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  • @fallonpartyfor2 I like Quinn Rose (I'm biased though bc Quinn is my sons name) and Oliver Jude (also biased bc I used to watch an Oliver Jude and he was/is the sweetest kid). 

  • @fallonpartyfor2 My oldest is a Quinn so I am partial to that! They all sound great though! 
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  • SwiftletSwiftlet member
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    Quinn is on my list for our girl too. Still liking Ivy, also now liking Hazel. I think we’ll take our list to the birth part and hopefully decide quickly thereafter...
  • We are really Struggling to name baby boy 3. 

    Ds1 is a third and named after my h and his dad.  Ds2 is a name we both liked with a middle name that is a family name on both sides.  Both boys have a more traditional first name with a nickname that ends in the EE  sound- not on purpose but now we are debating if this baby needs a nickname that can also end in that sound.  We’re mostly into traditional and Italian names. 

    Two possible middle names are George and Lee but we’re not sold on either. 

    Here’s the current list: Samuel, Giovanni, Andrew, Luca, Thomas, Leo, Lorenzo

    Samuel and Giovanni were the names we took to the hospital for DS2 and Luca was almost DS1s name. 

    I can’t commit and go from loving to hating everything lol 
  • @clee5711 I like the sound of Giovanni Luca and the idea that these are still names you want with boy #3. 
  • @clee5711 I like Luca and Thomas for first names personally! 
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  • @sbalkw91, as an elementary teacher I had such a hard time coming up with names.  Mostly because I have strong name aversions for some past students but also because I think about what the kid's nickname will be and what other kids will do to their name to make fun of it and so on.  I felt so much pressure to pick the "perfect" name.
  • @sbalkw91 and @jvk2012 what are some names you recommend avoiding due to name calling?
  • @doodleoodle, I can’t think of specifics but if you think of a name think of how it can be twisted by kids. Stephanie = Step On Me, Victoria= Icky Vicky. We named DD Victoria anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • @jvk2012 same (1st grade teacher ;) ) !!!! 

    @doodleoodle - Cooper Pooper! 
  • @burr1371 ohhh okay, I know what you guys mean now. I work at a preschool and there was a little boy last year named Lincoln that got called Stinkin’ Lincoln by his classmates. 
  • Quinn is on our list too! 
  • @jvk2012 @burr1371 I taught 4th and 5th grade for three years and just switched to subbing, but I definitely have a list of names that I won’t use 😂

    names I’ve seen kids be embarrassed about are royalty names (prince, queen, lord, etc), weather names (snow) and there are a few more but I can’t think of them right now! They also get really annoyed when they always have to spell their name or if it is pronounced differently from tradition. 
  • We were going to go with Gemma to honor my husband in a roundabout way, but now I’m not so sure since my other girls (Penelope and Zoe) aren’t named for anyone (and also he’s being super annoying lately 😂). Does anyone have any suggestions of names that are just as spunky sounding? I’ve been told I should avoid the ee ending, that I should stick with the ee ending or #3 will feel left out, and all sorts of contradicting advice. Nothing feels right and I’m starting to get nervous about not having a short list. We have always take 3 potential name options to the hospital and chosen one after meeting baby. 
  • @Swiftlet same. Baby Boy our last name it is so far. 
  • @clee5711 haha we have a name for baby girl (Melody rose) however I refer to her as 'new baby' all the time lol (our first born is now 'old baby' )
  • @clee5711 ha! My husband said we’ll just call her Baby A (they call the twin closest to your cervix baby A, so it’s not even short for anything lol)
  • @nhh11, we did this with DD’s name too. One we liked was a porn star 😳 Needless to say we picked another name!
  • @nhh11
    Hadn't even thought of doing that! Though it seems that, much like her mom, baby girl has a one of a kind name lol.
  • Just curious... does everyone have a name (or a couple names for all you Team Green and moms of multiples)? We still haven't decided on one and I'm wondering if I'm alone... 
  • @lanie1000 my brother didn’t have a name for like 3 days. It’s ok 🙂 one will come! 
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  • @lanie1000 we took three names to the hospital for my second kid. We’re trying to narrow down our long list for this one.
  • @lanie1000 We have a boy name and a girl name chosen. 
  • @lanie1000 typically we have two-three names we like and decide once baby is here. We literally have zero names we agree on so far for this one. 
  • @lanie1000 the boy has been named from early on as he’ll be a Third. The girl still has no name and no conversation has taken place about it. So I’m pretty sure she’ll never have a name 😂 
  • @lanie1000
    We've had her name since before we knew she was a she. The girls name came much easier to us than a boys name! We've been keeping it a secret from everyone (except you ladies haha) just in case it doesnt actually fit her, but we don't even have a back up! 
    I've been trying to avoid using her name but DH has taken to referring to her as Isababy and I keep calling her BabyBelle, both in private lol
  • We are team green and we think we have a girl name but no clue for a boy! I think we have about 10 names on a list but one hasn’t jumped out at us! 
  • @lanie1000, with DD we had a long list that we slowly narrowed down. We brought 2 names to the hospital and ended up naming her a 3rd combo of the names. This time we had a hard time coming up with any boy names and H threw a name out randomly months ago and it stuck so we have had this one’s name picked out for months. So different both times. You are definitely not alone in not having a name yet.
  • thanks all. So glad to hear I'm not alone! For some reason I feel like it was so much easier naming my daughter...
  • dkismedkisme member
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    We are having a girl, and decided on Ava Dean. My mothers maiden name is Deans, which I have gone by for years. Dean just sounded like it was a bit smoother than Deans  in this context. We are not sharing her name until after she is born due to people's harsh opinions... but it would be great to hear some feedback. I don't want her to grow up hating her name. Mine is really unique, and I love it now but I hated it growing up since I felt so different than other kids. 
  • I think Ava Dean rolls very nicely off the tongue and is really cute. My middle name (Vesta) is a family name that I really appreciated having growing up. It made me feel special and connected to my mom and great grandma more. There will always be someone who doesn't like it, all that matters is that it is special to you and that will make Ava feel special.
  • Honestly I feel like you can do basically whatever you want with a middle name. I prefer to use it to honor/memorialize a loved one. If that means using someone’s maiden name/last name, that’s fine. It’s not like people often go by their middle name.
  • I think Ava Dean is a super cute name! Especially since it's got a sentimental reason behind it. I've got a friend whose middle name is McCredie because it's his mom's maiden name. 
  • I love a family middle name. 

    Above we were talking about when H changes course on a name - in my house I’m in that spot maybe. I told my H this AM that I was having second thoughts on the name we basically settled on and he is not pleased. I like it but feel like it’s a little unusual and a little hard to spell. Anyone set aside their reservations and just go with your spouse’s choice? Did you regret it? 
  • @optimism3 ds1 is the third and I really didn’t love the name but it was important to my h. We had a back up name we both liked and I ultimately left it up to him. As soon as he was born I couldn’t imagine any other name for him. I did however get final say on DS2s name. We took three names we liked to the hospital. 
    I’d say keep the name high on the list and see if there’s anything else you both like 
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