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March Randoms

Can't believe March is here!

Me: 30 H: 30
Married: June 2013
TTC#1: January 2015
BFP #1 8/24/15 | MC 9/3/15 at 6w2d
BFP #2: 12/12/15 | DD born 8/29/16
TTC#2: June 2017
BFP #3: 7/15/17 | DS born 3/20/18

Re: March Randoms

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  • If you go into labor naturally with your first kid, are the odds in your favor it’ll happen that way with the second or definitely no since “every pregnancy and labor is different”
  • @slr1229 I was induced with my first and went naturally with my second. We will see what happens this time.

    @StephBrim24 I did two half hour ones last week and just laid on my side. They did feel really good but I talked through most of both of them because I wasn’t relaxed enough to sleep.
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  • Good luck tomorrow, @slr1229!!
  • Sheesh. Can't get a break here! DS (4years old) had a high fever since Friday evening. It broke today and he was acting great and then I noticed the slightest raised rash on his stomach and back. I figured I'd watch it til tomorrow. It wasn't bothering him. Then tonight he woke up coughing and it sounded like he was gagging a little on drainage. Then it turned to violent puking. Other moms - any experience?? What the crap is this? His sister just had a slight fever last Wednesday through Friday with no symptoms but a little congestion. I'm. So. Tired. DH had a flu bug for like 2 weeks before that. I keep thinking any day now, the sickness will be done and we can settle in to have a baby. 
  • @slr1229 good luck!  

    @StephBrim24 I am so sorry.  I hope everyone is well soon.
  • @StephBrim24 sorry for your son being that sick. My 4 yr old has been home from school for a week with a cough, on and off fever, and being exhausted. 

    I don’t know what to do with myself any more. My house is super clean, laundry is done, and I am just ready for this baby. 3 days until my due date.
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  • @GG620 same! Counting down the seconds of my last 2 weeks. Everything about work is pissing me off & also just adding stress which is unnecessary. For my last pregnancy I got to work from home the last 2 weeks which was amazing but apparently not happening this time around.
  • GG620GG620 member
    edited March 2018
    Any other Northeast mamas worried about the storm? I am near Philly and sitting here with the next nor-easter coming in like "hmmm hope I don't go into labor tomorrow when there is 10 inches of snow falling" lol

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    Me: 28  Him: 30

    Married: 11/15/14

    TTC: 02/2016

    IF DX: MFI (low count & morphology) & mild PCOS

    June 2016 BFP - MC @8w2d

    August 2016 BFP - MC @6w1d

    June 2017 - 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI = BFP 7/6/17!!

    Beta #1 = 422 (14dpo), Beta #2 = 810, prog - 12.3 (16dpo), Beta #3 = 5023, prog - 18.9 (20dpo)


  • @GG620 I'm very nervous bc I feel different today,  he's much lower and I just feel off. If I don't go into labor tonight I will tomorrow  (at least in my mind!) Our plan is to move the whole family to my parents house and wait out the storm there.  It's farther from the hospital  (30 min vs 15 and in snow more like 45-50 min!) But at least our dog and toddler will be safe there and they have an easier driveway to shovel and get out off. 
  • @GG620 @bravoandprosecco I'm trying so hard not to think about it happening during the storm. It would be Horrible.
  • I didn’t even think of the storm! They say it’s looking better then projected...let’s hope! 
    I hope I don’t go into labor cuz my husbands going out of town on business Thursday....
    really hoping baby stays put until next week. 
  • Good luck, @LeahS927! Hopefully things get moving along for you soon!
  • gh515gh515 member
    Glad you were able to get to the hospital safely in the snow storm! Good luck today! <3 
  • @LeahS927 woohoo!  Bring on the baby.  Good luck with delivery.
  • sarahhedger7sarahhedger7 member
    edited March 2018
    I work in a call center so there are a lot of people I don't talk to/ have never met. As I walked by someone today, they said to one of their friends, "She sure is cutting it close, isn't she?" Didn't bother to whisper or anything. It took everything in me to not spin around and say EXCUSE ME?! ugh. It still bothers me. I still have 3 weeks to go, that's not even that close!
  • @sarahhedger7, you should have said something! That would have been great. No idea why some people think they can determine when you're going to give birth by looking at you (I've been getting those comments a lot this time around). And anyway, what do they expect/want you to do? Sit at home using up time that could have been spent after birth with the baby? I'm surprised by how many people think I wouldn't work until labor - they clearly haven't thought out allowed time off by your job.
  • So I almost slapped an old woman in the grocery today, which marks the end of me shopping until I have this little dude. I don't understand why random people feel the need to tell me how to care for my kids, it is my son so if I choose to circumcise him that isn't the business of some old bitty eavesdropping on a convo I am having with my friend. This is my third kid, second son, so don't talk to me like I am a idiot that is blindly wandering through life with no clue how to raise my babies. Mommy bear growls will commence!
  • Mine isn’t showing the avatars either. 
  • @becausescience nope

    @sassypants2010 wow, what a personal subject for a nosey old bag to think she can comment on. You should have said "well I don't know how things were back in the 1800s, but these days.." Lol
  • No to the avatars here too
  • mmom3mmom3 member
    No avatars either.
  • Now that we delivered a baby girl (was team green) what is the softest, durable blanket you’ve received or used that can be monogrammed?  I got our DD one from Pottery Barn Kids and the seams fell off quick and my Mom has to keep sewing together.  Looking for recs!
  • @slr1229 We really like our Aden and Anais dream blanket. I like that it is breathable and soft (but muslin soft, not like minky soft). DD has only been using hers a year or so though, so I guess I can't say how it'll hold up quite yet.  We don't have ours monogrammed, but I'm sure a local place would.
    Me: 30 H: 30
    Dx: PCOS
    Married: June 2013
    TTC#1: January 2015
    BFP #1 8/24/15 | MC 9/3/15 at 6w2d
    BFP #2: 12/12/15 | DD born 8/29/16
    TTC#2: June 2017
    BFP #3: 7/15/17 | DS born 3/20/18
  • @slr1229 we also have the dream blanket and I had one monogrammed for a friend’s little girl. DS1’s blankets are still going strong almost three years later with no issues. I bought dream blankets for this LO too. 
  • Did anyone bring/ is planning to bring small gifts for the nurses? 

    I want to do something small but nice for them. How many nurses do you usually deal with during your stay? What are good inexpensive yet thoughtful ideas?
  • @sarahhedger7, one idea is to bring donuts or bagels. That way you don't have to worry about keeping track of how many nurses you see. A cost free idea is writing a thank you note (either general to everyone or keep track of specific people).
  • @enigmaticjj Bagels are a great idea, thank you!
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