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  • I'm seriously considering putting a toddler rail on my bed though for when we co sleep. I usually put him in the middle but when he wants to nurse on the side that is closest to the edge of the bed it always makes me nervous. Or is that just kinda ridiculous?
  • ^ Not everyone does but it's definitely a concern. Some do rails, some a wall. Some do pool noodles under sheets. There's even a bed topper sold online for it. I do know someone that did nothing claiming her kids were drawn to her warmth and would not budge from her side. Worked for her. We put our bed on the floor as there is some controversy on the formers for safety. I think it depends on the situation and the baby.
  • My 7mo daughter would wake up crying every two hours. So I'd run in there and pick her up, thinking she had to nurse ND she would fall asleep in my arms. So I'd put her down and the same thing happened all night for weeks. I was drained and so was she! 4 nights ago I tried the Ferber method. I thought I'd have a really hard time. The first night we did it, I was a little bothered but she caught on immediately. All I can say now is... Wow, I've missed sleep and wish I've done it sooner! She was crying because she knew I'd come running in. She's been sleeping through the night every night since. =)
  • So, I've finally decided to sleep train (after 2 weeks of baby girl waking up every 2 hours) and we're on day 4 and when I think she's making progress she switches gears. Day three she fell asleep after 8 minutes of crying, I didn't even do my first check, but tonight she's been bawling her little head off for 30 minutes. How long does Ferber usually take to work?
  • @upandbelow I think FERBER says up to 2 weeks but you should see progress in just a few days. consistency is key. However, personally after trying FERBER, babies still do what they want to do. Mine is still not sleeping through the night and we do combo of co-sleeping. This has worked for me.

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  • @beemaya83 thanks! We're being consistent, and I'm trying it for naps too. For me it's not about getting her to sleep through the night, it's about putting her down and getting her to fall asleep on her own without nursing or rocking to sleep. Day 5 today and she's down for the first nap of the day after 18 minutes of crying
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