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November/December Symptom Thread

What symptoms are you experiencing so far? 


Re: November/December Symptom Thread

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  • @becks105 cramps are your uterus stretching, definitely normal.

    Only thing here is major back pain. That’s basically all for me. All my pregnancies have been very different so at this point I’m just taking it as it is.
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  • @becks105 omg I'm sooo burpy too! It's annoying hahaha. 

    My boobs hurt. 

    That's it for now!
  • @becks105 I've always gotten nauseous/heightened sense of smells very early on in my past pregnancies so I haven't noticed a difference between this one and the other ones.  

    Other than nausea and heightened sense of smell, I've had cramps/back aches, my boobs hurt and I'm bloated (although that could be too much Thanksgiving lol  :D )  
  • becks105becks105 member
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    @darkrose88 @and_peggy @starkette with my first pregnancy I had zero nausea but terrible breast pain. Now I have the nausea in waves, but almost zero breast pain. What a difference! Also the fatigue hit me yesterday 😴😴😴

    oh gosh, and the acne. I normally have really, really clear skin. 
  • Meh. I thought maybe I’d get to avoid the sore breasts this go around, but alas it has arrived. I’m also feeling pretty weepy. Over everything. Lol. 
  • The bloat. I know I’ll show fast because this is baby 5 (pregnancy 7). But holy bloat. I literally look like I’m 12 weeks already. 
    And to be fair, I was 13 weeks when I had a d&c about 3 months about and my stomach never really went back down.
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  • becks105becks105 member
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    So. Much. Bloat. Had KFC and a slushy from Taco Bell (only in pregnancy will my husband go to two different fast food joints for me) and woke up feeling stuffed still this morning 😩 the night before, the smell of the dinner I cooked made me too nauseous to eat it, so I didn’t even eat dinner. So funny how every day is different. I should probably take a break from the carbonated water. I love the stuff but I am already so bloated and gassy, and paranoid by every little pain, so I shouldn’t add any extra gas in 😂. Last night my boobs hurt so bad, but today… nothing. Crazy how that comes in waves, too!
  • @and_peggy low back pain over here, too. 

    Other than that I have had some insomnia and a “full” feeling in my low belly, along with a bit of tugging. 

    Boobs aren’t sore, but I’m also still nursing my 22 month old, so I dunno if that might impact how boobs feel. I was still nursing my eldest when I got pregnant with her, and I vaguely recall that eventually my nipples started really getting tender when my older daughter would nurse. 
  • I got nauseous last night during dinner and afterwards. Super early for that! Usually I don't get nausea until week 8 or so. Which of course makes my husband joke about twins and I do NOT want multiples. Might have been exciting for my first or maybe second pregnancy, but not now when I already have two kids. Nope. 

    Also, boobs feel like they're on fire and I'm burpy. So fun. :wink:
  • Is it a symptom to have tons of angry dreams? I’m just pissed and arguing in every dream lately. 😅😅
  • @paytonpedro I've been having a lot of weird dreams (which it very normal during pregnancy) but not angry ones lol. Do you remember what you're pissed and angry about lol?
  • @darkrose88 mostly mh. 🤣🤣 One dream specifically I was pissed and throwing a fit because he was in the shower and splashing me (outside the shower) and getting water on the floor. Hahaha. Like nonsense basically. But I know there have been many in the last few nights. I had vivid dreams in my last pregnancy, but not angry dreams lol. I also feel way more weepy this go around so maybe it’s related. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • @starkette haha I always thought I wanted twins until I had one baby. Even with my second maybe it would have been fine. Now I’m much wiser and I’m in the same boat as you. Lol. 
  • @paytonpedro haha I had an angry dream last night! Lol. Dreamt my daughter and I were visiting my parents and my mom and I got into a huge fight. Don't remember what about...and I told her this relationship is over! And took my daughter and left. Like okay dramatic dream me.

    And yes! Definitely wiser now.  :D A friend of mine had twins for her third pregnancy. I do not envy her. 
  • @EmilyE13 I too am getting insomnia. Waking up at like 3 am wide awake… and then around noon get so painfully tired.

    i guess I spoke too soon on the boobs, because every day they ache more and more. The other day after I made dinner, I had to go hide in the basement and couldn’t eat because the smell was making me so nauseous!

    everything also smells terrible. 
  • I haven't experienced much yet, which makes me nervous. Some mild tightness or an ache in my abdomen here or there, and smells are stronger. I'm also a little weepy. I know it's still early and I actually don't WANT a ton of symptoms, but since I haven't been to the doctor yet I wonder if everything is OK.
  • @onlygooddays08 I didn’t have any symptoms at all until a day or two ago when my breasts got a little sore and I’ve been weepy. It’s totally normal, especially this early, to not have any symptoms yet! Have you scheduled an appt with your doctor yet?
  • @paytonpedro good to know I'm not the only one! I did schedule an appointment, but I'm not going until January. Such a long wait!!
  • My husband had a gin and tonic and I told him he smelled like a distillery. Super nose has kicked in. 
  • Third night in a row where I get these waves of nausea starting at about 8 pm. So always after dinner and it doesn't seem to be based around what I eat. Also, indigestion and feeling overly warm. Since I'm almost always cold, being overheated in winter isn't normal for me. Definitely the pregnancy. Same thing happened with my last one. Ha! I know what's next. The night sweats. 
  • Insomnia *she says at 3:56am*
  • @starkette Yep. With you in being overly warm. Joyfully for me, the night sweats have already started. 
  • @returning_bump_member Yay for symptoms!  They can be really hard to handle at times, but they are certainly reassuring.
  • Lol same, @EmilyE13 😂 we went to a Mexican restaurant last night and all I could smell when we got home was the margarita my hubby drank!
  • @starkette so nice to hear about being hot. I’ve had night sweats the past few nights and was wondering what was happening.
  • adcc43adcc43 member
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    @becks105 I am 5 weeks and still have cramping as well. 

    So far I have had cramping, heightened sense of smell, and bloating.  I also noticed I have been experiencing shortness of breath and fatigue.  



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  • @paytonpedro and @bfreiburger every night! And goosebumps from getting warm. I did some chores around the house today, and was sweating way too much. It's not that bad since it's super cold where we are, it'll be nice to not freeze my tushie off all winter. Usually I'm in 16 layers but now I can go out in a light sweater and be fine. Superpower! 

    @lmaplejc the insomnia! Tossing and turning and staring at the ceiling. 
  • So far I've been really emotional, sore boobs, bloated, super tired, and I have sore boobs. All I look forward to is sleep!
  • Ooh and the vivid dreams as well started last week before I knew I was pregnant!
  • I feel like I have been hit hard with 1000 symptoms! Nausea all day long is definitely the worst. I just vomited, but thankfully, that has been more rare. My boobs hurt in the afternoon/evening like clockwork, which is new for me, and my cravings/aversions are hilariously unpredictable. @darkrose88 very similar!!
  • Ah yes, there it is. I was hoping to escape the constant dizziness and lightheaded that seems to find me every pregnancy, but no luck. For whatever reason, i always struggle with it and I’ll wake up like 3 time a weeks being unable to stand.
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  • 5 weeks today! Wonder how my symptoms will change as the pregnancy progresses this time? 
  • I feel like I'm having round ligament pain, but I just hit 4 weeks, is that too early? I don't really remember when it happened the last two times... I know the mild cramping is normal and trying not to let it scare me.

    I didn't feel sore breasts until I was reading your post @andrea3o lol. Not sure if it's from pregnancy or a toddler climbing on me earlier today, though!
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  • Mostly a heavy uterus feeling, round ligament pain, bloating, and swollen heavy breasts. On and off fatigue. Some days I'm fine and some days I can't get up.
  • @geshem I think in subsequent pregnancies rlp happens sooner. It does for me anyways. I have already felt it a few times as well. 
  • Thanks @paytonpedro for reassuring me I'm not crazy.

    Omg the pregnancy hormones have hit me hard! I feel like I've been either biting DH's head off or sobbing in the last couple of days, and I still feel weepy, like anything could just set me off. 😭
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