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Why our board is dead...


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  • DcwtadaDcwtada member
    edited February 2019
    The ban hammer is coming down hard. Happy and healthy pregnancies to all of you. 

    PS they monitor the PGs as well. Even though they say they won’t. Never ever under any circumstances mention the mass exodus. It’s been fun ladies, but I am out. 
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  • I'm amazed that admin hasn't shut this discussion down. They shut down one of May's discussions after similar banter. 
    And now the May board is so dead. 
    I dare say I won't be using this app next pregnancy. What a let down. 
  • @raemy12345 I am SO dirty lurking from July 2019, but I’d like to welcome any of you that feel that your board is dead to join us on some conversations over in July, especially if you are already lurking anyway! I’m shocked to see the discussion going on here ... we have a really nice, supportive group of women over in July 19 and we welcome any supportive discussions you all may have to add! I know I may be speaking for the whole group here, but I truly don’t think anyone would mind you all joining in as long as the discussion remains amicable and appropriate. 
    Feel free to introduce yourselves and chime in, everyone deserves a kind and supportive community, especially in such a special time of life. ♥️ 

    <3 Boden Gray 8-13-16
    <3 BB Girl Expected 7-10-19 

  • As a newcomer ... where is this other board that some left to join? Is it on Facebook or something? 
  • lmcwlmcw member
    @bubbaclose It’s a private group on the bump. The birth month boards and other community boards are set up and monitored by the bump administrators and any member of the bump can participate on those boards, but bump members can also set up private groups where members have to be approved by the group in order to view the discussions and participate. Private groups help those members to keep things more confidential; I can’t see how many members the June board has on the app, but there are 400+ posts in the introduction thread but at the moment only a small number of ladies who participate in the discussions, so private groups give those members a space to share more openly with each other without the worry that 400 people they don’t know at all are also reading their conversations. Hope that helps!
  • This is why I joined and never posted again. The group seemed mean and cliquey. It was a turn off. I would like to participate again, but only if the aggressive people stay gone. Please just go away.
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