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  • My MIL just suggested the name Calla, as in Calla Lily. Too out there? Any thoughts?
  • Yeah... Calla isn't a name, imo. 
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  • @doodleoodle I would go with Callie or kayla or something similar? But not calls itself (but that's just me lol)
  •  I have to agree with @misstree5 and @mandk1233 It's not a name. Love the idea of Callie or Kayla or something along those lines. 
  • Thanks for bringing me back to reality! 😂 I had the same thought initially but she went into a very convincing speech. 
  • I've known a Calla.... Her name is Calla Evans and she's a spectacular birth photographer coincidentally. So it is a name if you like it!
  • My friend's daughter's pretend name is "Calla" :wink:
  • A girl who used to babysit my oldest has a little girl named Calla!
  • I guess this best fits we've been keeping baby's name hush hush to everybody (except for you ladies!) in case we decide it isn't right for her. But we've basically been calling her cute name related nicknames for the past month and I dont have any alternatives to it if we decide it isnt her. All that to say, I really want to order a cute onesie or swaddle with her name on it for a birth announcement...I'm pretty sold on her name but wondering if it would be silly to bite the bullet and order.
  • @babyroma I’ve seen that done before and while I think it’s really cute I would be so nervous that I’d meet her and change my mind.
  • @doodleoodle I think that's why I'm so hesitant! The indecisive is flaw! Maybe I should just buy something special without a name on it and I can overlay her name in the picture Haha. 
  • @babyroma 😂 that’s not a bad idea!
  • @babyroma You could always order the custom onesie or whatever with the name and have a backup plain one in case you change your mind...
  • Our first boy name is decided - its going to be Noah Sterling. 4 more weeks left.
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