcements, and birth announcements. 

If you'd like to volunteer to post a weekly thread, just say so below! Also, if you have suggestions for anything you'd like to add or change, it's still pretty early, so please feel free to comment and share!

Post/Organization inspired by September 2016 BMB and most boards since :)
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Re: Welcome to March 2017: READ THIS FIRST!

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