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  • @JournoGrl23 I'm sure everything with baby is fine... pregnancy hurts... sometimes I get sharp sharp pains in my pelvis and have to drop to floor and roll my hips
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  • @Katm89 that makes me feel better! I've had sharp pains the whole pregnancy but it lasted almost a full 24 hours, which made worry. LO is moving fine today so I guess everything is all right!
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  • @JournoGrl23 I looked it up after I kept getting punched in the cervix and dropping to the ground... turns out as your hips spread baby has access to alot of nerves... could be a nerve that baby is irritating
  • @Katm89 that seems very likely. Especially since my belly is now even lower than it was a couple days ago. She's probably resting right on a nerve. I just wish I would go into labor since I'm already in so much pain!
  • @JournoGrl23 That's like my favorite phrase now... I'm like omg this hurts so bad... and DH is like sorry ... and all I say is ... idc if it means I'm in labor... but it better not be for nothing!
  • @Katm89 I always tell DH that too! I don't mind being in pain if it means my body is progressing or going into labor but I don't want to be in pain if it means nothing. Unfortunately for me I think it always means nothing since I haven't had progression beyond a finger tip at each appointment. But at least my LO has dropped!
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    I feel the same. With all the BH and pressure I don'the mind sometimes if it means that it's progress lol. But he's pressing on a nerve that shoots down my leg and I can't walk.
  • I keep hoping for this weekend, I've been having a few more menstrual cramps but nothing that lasts for a long time or come consistently. I'm just ready for LO to be here and part of me feels hopeless like she'll be late and decide to be a September baby instead.

  • I woke up and went to the grocery store with DH. On the way home I started having back contractions that sometimes wrap around the front and go down my legs. They haven't let up yet but they're far apart and I can talk through them so I know it's not labor. I'm tired of pain for no reason! I can't decide if I should go for a walk in the heat and try to see if the contractions get stronger and close together or if I should just wait to be induced in three days at this point.
  • @texasmama2014 Hate to burst your bubble but I had MP and bloody show on Thursday. Nothing yet. I thought I remembered bloody show being a sure sign of labor in the next 24 hours but Dr. Google tells me I'm wrong. :(

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  • Does the MP come out after you start dilating or before? Sorry if it's a dumb question, never went through it with DS1
  • Try squatting exercises. I just read a few articles of how it can help induce. Worth a shot, I know I'll be doing some tomorrow.
  • Did anyone's labour start with really bad lower back pain?  

    I had back labour with DD, but I was induced, so I can't tell if this is it!  The back pain woke me up and is keeping me awake, and is accompanied by belly tightening and nausea.

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  • @Fremdschamen I had really bad lower back pain in the couple days before I went into labor and the day I actually did go into labor. It was hard to breathe it hurt so much at one point. But when my contractions started those hurt much worse and were very obvious. But everyone is different!
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