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Re: Names!

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    We know we are having identicals. We decided on girl names:
    Evelynn Louise
    Ivy Jean

    Boys are another story. DS is Owen. We've thrown around:

    It's hard enough naming one boy - I told my husband he can name them if they're twin boys :)
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    Is it bad I haven't even started to think of names? It actually kind of freaks me out since it will be with them their whole lives and what if the name I pick doesn't suit them? Ahh the whole thing makes me anxious is it okay to wait and find out sex because the idea of choosing two names is really overwhelming!

    Agreed. It's very intimidating.
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    @melodramatic26 I went to school with a boy Maddalyn. And a boy Jade who dated a girl Jade for a while. My school was weird.

    Little boy due July 31st 2016

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    Naming is my favorite and simultaneously least favorite thing in pregnancy. Seriously. I can't even start picking. And since I'm not finding out the sex, I have to come up with two solid ideas. And my other kids have some relatively unique (but totally real... in case you're worried) names... so I'd really like it to "match" theme. Kwim? Like... nobody wants one kid named Lilith Starchild and then the next one is just Frank. (I was having trouble coming up with examples....)
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