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  • @MoonOverGoldsboro <3 Leo! Also love the French version of the name - Leon. It's on my MN list! :)

    @sunshineandwhiskey I personally like Tucker. :)

    @momac1919 I agree with some others - I really like Reece and Austin, but also agree that two syllable names in general sound very nice with Michael. The single syllable names might work better the other way around (my dad is a Michael Charles, for example).
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  • We're having a hard time pick a name this time. With our first it was pretty easy. We know we wanted a flower middle name and something that means hope so we decided on Violet, but now we can't decided on something for a first name. We have played with a few ideas but were just not sure
    Catherine Violet (my first choice)
    Amelia Violet (hubbys' first choice)
    Adeline Violet (name of my grandpa's sister that he hates but I so love the name)
    Margaret Violet
    Astrid Violet    

    I don't know if we will ever pick a name. My mom and sister don't like the first two. They say we have to many C names now (daughter is Caroline Rose, hubby is Carlos) and they don't think Amelia Violet flows very well. 
  • @Tmoreno3, I like all of those names but Catherine Violet flows the best to me. 
    Also who cares about C names if it’s a name you love. 
    Second best is Amelia. 
    I dont think Margaret or Astrid flow very well with Violet due to the T endings. 
    And Adeline is super rhymey with Caroline. 
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  • @tmoreno3 I don't see any issue with 3 C names in the family, but you could always pull a technical maneuver and go with Katherine. ;)
  • I've referred to baby as Odile a few times and my partner is equal parts amused and irritated. He says he doesn't like the pressure and gets the point. I think I'll back off for now. I'm leaving the ball in his court if he thinks he can find a better name!
  • If anybody is out there....thoughts on the name Wren? Does it make you think of anything weird? One of the websites also classified it as a “hipster name,” which surprised me.
  • @pupsicle23 Wren is a beautiful name! I love it. Have you checked your pm's lately, friend? 
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  • @pupsicle23 we considered Wren for our DD1. I think it's a timeless name. Unique and classy!
  • @pupsicle23 I think Wren is cute!  :)
    We are so excited to grow our family!
    DD #1 Born 10/3/2014

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    @pupsicle23 I like Wren!!

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  • I love Wren! I tried to get my husband to go with it last time, but I lost. 
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  • @pupsicle23 I think Wren is really sweet!
    Me: 34 
    Husband: 35
    Married: June 2007
    Son Max born 1/10/17
    BFP #2: 10/5/17; EDD: 6/11/18
  • @pupsicle23 Whoops - haven't checked in here for a while! Wren is actually our current #1 choice for a girl (I mentioned it on my very first post on this thread :)) and so far DH and I haven't really agreed on any other name. I can understand it being listed as 'hipster' simply because it's gaining in popularity, but I agree with a PP that it makes for a timeless name. To me it's no different than the name Robin. We have been considering it because it gives us both an English and Japanese twist (a play on the Japanese name Ren) to honour both of our heritages.
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  • @pupsicle23 @silvergreen

    Wren is also the name of a character in one of my favorite books, Jitterbug Perfume. She's Alobar the immortal's favorite wife from his life as a "regular person" in ancient times. Their society is obsessed with beets, so I'm guessing maybe Eastern Europe. He was king of his tribe, but the local tradition was to exectue rulers as soon as they showed signs of aging. He wakes up one morning and finds his first gray hair - a literal death sentence. The only person he trusts enough to confide in is the cleverest of his wives, Wren. He has always had a soft spot for her. She helps pluck his gray hairs every morning. Eventually she masterminds a plan to fake his death and escape. He goes on to travel the world and discovers the secrets to immortality...but you'll have to read the book for all that. :)

    Probably because of this, I think Wren is a fantastic name. I'd consider it for my LO if it weren't pronounced pretty differently in English vs. Dutch. In fact, I have trouble with the Dutch pronunciation.

  • @=caenis= Tom Robbins is the best! 
    Me: 36; DH: 35
    Started Dating 2002; Married 2008

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    DS2 6/18
  • @=caenis= Can't profess to have heard about the book, but I like the sound of that character! I did have some hesitations that Wren might sound a little "hippy" to some people, but on the other hand there's something kind of Victorian-esque about it, when all the girls had nature-inspired names, particularly flowers - like Flora, Rose, and Violet.
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  • Baby girl will be named Barrett. No family history or particular significance, we both just like it. Middle name is still undecided, though I think we've narrowed it down to Lucille (after my grandmother), or Lauren (my middle name, also my dad's middle name is Loren).
  • Baby girl (arriving June 3rd) will be named Twila Grace! 
    Twila was the name of my aunt who passed away at 16, a few years before I was born. Grace is my husband’s cousin who we are both close with. 
    Our son’s name is Franklin Michael - Franklin after my husbands best friend (his name is just Frank, but we wanted a little variation of it) and Michael for my dad who passed away 10 years ago. 
    My husband got to pick the first name of our son, so I picked the middle. With little miss, I got to pick the first name and husband picked the middle. We each got veto power if there was a name we truly didn’t like, but in all honesty it was pretty easy for us both times.
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