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Weekday Randoms 3/26

Get random, y'all. Ric and Morty video in link.


Re: Weekday Randoms 3/26

  • @SmashJam I am lol-ing at you going outside to not wake your S! Oh the things we do to not wake sleeping children. Glad it all worked out.

    I am finally starting to feel like a normal human again and get over this dang bronchitis and sinus infection. Although I could sleep ALL day. I don't know if its pregnancy or from being sick but Saturday I took a 2 hour nap and still slept 11 hours that night! 
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  • @smashjam a shower with a coffee sounds pretty amazing lol. Sometimes my shower randomly won't get hot, and it's the WORST. I mean, it's better than cold, but luke warm showers really suck. 

    I spent all of last night freaking out about two things: one, how am I going to fit two car seats and a double stroller in my Hyundai Elantra? and two, how are we going to afford childcare for two kids in the Fall? 

    I was all set thinking we could afford to buy a new car, then I remembered I have to factor childcare costs post-baby into our budget. Well, we have around $2,000 to spare in our budget right now (that's what's leftover after paying all our bills and regular expenses), but that is basically how much childcare for two kids is going to cost. Womp womp. And that is with hoping my mom will still want to do 1-2 days per week of childcare so we only have to hire a nanny for around 30-35 hours per week. Daycare for 2 kids, even part time, is too much money in my area - probably closer to $3,000. And nannies usually go for around $15-25 an hour in my area, especially for two kids. I am racking my brain trying to think of some other option, but I just can't think of any. 
  • @SmashJam mmmm shower coffee. I’m in and out in the shower, but that sounds great even for a bath.. Pre baby, a bath and a glass of wine were HEAVEN. 15 more weeks! 
  • @zande2016 what about nanny sharing with someone? That usually helps drive down costs. 
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    @SmashJam I totally would take the hard way around to avoid waking up a kid. My DD is such a light sleeper and DS has been waking her up every day while he’s getting ready for school. 

    @zande2016 I’ve been freaking out too. I’m a SAHM so my freak outs are mostly related to how I’m going to survive with 3 kids to take care of. I feel like I’m losing my mind worrying about it.

  • @wildtot I've definitely thought about that, just not sure if I'll be able to find another family in my area looking to share. I guess I'll have to start my search early. 

    Has anyone ever hired a nanny/babysitter and allowed them to bring their child along? Wondering if anyone has experiences, either positive or negative, with that. 
  • @hillbillywife we met a couple over the weekend with 2 kids about the same age difference as mine will be, and they kept warning us about how hard the first year was and how they don't know how they survived it. I appreciate that they were trying to be helpful (I think?), but I really didn't need to be informed of how hard the next year of my life will be. So yeah, now I am freaking out about that too lol. I'm sure you will adjust and get through it just fine, remember this is only a short chapter in our lives. 
  • @zande2016 no real experience with having their kids there but I’d be iffy about that too. Are we talking same age or drastically different? We kinda nanny share but both kids go to the sitters house. They have other young kids (fosters) but her mom cares for them. I would highly recommend finding a back up person too if you can in case the sitter has to take a few days off. 
  • @zande2016 yeah that’s not that helpful lol.. it’s hard to say how we’ll handle everything and definitely the struggles are different for everyone. I feel like I’m barely hanging on these days. I tell myself all the time “lots of people have (x amount of) kids, if they can do it so can I!” 

  • zande2016 said:
    @hillbillywife we met a couple over the weekend with 2 kids about the same age difference as mine will be, and they kept warning us about how hard the first year was and how they don't know how they survived it. I appreciate that they were trying to be helpful (I think?), but I really didn't need to be informed of how hard the next year of my life will be. So yeah, now I am freaking out about that too lol. I'm sure you will adjust and get through it just fine, remember this is only a short chapter in our lives. 
    Ugh, people did that with my first pregnancy and I had anxiety attacks on daily basis thinking about how my marriage was going to fall apart and my social life was going to be "over" - obviously it was hard but it wasn't THAT bad or I wouldn't be doing it again.

    I'm trying to keep that in mind when people give me their "helpful" advice/warnings about having two kids (2 years apart). Ignore them.....it won't be that bad....it's a short period of time in a grand scheme of things....etc. etc.

    But what I really want to do is smack them for trying to scare me in the first place. 

    @zande2016 How far apart will your kids be?
  • +1 for freaking out about how I’ll manage 2 kids. DH got confirmation that he can take his sobatical in July which will be a huuuuuge help considering he doesn’t get family leave. 

    I signed DS up for a lottery magnet preschool next fall and I’m hoping and praying and crossing everything that he gets picked. It’s FT which I wasn’t going to do because I SAH but it’s also FREE which I just couldn’t pass up. 
  • @wildtot right now we are looking to hire someone one day per week to give my mom a break, and then hoping we can find someone who would want to transition into more days for both kids in the Fall. The only prospect we have right now (we haven't really started to search in ernest yet though, just happened to come across her) is a woman who has a 5 month old, and it sounds like possibly she might want to be able to bring her daughter. I know that age can be pretty needy, but then again, I am eventually going to be looking for someone who can care for a toddler and a newborn at the same time. I figure I'll be open minded and at least meet her, the good part is she lives right in my town and is flexible with hours. She also used to work at a daycare where they have 4 infants for every 1 teacher, but I guess my fear is  she would prioritize caring for her own child over mine. We haven't discussed if it would be at my house or hers. 
  • @SmashJam that sounds painfully cold, good work re-engineering your set up though!

    @foxbaby2016 poor kiddo, I hope he's doing better and that you stay flu free. 

    @zande2016 I'm in a huge local mom facebook group and I see moms constantly posting about looking for a nanny job where they can bring their children. While I am sure that this can be a wonderful arrangement, it's not something I would consider. Part of the reason is that 99% of the time these are new moms who just don't want to return to work but need some income, they aren't child care professionals, just simply don't want to be away from their babies. Also, personally I am uncomfortable with nanny/home care arrangements and am a huge proponent of day care/preschool so I do have a strong bias there. 
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  • @zande2016 probably good to also ask if they are cpr certified and just trained with dealing with emergencies. I second the Facebook group! That’s how i found my current one. 
  • @runsomewhere @wildtot that's how I came across this woman, she posted on a local facebook group for childcare in my area. She is a childcare professional from what I can tell, I am guessing she did not make enough to be able to return to work though (daycare providers are seriously underpaid, even though daycare is so outrageously expensive). She also did say she is CPR certified. I would check her credentials, references, and background check of course. I am just not sure where her 5 month old could nap in my tiny house, I am sure she would take a lower rate in exchange for having her child there, but I don't know if that savings is worthwhile to me. Just to throw a wrench in things, now my mom is offering to watch our son all 5 days but asking me to pay her for Thursdays (we were looking to hire someone for Thursdays since she usually has choir that day and I didn't want her to have to gave that up, and I guess she would rather be compensated and gave up choir than have us pay someone else?). I am just so unsure of what will happen when the baby comes, and the whole thing is giving me serious anxiety. I trust my mom over anyone else obviously, and she did raise 4 kids all on her own (well, my dad wasn't much help I should say), but can a 60 year old woman really handle a toddler and an infant full time? I'd gladly put them both in daycare but even for just 3 days a week, it's more  than we can afford. 
  • Random: last night I could feel baby kicking my butt from the inside lol
    My girl has been doing this lots lately and it's SO weird!  ha ha.  She's also a cervix puncher.  
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  • @foxbaby2016 sorry, just saw your comment, they will be around 22 months apart. Ugh people should think before they speak! 
  • @zande2016 have you met her in person yet? This does sound pretty promising but I would meet her in person if you haven't to feel her out. I'm sure things will fall in to place but I know it's stressful. 
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  • Last week was so crazy insane, hoping to be more active here this week!  

    So glad it's Monday.  My mother in law was visiting all weekend and I am really looking forward to getting back to normal...
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  • I was definitely a wine and bath person before getting pregnant but I'm liking this shower beverage idea! 
  • @wildtot that is so awesome!  Glad you guys had a good night out :)

    My husband and I took advantage of my MIL being a house guest all weekend and had an improptu date night to BRU Saturday.  Didn't find much except a couple crib sheets and a changing pad cover.  Not sure if you guys have covered this at all but the sales aren't great right now. I'm guessing as the weeks go on, they will get better. 
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  • @gingerbride26 Glad to hear it wasn't as dramatic as it could have been! The cake is super cute! I can bake with the best of them, but I cannot decorate at all, so nothing I make ever looks pretty.
  • @SmashJam you need some warmer weather! Sorry about the cold shower, I hate those. 

    @zande2016 ; sorry you're stressed, I'm also stressing about daycare even for just one baby. And also coming to terms with having a second car payment...

    I'm enjoying my solo vacation/grandma sitting in Texas. I cry a little seeing all the space I could enjoy here...but I love California too much and it works for us now. Did some shopping on Saturday, nothing major, mostly underwear at VS (they had a deal on panties and I figured I'd take advantage and size up) and got some cheap sports bras at forever 21. 
    Spent Sunday with some Austin friends, brunch then park with their kids, one is 18 months and one is 8 months and they are adorable! It was great to catch up with like minded friends who worry about the same things I do - our careers, being pregnant/having kids and having to plan around jobs, planning for a second kid...mostly they were both very encouraging and definitely not scaring me with stupid stories , they shared their struggles but also the joy of being moms, which was refreshing!

    Spent 2 hours with Grandma and she asked me 3 times if we picked a name...we discussed this maybe 10 times already...sweet lady has no short term memory. She told me stories about when her family, which was sweet. 

    No motivation to work, wish I could just lounge in the backyard...

    @gingerbride26 great job on the cake and overall planning. Ugh, weird hugs/belly touches are the worst. And WTF about birth control. Lol.

    @wildtot DH and his co-workers are huge Korean BBQ fans. So yum!

    @MrsMiller8588 my DH loves baths, he takes one and THEN he showers. It's his relaxing time I guess...he reads news on the phone. Such a weirdo, lol.
  • @noideawhatshesdoing Thanks! In hindsight the fondant route was way faster/easier than if i'd piped the whole dang thing - just nuke marshmallows 20-30 sec intervals then add some confectionery sugar and kneed until it's play-dough like (careful not to burn your fingers).  The marshmallows were so stale DH had to roll it out lol then just cookie cutter and stick to frosting.  Crafting is my happy place...
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  • @MrsMiller8588 LOL my DH hates baths, he says he feels like a child.. Our shower was broken for a month last winter and he didn’t have a choice but to take baths, so I’d draw him a bubble bath when he was on his way home.. You know, to help  :D

    @gingerbride26 I love baking and decorating cakes but fondant scares the crap out of me! I go store bought, I can’t believe it’s that easy! Looks great too!
  • @mrsmiller8588 my husband loves baths too, but I'm impressed yours gets out of bed early enough to actually have time to take one every day....mine is way too lazy for that. 
  • My random is that my belly is at the painful-all-the-time phase and I am not ready for it! I started out heavier than I did with DD since I was only 3 months PP but man, I was hoping this wouldn't set in for at least another month :s I don't know how I'm going to make it another 12 weeks to my c section date while taking care of DD every day, who is on the move more and more every day.
  • wtf is up with the bump giving me all these posts out of order >_< 
    Thanks @acunamatada , @kissableviv ;
    @talesofasocialintrovert i feel you - pressure/pain/discomfort wise i'm already at the point I didn't get to until 38+ with DD and not sure how the next 18 or so weeks are going to go.
    @tarheelgirl8 - that is awesome.  I think i may have stolen from our vending machine today...the screen never changed but it made all the right beeps so i just went with it...mama needed her donuts and OJ.
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  • @noideawhatshesdoing I'm in the same boat. What I bake usually tastes good, but it looks like it got run over by a tractor trailer.
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