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  • We have a boy and girl name picked out! My mom already said she didn’t like the girl name. “It sounds like a dogs name” I basically told her I don’t really care, it’s her name lol. We also name (almost) all our pets human names so that’s not really fair. 
    I have met so many people that tell me my kid’s name(s) are their dog/cat/hamster name. My kids have normal names! Penelope and Zoe. It usually doesn’t bother me but a woman I met last week laughed as she said it was her dog’s name and it took everything I had to smile and laugh with her.  

    BTW her son’s name was Coleman. 🙄
    My childhood dogs name was Zoe, not lying hahahaha 

    Our girl name is Phoebe. I know no one that has a dog name Phoebe. 
  • @brookert615 I definitely thought you wrote "Mango" instead of "Margo" :D
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  • @Swiftlet lol well I guess that’s something to think about! Maybe we will look at the alternative spelling “Margot” just to avoid that.
  • rismacrismac member
    babyroma said:
    I think we may have come up with a girls name today! As I mentioned previously, we've talked about using a Ukrainian middle name for the baby (and other subsequent children!) To honor his family. We both like the name Isabel for the first name and we were talking about if he had any February birthdays in his family and he said his late grandmother, and that he wouldnt mind incorporating her name. 
    So I think Isabel Halyna (not sure if that's the correct uki spelling, but pronounced its Huh-Lee-nuh) is the front runner if we're having a girl. 
    That goes so well together! I think that middle name is a winner! I love it! Xoxo
  • @malloryfrommn There is just something about Eloise that is so cute to me :)
  • @malloryfrommn my vote is for Eloise hands down
  • @malloryfrommn Eloise is on the #1 on my list, too! ❤️ It’s my mom’s and grandmother’s middle name so it also has sentimental value for us. I also think there’s something so darling about calling her Lulu during the baby phase. I’m assuming it’s a girl though. Who knows!! 
  • @Swiftlet @doodleoodlethanks for the feedback! It's so silly, but the 'Eloise at the Plaza' character totally stole my heart (and, obviously, where I got the idea for the name.) I'm seriously considering it.

    @lanie1000 I love that it's a family name for you! That makes it so sweet and special ❤ Lulu is a cute nickname!
  • We’ve had a girl name picked out for years... Fiona (Fi) middle name will most likely be Grace -named after my mom. If it’s a boy God help us! DH is 100% set on Asher but I’m not sure about it. I can’t come up with anything I like!
    DS is Jaxson (Jax) and I don’t want my kids’ names to be matchy so that knocks out some names I would have been ok with. 

  • The only girl name I really like is also Margot.
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  • I’m currently hating all the names including ones that were top contenders for my 2 boys. 😬 we think we’re going team green this time but I keep going back and forth. We like traditional and Italian names. For a girl we like Gabriella, Olivia, Ava, Josephine nn Josie
    Louise will most likely be the middle name  after my grandmother. 
    You guys are really making me love Eloise and that no LuLu melts my heart. DH isn’t a huge fan 🙄 
    Boys have me stumped. Both boys have a longer name with a nickname that ends in the ee sound so I feel like we need that again but 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • merigoroundmerigoround member
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    We are having twins. If we are having girls, I am pretty sure that we are using Lennon and Bishop as first names. We talked about Bishop Annabelle as one name, and still working on a middle name for Lennon. If we have at least one boy, his name will be DeWitt Page Perkins IIII.  The other one we still might use Lennon for a boy.

    i am very big on a strong name that doesn’t necessarily denote gender on a resume. ** I’d rather lean towards masculine since there still tends to be a gender bias in many workplaces.  I like strong feminine middle names for girls. I really love Eleanor, Adelaide, Ophelia, Delilah, for girls.

    And literary names like Sawyer, Finn, Atticus for boys.
  • I should also add. I have a daughter named Zoe. While I’ve heard a couple of people tell me they had a dog or knew a dog named Zoe, I haven’t met one yet. I also couldn’t possibly imagine her as anything but a Zoe. 

    She was almost named Winter or Indigo.  Those names are totally up for grabs if anyone is into the more hippie/hispterish names 😊
  • @clee5711 we’re most likely using Louise as a middle name if it’s a girl too, because it’s my grandmother and great-grandmothers name as well. I’m with you on the Eloise though, soooo cute. I was thinking of playing with it and maybe twisting the spelling to be Elouise? Just a thought 😊
  • @daffodil_shoe well, I’m thrilled to know that you won’t be “stealing” my favorite names 😉
  • My kids are Lucielle (Lucy) and Michael (Mickie). I really kinda like Maximus (Max) for this one if its a boy. Idk yet for a girl. My daughter likes Elizabeth so we can have Lizzy and Lucy. But I would nickname her Beth. Although I do like the name Delilah, nn Lily. 
  • Right now I’m loving Jack for a boy and Grace for a girl. 

    I also like Hunter for a boy and Hope for a girl. 

    I’m pretty sure we are set on middle names but I think we will decide for sure when we find out the gender. 
  • Currently going back and forth between Charlotte and Victoria
  • @kiwi2628, one of those is DD’s name 😁 The other we loved but didn’t feel it was appropriate to use *TW: friends lost a baby at 20 weeks and that was her name. *TW*
  • babylawyerbabylawyer member
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    Would be grateful for some input on creative surnaming because husband and I are at an impasse. Looking for more ideas to propose in the hopes that we can find a compromise.

    We've been married for 6 years and really only in the last 3-4ish years or so has he been at peace with my keeping my birth name when we got married.

    (An aside, because I know all too well this can be a sensitive subject: Let me be clear, I have no judgment for people who choose to take their spouse's name. I think the whole point is that it's a personal choice and people should do the right thing for themselves. Other people should respect that choice and call the person by what they've decided to be called. For me, the right choice was keeping my birth name, and I've gotten a lot of negativity for that choice, which makes me sad and angry. I'm sure people who change their birth name to their partner's get negativity too, which also makes me sad and angry.)

    Husband has always been very direct that he wants his children to have only his last name. I feel just as strongly about preserving my last name, too, though, and I don't think it's fair that they should have only his last name, just because of convention and happenstance of our own birth sexes. (I also think it's rich that that's the convention in the first place considering the woman carries the baby in her body and nurtures it with her body for like the 15 months or so, in most cases, but I'll spare you guys that whole rant lol). I'm not asking for all the kids to have just my name: I want to find a compromise that preserves both of our names.

    Here are some ideas I've had so far:
    A) Lastname1-Lastname2 (he doesn't like hyphens, though) for all kids
    B) Lastname1 Lastname2 for all kids
    C) Daughters take my last name, sons take his last name - and then it's up to nature how that plays out
    D) Alternating names for every other child - first child takes his, second child takes, mine, etc.
    E) Creating a third last name (my last name is Greek and his is English, but each has a distinct prefix and suffix that could be combined and maybe not sound stupid?)

    Does anyone have other thoughts? Have you seen anything else out there that worked? I realize there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these, socially. I don't think there will be significant bureaucratic disadvantages. Options A & B both fit on passport and DMV applications.
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  • daffodil_shoedaffodil_shoe member
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    @babylawyer I very much dislike hyphenated names. That would be incredibly confusing for some kids to have your last name, and some having his. Also confusing to make up a last name. It would be best for you both to agree for them all to either have his last name or yours.

    ETA- tag
  • @babylawyer My vote would be to have both your last names with or without the hyphen. My only reason is your child(ren) would (potenially) feel more like they belong to both you and your husband, not just one. Good luck deciding!
  • mandk1233mandk1233 member
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    @babylawyer Could you use your last name (or his) as a middle name? If not I say some combination of both of your last names. Kids having different last names is going to be hella confusing as would making up a last name. 
  • @babylawyer I had the same thought as @mandk1233. Someone’s last name is the middle name (for all kids) and the other is the last name. That way they both get used. 
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  • kiwi2628kiwi2628 member
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    @babylawyer as someone whose mom kept her last name, my advice is to have all parents and kids have the same name. Whatever that name may be. It makes life SO MUCH EASIER if you have the same name as your kids. School would get confused all the time, even though it was all over our paperwork, and not allow my mom to sign documents, and one time a new teacher wouldn’t allow my mom to pick us up. It also makes insurance a bit of a nightmare. I totally respect my mom for keeping her name and I know why she did it, and it made her life easier after the divorce, but god, life would have been easier if we had the same name as both our parents. 

    ETA: I grew up right outside Manhattan, so liberal and open and this still happened 
  • @kiwi2628 the same happened in my family with my mom. 
  • @babylawyer my mom never changed her last name either. My middle name is her last name and my maiden name is my dad's name. It did cause some confusion in school why mom and I did not have the same last name. BUT I grew up in a conservative rural area - I feel like these days it is much more common.

    I am glad I have my father's name, it created more of a bond with my dad's family even after they broke up. My mom's family all had different last names since my aunt married and changed her name. Also my dad remarried and had two more kids and it is nice that we all have the same last name. My mom had another child with another man so he has a completely different name but he is changing it as an adult. At this point when we have Christmas it is a hyphenated-five-last-name Christmas and we are all OK with that. 

    I guess this rambling post's point is that you do you and it won't really matter what people's names are, the love is really what matters. My only recommendation is that all the kids have the same last name.
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  • @babylawyer I kept my last name and always thought I would be bothered to not have the same last name as my kids, but once we had our son I felt fine just letting him take DH's name. I agree it's crap, but it also suddenly felt less important than it did before he existed. We've used my family's names for middle names. It's such a personal decision though, so you have to figure out what's right for you. And with people saying it's so much easier if everyone in the family has the same last name...I'm sure there are times that's true, but honestly in this day it's SO common to have different last names (more women keeping their name, more blended families, etc.) I've not run into any issues yet having a dif last name from my son. Good luck finding a solution that works for you!
  • Names are always on my brain, pregnant or not. Ive seen alot of great names from scrolling the thread.
    We are talking Morgan Josephine for a girl and Ezra for a boy. We like the way they sound with his daughter Luna. Only thing we arent sure about is a middle name for Ezra but thatll be the name if its a boy. Girl wise if we find something we like better than itll change. 
    When we announce we might do a name suggestion thing with the family. So im not talking names for the baby with them until after that. 
  • Is this the thread I can get some name help?  We are at a standstill.  A little back ground...our last name is a stone, so I don’t like cutesy or unique, that’s just too much.  I also don’t like unique spellings or things that need a nickname because nobody can spell or pronounce.  My first name is hard and it hasn’t served me well in the business world.  My other kids names are Natalie, Lee, Jack, and Samantha.  All family names.  I could really use help or suggestions...

    I like...
    Mark Jameson (Mark is my FIL)
    Nolan GEORGE (GEORGE is my Great Grandfather)
    Elliot Rex (no family relation, but uses Rex)

    My husband likes Colt and Rex, colt after the gun which is kind of a no for me.  Rex is ok, but it’s primarily because he wants to call him T Rex which is absurd to name kid for a cutesy nickname.  He suggested Thomas Rex, because T Rex.  I just can’t.  However, if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.  

  • @DDRRT1982 I really like Mark Jameson the best (sounds like an author name)! I'm sorry but that's kind of funny YH is trying to get away with T. Rex! 
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  • @DDRRT1982 I like Nolan George the best, personally. But, given your other kids' names, Mark Jameson would probably fit the best. That is too funny about your husband. 
  • @brookert615 Mark Jameson is my favorite too.  Nolan is definitely a close second.  
  • @DDRRT1982 I like Mark Jameson the best! 
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