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Baby names?!

My daughter wasn't named until she was a day old! Anyone thinking of baby names yet? I feel like we will never agree! He's more traditional and I'm for unique. 


Celesta or Celeste

Re: Baby names?!

  • Are you looking for opinions? I don’t want to “poo poo” any of your names if you’re simply sharing.
  • We only talked about one name for a girl (Isabel) before we were even expecting! 
    We both want a nice "normal" first name and we've talked about using a Ukrainian middle name. I don't want to bug him too much about them yet because he thinks I tend to jump into things really quickly. 
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  • We had a list of names when we were naming my daughter so we will probably revisit that as a starting point after we know the sex. I also feel the pressure to find a name that goes well with DD’s name. 
  • We have our girl name picked out from when I was pregnant with DS. We did start looking at boy’s names. I’ve used the social security name lists. We don’t tell anyone the name until baby is born. 
  • We have a boy and girl name picked out! My mom already said she didn’t like the girl name. “It sounds like a dogs name” I basically told her I don’t really care, it’s her name lol. We also name (almost) all our pets human names so that’s not really fair. 
  • We have a lot of boys names that we like: Sean, William, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua (middle name likely Edward after the paternal grandfather). So far we have only agreed on one girl's name: Isabella (middle name likely Joy after the paternal grandmother). It's the first grandkid for both families, so we wanted to be traditional and include a family name for the middle name. I've been scouring the names list in the January BMB (and now this one) hoping another girl's name comes up (that we both agree on) so we have some options.
  • I will use my girl name I’ve had picked out forever. Boy names are still under discussion. 
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  • It was so hard to decide on the first two names so haven’t even attempted talking about names! We both teach so there are so many names off the table already!
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    I didn't think of using social security, thank you! It's crazy how many people we've met that impacts baby names!First grand kids are so exciting, they get extremely spoiled. I think my three year old is going to have a difficult time adjusting. 
  • With my daughter, I knew her name would be Karina. Her papa told me it reminded him of a car {Toyota Carina} It didn't change my mind! My animals all have human names too!
  • leksiLleksiL member
    For boys it will probably have to be a Jr to DHs name, which I’m ok with but not super thrilled with.

    girls - I love Karina and Joy! My daughter is Isabella and so far I like the following: 
















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    Btw Ainsley is my favorite but DH is not impressed. We named DD after his mother so I feel like this time I should get to have more of a say. (Bells was my idea though so he had that in his corner 😂)
    Me: 38, DH: 36 
    Married Jan 2008 
    DD Baby Bells born Dec 2016 5 lbs, 12 oz, 18" <3 so in love <3
    Due with #2 Baby Arya EDD February 2020

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    We settled on a girl's name about a year ago and a boy's name the day we got our BFP. If this little one is a girl she will have my mom's first name (which is also my middle name) and my DH's mom's name for a middle name. If it's a boy, we chose a random first name and my husband's middle name (which was also both his grandfathers' names).

    ETA: we are ethnically Dutch, so naming the kids after someone is kind of a big deal. 
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    Names are not on my radar yet. I just know that if baby is a boy, my maiden name will be his middle name.
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    @doodleoodle I lol'd at her kids' name.

    Also, just my opinion, but animals really shouldn't have people names. And if people give their animals people names they shouldn't judge when someone else's kid happens to have the same name. It's your fault for naming them after a human, Susie. 🤔
  • @jessieR358 and @doodleoodle People can be so insensitive about reacting to other people’s name choices. I’m generally prepared for lots of opinions when I share my name choices. I always try to be conscientious when others share their names with me, because it hurts to get a rude response. 
  • @mandk1233
    Somebody kind of named their dog after me. Her name is Channy....I didn't know whether to be flattered or insulted especially because I barely spoke to this person for quite some time despite them claiming me as their best friend lol. 

  • @babyroma that is both hilarious and very strange. 
  • @Pgh_Kel if you should have a girl you should go with Zoe! It’s such a spunky name. I love it so much. 

    @babylawyer Great choices!
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    DH and I both have agreed on one boy name and one girl name. Findley for a boy and for a girl, Carolyna and call her Callie. 

    Eta: I know people get upset about weird spellings but I chose Carolyna with a "y" because it actually was a font I use a lot (I'm a graphic designer) and I just LOVE writing it out. I didn't just decide to put a "y" in to be unique... 
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  • Hubs' is a junior so a boy would be the third. It's not the first name I would pick but it's traditional and nice and has room for nicknames so I'm cool with it. I don't know what happens if they're two boys...like which ones gets the Third name? Just whoever happens to be lucky enough to be out of my body first? I have a few names on a list for boys and girls but I have a feeling this is going to be a struggle...I think the Tinder-like baby name app is going to be a thing for us :p
  • @Amyface813 I kind of love Denver!
  • I am thinking Margo for a girl or Mads for a boy. But ask me again next week and I’ll probably have changed my mind.
  • We're on the C name train with the older three having C first names(kind of just happened) so I'm thinking  Camille, Caliope, or Cloe for a girl and Connor, Cliffton, or Cameron for a boy.
  • @cmd723-z I love Margo! 
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    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • So far we haven’t come up with too many, we like Aracely for a girl because it’s a pretty common Hispanic name but also a perfect mix of both me and my S/O’s name 😁 I really love it but the spelling looks a little off to me. For a boy we’ve thought about making him a jr but S/O has a nephew that is his brothers jr and goes by Junior so we were second guessing that and wanting to go with Abel. Other than that we’ve just been trying to find names we absolutely love and see if there’s anything we like better than our two top contenders lol! 
  • @chipsnsalsa20 so I looked up the girls name. You said the spelling looks off. It appears the correct spelling is Araceli.
  • Looking up names. I saw ‘Nadir’ as a name. People need to look up what things mean before using something they think sounds cool as a name. Nadir means low point. Wtf people
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    mandk1233 said:
    @kiwi2628 Nadir is a common Arabic name and it means rare in that language. 
    That makes sense and names in other languages don’t bother me at all, but it was coming up in the list under ‘English: US’ names which is why I found it bizarre. 
  • Maybe middle eastern people use it in the States a lot and it got mislabelled.... Or people are just dumb. Haha🤷‍♀️
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    I love Margo!!!!
  • I’m counting down the days until we find out the gender so we can really dive into names! I’m definitely more into unique names (I have a super common name and have always hated it), but my hubs likes the more traditional names. Basically naming our child is gonna be real interesting. We picked out a couple girl names before we got pregnant, but now I’m second guessing them and if it’s a boy, we got nothing. 
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