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  • @LaceyBee522 - Ian is my H's BF's name, so we wouldn't use that.  I like Xavier a lot - it's a unique but not unusual name here and I think people would pronounce the name correctly (maybe not Xavi).  

    @sabby2 - I love Maxwell and Westley, but my H has rejected it. Same with Winston (reminds him of New Girl). 

    @mytinc - Everett is very close to DS's name so we won't use that now, but it was on my short list for him.  I love it! Cormac is on my H's list, but I hate Cormac McCarthy.  Oliver is on my list, but can't convince my H of it.  I'm going to keep trying though.  And we have a friend with a Wyatt, so that's out for us.  But those names are great!
  • @katelynrae86 I think Brooklyn and Avery are more trendy. I love Caroline and think that's a very classic name! I also like Ella and Sophie. 

    @LukesMom16 I think Livia is a beautiful name! 

    @LaceyBee522 I like Xavier! And when I read it I said it as your pronunciation in my head. 
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  • ambs33 said:
    Our daughter, Annaka Belle, passed away 4 years ago. She was 19 months old. 4 days before I got my BFP, I had a dream that I was pregnant. In the dream, somehow I knew it was a girl, and that her name was Anastasia. I had not named her the dream it was as if she had that name upon conception. I saw my husband in the dream, told him about the baby, and her name. He was upset I had named her without him. I explained I hadn't, that she already had that name. 
    I woke up and told my husband about the dream and he said it sounded weird. The next night I got curious, and looked up the meaning. It means "resurrected, reborn". Yes. Very freaky.
    Blue October is my favorite band. I met them a month after my daughter died. I took a picture of her, and while shaking and crying showed her picture to them, and explained she used to love to dance to their music. I thanked them for making her dance. Justin, the lead singer hugged me, and asked to keep her picture. I was front row, and after the last song, he handed me his guitar pick. It was an amazing gesture.
    So our daughters name is Anastasia Blue.
    @ambs33 that is such a beautiful story thanks so much for sharing <3
  • @marcus7676 I totally share the same vibe as you when it comes to boy names; I really liked your list, especially Bastian, Rowan and Oscar. DH and I have already settled on Felix as being our boy name (also team green). Second name is still up in the air, but so far I'm digging Soren (a nod to my Scandinavian roots), Theodore, Magnus and Oliver.
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  • @marcus7676 I also really love your list! Bastian is such a great name! I was going to suggest Wesley and Oliver too, but it sounds like YH is a tough critic. What about Issac, Ethan, Evan, or Alec? 

    We have finally decided on a name. He will be Jack Tiberius. Jack is a family name on both sides and we wanted a longer, strong middle name since our last name is also one syllable. 
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  • @silvergreen My cousin had twins boys last year and they named them Felix and Soren! So cute and unique!
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  • @harveyabbey77 Wow!! I can't imagine that combination is very common! :o Awesome!! I think Felix Soren is actually my favourite combo - especially as our two-syllable surname ends in "man" and it just flows so well.

    Trying to convince DH with the MN Soren, but my hesitation is that DH is 1/2 Japanese (has a Japanese first name which is challenging to pronounce) and I'm wondering if it's unfair to exclude his heritage from our baby's name. He's pretty adamant that our baby should have a more traditional Western first name since the 1/4 Japanese might not be so obvious; I suppose he feels that a Japanese name for a Caucasian-looking individual can present some awkward challenges. But whenever I bring up whether or not baby should have a Japanese middle name he's kinda wishy-washy with giving me a straight answer. Baby may even end up bilingual like DH depending on how much DH's mom is involved. Thoughts?
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  • @silvergreen I love the idea of adding a Japanese middle name to honor H's heritage! 
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  • @silvergreen
     Love love love Soren... And Magnus... DH is Danish, so when we named DD, we went back through history to find a strong Danish/English name (Margaret) and gave her 2 middles, one from his side, one from mine. 

    We are having a boy this time round, and are keeping the naming convention the same (So far!)

    Nothing wrong with 2 middles!
    Mama to a wonderful DD - Sep 2015, Wife to my DH since 2011, 2 dogs, a cat, and hoping to add No. 2 in May/June 2018. Canadian.
    5 - IUIs, 3 - IVF retrievals, 2- failed transfers (fresh, and frozen), PGS on second IVF resulted in 1 perfect emby, and DD. 
    3rd IVF w PGS resulted in 3! perfect embys. 1st transfer - Sep 2017 2 more on ice. 
  • For girls I think it's down to Carson or Fallon. I knew a Fallon in college and just thought she was the coolest. DH likes Ramsey for a girl but it makes me think of JonBenet Ramsey. :/

    For boys probably Lincoln or Jackson. I also love Graham but DH doesn't like it.

    We have a really common last name so wanted something slightly original. 
  • I would ask first. Just as a courtesy
  • Hey knottiewithabillionnumbers thanks for posting. We'd love it if you'd hop over to the read this first thread and intros so we can get to know you.  Also, it's super hard to tag you because of your username. You'll want to change your user name over at The Knot then log out and in over here for it to change.
    We are so excited to grow our family!
    DD #1 Born 10/3/2014

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  • Since we know the baby is a boy we are now thinking:
    (My H wants Spike... :o )

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  • We found out we are having another boy. My husband is really pushing for Axel, and has been since I was pregnant with my daughter 4 years ago.   I'm undecided on it because I feel it doesn't fit with our other kids names. If actually cave, he will be Axel Henry.  I really want to name him Jack.  Now we have 5 months to agree or he may go nameless. If the baby was a girl she would have been Sienna Charlotte.
  • We found out yesterday we're having a boy! We're going with Matthew. Not sure of a MN yet. I love Matthew Alexander, but DH is not a fan of Alexander. 
  • Austenista  Austenista
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    I haven't done names here yet, I don't think. If we have a girl we are going to have Lola Elizabeth. A son will be named Carver Glenn. Our "theme," if you can call it that, is family names. DS is Eaton David which is my grandmother's maiden name + DH's name. Lola is my great grandmother's name and Elizabeth is both mine and my grandmother's middle name. Carver is my paternal great grandmother's maiden name and Glenn is my husband's grandfather's name.  
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  • We are having another girl. I’ve secretly loved the name Hazel for quite a while but when I told DH he said it was terrible. Savannah is another one I’ve thought of. I want another romantic name to go along with my daughter Scarlett. He picked her name so I think I should get to pick this time lol! 
  • LolalipsyLolalipsy
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    Ben&stella I think Axel is a great name!

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  • @katie121209 I love Hazel.  Maybe your DH will come around?  
  • @katie121209 Hazel and Savannah were both on my list - and MH vetoed both too! Like @marcus7676 said, maybe Hazel will grow on him...? Both of those sound really pretty with Scarlett :)
  • Question ladies.. we have a possible girl name tonight. I swear this is the hardest part. The one name we’ve matched on so far is Kierra. DD1 is Ava and I really don’t want them too matchy. Does anyone think they’re different enough? I like that Kierra is a little bit longer...

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  • @lisa2589 Kierra is beautiful! I run a girls program and one of our girls is Kierra and she goes by Kiki :smile:
  • @lisa2589 my good friend has a daughter named Kierra. I love it. She's a really good kid, so I'm partial to it anyways  :#

    We are opposite. Set on girls name. Zero clue for a boy. I like Liam, although it's very popular. Also like Maddox and Emilio. My BF has nixed them all and has nothing to suggest. Im trying to not spend any more time on it until I know we need to. Finding out gender on Feb 3rd. I'm convinced it'll be a boy just because we have no name haha
  • @amys614 DH is so good at that too- saying no to them all but not coming up with any alternatives either  :D
    The funny thing was, with our first kiddo, he said no to the name Ava the first time I suggested it, but then came back to it a few weeks later thinking it was his own idea... 

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  • @amys614 We are in the same boat. We decided to wait until after our A/S tomorrow to even remotely discuss names, but if this kid is a boy, he will most likely be born without a name. DS wasn't fully named until very shortly  before he was born. He shares DH's first name (because we could not agree on ANY other names,) but since he didn't want a junior, and baby needed a middle name, we decided on Henry (which he did not like, but so what.)
    Me: 36; DH: 35
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    DS1 8/16
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    DS2 6/18
  • @lisa2589 ; I have a friend that her brother is the masculine version of her name. That's too matchy-matchy lol. I love the names you have though :)
  • ^^^^ WSS. 
    Me: 36; DH: 35
    Started Dating 2002; Married 2008

    BFP 8/1/13 - MC (Blighted Ovum) 8/19/13
    DD  7/14
    DS1 8/16
    BFP 9/7/17 - CP 9/11/17
    DS2 6/18
  • Austenista  Austenista
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    I find naming boys much harder than naming girls. DS has a unique but not made up type of name and so I felt like we needed to match that with boy #2. Way to make it harder. The other night we were discussing family lineage with my sister and dad because my sister had been doing a bit of research. She said a name and I was like "what did you say?" she repeated it and a light bulb went on and we had a name. Meanwhile, we've named like four hypothetical daughters easy peasy.  
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  • When I thought we were having a girl I was set on blakely Jo. Now we know it's a boy we are thinking Weston Lee or Weston John. John is for my DHs grandpa's name. 
  • @Austenista we have named our hypothetical girl (Nell) but we having a boy and we cannot agree on a single name.

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    Austenista  silvergreen
  • We are team green.  We have DD, Charlotte Ellen.  Her middle name is my sister's middle name and we did not tell her until Charlotte was born.  For this little one, if a boy he will be named Abraham Joseph.  We have always loved the nn Abe and Joseph is a family name on both sides.  As for a is SOOO hard.  We love the name Charlotte and always have, so now coming up with something just as pretty and we love as much is so hard.  My husband loves Joanna Leigh -- Joanna so we can call the girls Charlie and Jo, and Lee is his and his grandmother's middle name.....I changed the spelling. I am not in love with this name BUT I am a strong believer that the kiddo makes the name.  We have other names, but nothing he loves as much as Joanna. Oh my my....4 months to go and I just do not know. 
  • I am having such a hard time thinking of names! Im a FTM expecting a DD June 13. MH really likes the idea of names that can be shortened to tomboyish nicknames, his top pick so far is Josephine and we’d call her Jo. I’m not completely sold on that, so far the one name I can't get out of my head is Ruby. I like more classic names with a little sass to them because I’m sure DD will be full of spunk and sass! Right now I just wish we knew her name so I could refer to her by name! 
  • @Whitewatermomma Charlotte is also on our list and we’d call her Charlie. I love that name! 
  • @MissKittyDanger I know a Michelle whose brother is a Michael!
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  • So I'm officially having a girl! Updated name list. Tricky thing for us is the name has to work in English and Dutch. Or at least not be bizarre in either one.

    Laura (still there for my partner's grandmother; it's a repeat family name on his side, currently in use by 2 living family members, so I'm not convinced about using is as the primary name)

    Odile (a dear friend's middle name but also the dark, glittering temptress in Swan Lake)

    Ottilie (found this German name while researching Odile and I find it appealing - sort of similar to Natalie - with cute nickname potential)

    Marilla (nod to Anne of Green Gables; it means 'shining sea,' which is gorgeous)

    There are other names I love that have already been vetoed: Zelda, Wilhelmina, Antonia...

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