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  • @sunshinegarden So many hugs heading your way. I promise it does get better. 
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  • @sunshinegarden you are not alone. Ive been sick for 6 weeks now and working 60 hrs a week and getting like 5-6 hours of sleep every night. Yesterday I was a zombie at work. Trying to stay awake plus not throw up. And I'm just so over it. Everyone was asking me if i was ok. Last night i was so irritable I snapped at my kids. I took a long look at the house and I am ashamed and angry at how dirty it is. All the dishes are dirty. I took out two bags of trash last night, and three paper sacks work of recycling. My yard needs mowed. My back hurts. And i have a husband who should be helping me but isn't. So today i called in, just to get extra sleep and catch up on all the things im letting go around the house. Sometimes i even wonder why we chose to try for one more. And that makes me feel even worse. I hope things start getting better for you.
  • adifrogadifrog
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    I'd always hoped to avoid being pregnant in the summer, especially in the third tri.  I guess first tri is not so fun either, because I have no tolerance for heat and it doesn't help the nausea.  I complain about the heat every summer, but I'm extra over it this year.
  • @sunshinegarden have you tried explaining to your husband how you feel and asking him to pick up the slack with dinner? 

    @robynlynn2000 I’m happy to hear you took a day off! You deserve it!
  • SwiftletSwiftlet
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    @therealbitts late to the party but I’ve been having brown spotting daily since my last US on July 19th. Two actual red blood episodes which turned out to be fine, but the brown spotting continues. Every time I ask they tell me it can be normal, as long as it isn’t red blood or heavy. So I just keep trucking along, but it does make me nervous.
  • @adifrog third tri in the summer was miserable. This is way better. Being really hot sucks either way though. Come on fall!! 
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  • I am also over the heat lol. Its gotten better for me, my job fixed the a.c.. So its closer to 75-80 degrees. And the heat wave in indiana died down from 93° (real feel 105°) to more like mid 80°s.
  • Does anyone essentially have no symptoms anymore? I know they ease up at the end of first tri. I am peeing a lot. That’s about it now, except for meat aversions. 
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    TTC #1: May 2015
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  • @robynlynn2000 it is good to hear I am not alone out there, thank you. I feel like I could've wrote everything you said to a T. But please don't question having another, it is so worth it I promise.   I plan on having another after this even if it means burning the house down lol 

    @doodleoodle Oh yes, his hamburgers are his way of helping. I love the man but he's helpless in the kitchen. Can't even boil pasta. Oh well just another 2 weeks max of this hopefully then it's back to life. 
  • @sunshinegarden ohhh I assumed when you said hamburgers that you meant fast food. Homemade burgers aren’t as bad as that. I’m glad he’s helping! I got really stabby there for you for a minute.
  • @Swiftlet I’m so sorry to hear you’re dealing with this too. I keep googling it, but I really only find stuff about implantation bleeding, SCH, bleeding after sex, etc. None of those apply to me, so it’s super frustrating to see the spotting. Going to the bathroom has become really annoying since I’m not sure what I’ll see. Hoping it stops for both of us soon. 
  • @ibabyloveb87 my nausea has gotten much better and no more cravings. Like you, I still have to pee once a night but that's it. 
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  • @doodleoodle YES!! It freaked me out that I was miscarrying, but then I was still having other symptoms like nausea, food aversions, and sore nipples. I think you should be fine. Probably just your uterus stretching. 
  • nhh11nhh11
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    @ibabyloveb87 @rikiteacup mine are fading too! (Had a dr appt on Monday though and heartbeat is strong!) My doctor said that so many women say their symptoms go away and that they don’t even feel pregnant at all starting from 11/12 weeks until they show or things start getting more uncomfortable. So I guess we’re normal??
  • @ibabyloveb87 My symptoms mostly disappeared by 12 weeks other than nipple sensitivity but that still went way down. I am currently at a little over 13 weeks, pee like crazy (the other night was 5 times!) and some foods still turn me off. Happy you are feeling more like yourself! Oh, and I have definitely started to need maternity pants  :D
  • @sunshinegarden @robynlynn2000 sending all the love and hugs your way. This pregnancy business is no joke! I'm a FTM and struggling to deal. I can't imagine having to care for other children feeling the way I feel right now. You guys are literal SUPER WOMEN. 🙌
  • @nhh11 it’s funny how much I don’t remember. I’m sure I had the same anxiety about it last time. SO ready for the scan next week to see babe again. 
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    Married: May 2011
    TTC #1: May 2015
    BFP: 2/6/16 EDD: 10/10/16!
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