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  • Oh no!  I hope she is ok.  My kiddos have had a runny nose and Samantha has a little congestion.  I tried my best to keep them away, but I guess I wasn't successfully.  
  • @DDRRT1982 it’s so difficult to keep the older kids away! DS loves giving his sister sugars. I’m hoping it’s just a bit of congestion or something like that. I got an appointment for her so we’re getting ready to leave shortly  :#
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  • @BrittnieMariee Oh no! I hope it's nothing. GL at the appointment. 
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  • @BrittnieMariee - I hope everything is okay!
  • Thanks, ladies! So far it looks like she’s caught her brother’s cold. They tested her for RSV to be sure, but told me to keep an eye on her symptoms and if she starts wheezing to bring her back!
  • @BrittnieMariee Aww, poor baby and Mama! Did you get the RSV results back yet? Here’s hoping it’s negative and she feels better soon. 
  • @chasingroygbiv her RSV test was negative, thankfully! She’s so pitiful though. She’s having so much trouble breathing and that’s just upsetting her. I’m a sobbing mess right now. I’m not letting anyone else come over. This all started because someone brought a sick kid to my house after they assured me they were all well. That kid got DS sick and he passed it to Emma. 
  • mmom3mmom3 member
    @BrittnieMariee. That is infuriating especially because of how vulnerable newborns are and can get very sick very quick.  

    Im glad Emma doesn’t have RSV and hope she’s better soon.  
  • @mmom3 I’m so furious! I made sure to tell all of our visitors about our “no illness” policy and they assured me no one was sick before they came over.

    thank you! I’m hoping she feels better quickly. Luckily what DS had was pretty mild and only lasted 1-2 days. 
  • @BrittnieMariee I feel you! My 5 year old has impetigo from school and my two year old has pink eye because someone brought a sick kid to my house and he gave her his cold and wonderful pink eye! I freaking hate people this week and have decided no one is entering my house for a long time after this bs!
  • @sassypants2010 oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that! People are the worst. We’re definitely on lock down now! And if people show up sick, they aren’t getting past the front door!
  • Oh no, ladies! I hope the babies stay ok.  I am more than irritated that people even have to be told not to come around babies sick.  So sorry.
  • Man. I hope Emma is well ASAP and that no one else ends up with sick LOs from their bigs. I’m so ready for sick/flu season to be over and for things to warm up. 
  • @DDRRT1982 you’d think it would be common sense, ugh!

    @mdfarmchick thank you! I’m definitely ready for the sick season to be over. 

    Last night was the worst. I was up most of the night just keeping an eye on her breathing. She’s still so congested and her temp was slightly elevated but not quite to fever level. We’ll be staying close to the humidifier today!
  • @crossfitbabybump 7oz?? That’s amazing!! Go you!!
  • @crossfitbabybump what are you eating and taking? This kid is hungry all the time and I am only getting between half and a third of what I need.
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  • mmom3mmom3 member
    Wow, way to go @crossfitbabybump!  

  • Awesome re. milk increase! how are your partners contributing with baby duties? My hubby takes the baby when he gets home from work and helps out quite a bit...but now I'm just thinking about night duty for diaper changes on the weekend. Should I ask him to do them? Yay or nay? He sleeps every night (well, tries to considering he gets woken up by baby crying for food every 2 hours). Should I talk to him about Friday and Saturday night diaper help? Thoughts?
  • We did that for our first but then we felt it was silly because I had to get up anyways to feed so why make him get up to do a 2 minute task.  So for this one he sleeps soundly and will only get her unless she refuses to fall back asleep after nursing.  
  • @nancysimp DH doesn’t help much with this LO right now. He does get up with our 2 year old on the weekends so Emma and I can sleep in a bit. And when he gets home from work I have the option of trying to nap. It was the same way with our first. In hindsight I wish I would’ve asked for more help. DS was formula fed so I could’ve totally gotten a break back then. 
  • @nancysimp Nora is formula fed. When she was waking up multiple times in the night, my husband tended to her each night until 1 AM and I took all shifts after that. Now that she is only getting up once per night, I get up with her exclusively during the week, and we tag-team on weekends. If I were BFing, I imagine I would've done it all like @slr1229 said - why wake my husband up for a 2-minute task?
  • @nancysimp I'm exclusively pumping for the time being, so occasionally MH takes a whole night shift (for as long as my boobs will allow me to sleep before throbbing) and usually the days I do the whole night shift (most days) he offers to do the 11PM feeding solo. On the weekends and for the weekday shifts when he's home, he does pretty much all the diapers and we usually split feedings (twins). Also he helps with other stuff on the weekends like food for us, cleaning bottles, etc. I agree with others if I was feeding from the boob, I'd just let him sleep through it so that one of us could get some rest and then I'd ask for more help on other tasks that weren't in the middle of the night. 
    Me: 34 H: 37
    Dating: 2003 Married: 2010
    TTC #1: Started April 2016
    Dx: Unexplained Infertility  Dx: NIR PCOS
    Twin boys born by unplanned c section 2/22/18

  • @crossfitbabybump you have a unicorn baby.  Mine don't ever sleep through the night until they wean.  That's awesome.
  • My hubby takes one MOTN feed on Fridays and Saturdays. I'm breastfeeding but always have plenty of pumped milk for a bottle. We like him to take a bottle here and there anyway so he's used to it.
  •  MH works 72 hours a week so I try not to ask him to do too much on days he works. But then again I am used to him working OTR trucking and being home two days a month. But I do expect him to help with the trash and stuff like that, especially with all three kids having a cold and pink eye! 
  • mmom3mmom3 member
    @sassypants2010. Is your husband OTR now or home daily?  My DH is Home daily but works 80-90 hours M-F.  
  • nancysimpnancysimp member
    edited March 2018
    My DH went grocery shopping with our babe today so I could sleep a bit. We also haven't had a chance to go in the past 10 days. I'm too tired and he works a lot.

    He picked up a bunch of foods that are supposed to help with milk supply. I've been worried about low milk. :( Dinner was pretty funny...spinach salad, yogurt with granola, can of tuna (not on list for milk supply...salmon is), fruits and oatmeal cookies for dessert and water. Lol. Tomorrow morning I'm making oatmeal for breakfast.

    DH is trying his best to help. He changes diapers in the evenings and every morning around 6:30am. He also comforts babe as often as he can giving me a chance to rest between evening cluster feeds. 

    The most helpful thing is bringing me water and a snack...and getting me a blanket and pillow while I'm breastfeeding. I sometimes feel like I'm stuck on the couch for 4 hours straight in the evening. 

    Zzzz...4am feed is done now.

    EDIT 7:51am. My babe has been up since 4:30...congested :( I'm going to pick up Hydrasence for Baby and use that with Nose Frida. The noises he makes when sleeping are so sad!!
  • @mmom3 he is local now, his hours vary but he works a minimum of 72 hours a week. I agree with you on the whole precedents thing, I never pushed him to help when he was home with the other two because I wanted to let him enjoy his time off the truck and now neither of us know how to do it any other way. 
  • Like @mdfarmchick, I’m in the minority with MOTN help from DH. The plan was to EBF but my nipples ended up cracking so bad that DD wouldn’t latch to them. So now we’re doing a combination of BFing, pumping, and formula (milk supply isn’t quite high enough to only offer BM). Honestly, I feel like he probably does a bulk of the work right now due to CS recovery and that he’s home on work leave through Easter. It’s a weird cycle though- if he lets me sleep through a feeding at night, I’ll wake up feeling guilty that I didn’t at least offer the boob. But if I wake up for every feed and she doesn’t latch, I still end up needing his help with offering DD a bottle while I pump and he gets woken up anyway, which I feel guilty about also. I’m extremely grateful that he’s willing/able to help but end up feeling guilty that I don’t try harder to do it on my own. 
  • mmom3mmom3 member
    @sassypants2010 - my husband is currently hauls steels so he is just beat (and dirty) when he walks in the door so I try not to ask him to do anything and generally the kids are in bed minus the baby now.  Even with being home nightly, he’s not really “here.”  Just to shower and sleep a few hours.  Sometimes I wonder if it’d be better to find a 4 day run and be home for 3.  He sometimes works weekends as well, but lately has declined working weekends because I’ve asked him to be home to help me, but that’s been tough because even before I still did everything.  
  • @mmom3 That sounds rough, I'm sorry.  :/
  • Okay - has anyone actually attempted to file their LOs nails yet?  Any advice?
  • @ashtuesday
    I've done it once so far, I just waited until she was sleeping in her bouncer. This LO could sleep through a marching band though, so aside from some wiggling I didn't have any trouble with her.
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