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  • It's so hard! My hubby is another difficult one, like some of you mentioned. He will shoot down practically anything I suggest but not give me any suggestions. Except Delores (Dolores? I don't even for a girl. Yeah...not my favorite  :) 

    If it were up to me it would be Elliot John for a boy (hubby vetoed Elliot) and Emerson Rae for a girl (can't do that because SIL is due in Jan and picked something that would also have the NN Emmie).

    Actual possibilities- girls: Caroline, Sophie, Eleanor (Ellie). MN for girl will be Rae because it's a family name on both sides (kind of cool it's both mine and my MILs)

    Boys: Jonathan, Sawyer, Lincoln
  • DH has been out of town since I got my BFP so we haven’t been able to discuss it yet. Our boy name for last time was Henry but my second cousin used it. We don’t talk to her at all so Henry isn’t completely off the table but she’s also one to go around and say I copied her. 

    Girls: Brianna, Carmen, Meredith, Sylvia 
    Boys: Henry, Benjamin, Bradley, Ethan 

    MN will most likely be a family name. DDs MN is my mother’s. So for a boy it will either be Richard, David, or West. For a girl Ashley, Elizabeth, Susan, Janis 
    Me: 27 DH: 27
    Married 6/15/13
    BFP #1 5/8/16, EDD 12/31/16- DD born 9/10/16 at 24 weeks 
    ~In our hearts forever~
    BFP #2 10/14/17, EDD 7/1/18

  • @lrichhx05, Violet is becoming more popular but it’s not as high up there as some others. You could always use SSA to look up popular names in your state so you could see if it is more or less popular where you live 
    Me: 27 DH: 27
    Married 6/15/13
    BFP #1 5/8/16, EDD 12/31/16- DD born 9/10/16 at 24 weeks 
    ~In our hearts forever~
    BFP #2 10/14/17, EDD 7/1/18

  • izza2izza2
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    I'm so glad this was bumped - I love reading the names some of you guys are thinking of!

    We've had names picked out for years, but we still have to re-evaluate when we find out what's going on in my ute (1 vs 2+, male vs female).

    We wanted them named after family members no matter what.
    For a boy we've been thinking Ivan.ChadRoy; Ivan after H's grandfather, Chad after my brother and Roy after my father.
    For a girl we've been thinking Patricia.Jane; Patricia after H's grandmother, Jane after my mother.

    I told H that if my mum's prayers come true and we end up with twins of each gender (thanks mum), we'd have to re-evaluate because I'd feel weird having twins named after his maternal grandparents...

    [Super late edit to add periods because Google search results.]
    Me: 25 | DH: 29 | DSS: 9
    TTC #1: Aug - Nov '15 (TTA N'15-J'17 for Nursing School)
    TTC #1 take two: July 2017 (NTNP); August 2017 (actively TTGP)
    BFP 10/9 @ 10 DPO; EDD June 23, 2018

  • lrichhx05 - I think Violet is becoming more popular.  It is a name that both my hubs and I really like but our daughter is scarlet and we think that is way too matchy matchy because of them both being colors and both ending in "let"..maybe a middle name.  We really haven't discussed too much, probably won't until we know the gender this time around.

    We were originally told our daughter was a boy and the name was going to be Arnold (FIL's name) Allen (my dad's middle name).  It seems like that will stick this time around as well if it is a boy.  Hubs is big into family names/history and this would be the only boy in the fam to carry on the family name.

  • silvergreensilvergreen
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    @lrichhx05 According to NameBerry, Violet was ranked #47 in 2016. I've had the same concerns about it becoming a top 10 name in the next decade, but then I'm like, "Who cares? If I like it, I should use it." But I really do enjoy those lesser heard, traditional names.

    @BlackAndGold09 Love the name Rowan! I've met two in my life and both were girls.
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  • @BlackAndGold09 Rowan was on our short list for DS.  We were team green and went to the hospital with one girl name and 5 boy names.  Once he was born, Rowan just didn't work. But I still like the name!
  • we are totally undecided on these, but this is what we are tossing around right now:
    Boy - Hayes or Ancel - middle name likely will be Thurston after my grandpa.

    Girl - Aoife or Ruby - middle name unknown but will be after some family member on my side of the family. Our older kids have DH's grandpa's name and his middle name and DD's middle name is DH's grandma's name as her middle name. 

    EDD 6/18/18
    DD=10/5/10 DS=4/9/13
  • @asun123 What a fun idea!! 
    BFP #1 October 2008 | m/c Thanksgiving weekend | November 2008 | 7 weeks 2 days
    BFP #2 February 2009 | m/c March 2009 | 4 weeks 3 days
    Testing on mom and dad for possible reasons all came back normal.
    BFP #3 8/4/2009 | DD born 3/28/10 @ 38 weeks
    BFP #4 5/13/11 | m/c 6/15/11 | 8 weeks 6 days
    BFP #5 2/13/13 | CP 2/19/13 | 4 weeks 
    BFP #6 3/21/14 | Heard the HB on 4/16 | m/c 4/21/14 | 9 weeks
    Testing results all returned normal and baby was a GIRL.
    More testing on mom and dad for other issues all returned normal results.
    BFP #7 10/15 | DS born 6/4/16 @ 36 weeks 
    BFP #8 9/28/17 AHHH!!!  |  EDD 6/6/18

    "Dear Lord, I would have loved to have held my babies on my lap & tell them about you, but since I didn't get the chance, would you please hold them on your lap & tell them about me?"
    All are welcome!

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  • @asun123 Cute idea! I like Zoe, which is also three letters!!
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  • @asun123 very cute idea! I know two people who recently had babies named Ari (one boy and one girl) and I thought it was a sweet name. 
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    @asun123 That's a fun idea! For girls there is the aforementioned Zoe, as well as Amy, May/Mae, Joy, Eva, Ava, or Lea. ETA: Also thought of Gia!

    For boys, I quite like Leo! There's also Max and Eli.
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  • @asun123 I'm a big fan of Leo. If I had my way that would be our boys name but DH doesn't like it. I also really like Sam for a boy. 

    We are on completely opposite wavelengths for boys. We agree on a middle name, Robert. Both my fathers name and my FIL's middle name so it seems like a good choice. But I don't think we will ever agree on a first name. Before DD was born we were going Noah, but since I had a student with that name who really made me not like that tame anymore. 

    Girls we are between Sophie Grace or Amelia Grace. If it is a girl we might just wait it out till we meet the baby to decide. 
    STM - EDD June 24 '18
    DD - January 2016
  • @BlackAndGold09 Rowan is an awesome name! We used the name Roan (same pronunciation) for my son, so obviously I'm a bit biased.

    Last time around, we gave our kid a middle name from my family (Cyrus). I'd like to use a name from my partner's family this time around. Balance and all that.

    (My partner's maternal grandmother; I like the name and my MIL would probably be super excited if we used it. It works well in Dutch and English, too.)

    (This is the Dutch version of Lawrence and is said in pretty much the same way; I thought it was weird at first because it looks like the plural of Lauren to my American eye, but it turns out even Lauren is historically a masculine name,'s growing on me, but probably for a middle name.)
    (omg cute)
    (Yes, I have a major crush on Idris Elba, SO WHAT?)

    Last time we narrowed our list down to 3 or 4 favorites and picked the combo after we met the baby. I think we will do the same thing this time.

  • marcus7676marcus7676
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    @asun123 I love Leo! There is also Fox.
  • Still early--and he has a long last name so it's been a task thinking of names that would flow well. We keep saying it is a girl so we've tossed around favorites so far like Bridgett, Lucy, and Cecilia. I also love Ameila  (Dr. Who nerd). For boys so far we've only talked about loving Lucas/Luke as a frontrunner. 

    I've always loved the name Cecilia, she was the Patron Saint of Music (I was raised Catholic). After 10+ years of TTC with my ex-husband, I wrote a long letter to Cecilia, a child I longed for. And then set it on fire. Partly a suggestion from my therapist after all my fertility woes. My husband left me a month later. 

    Now I have this little miracle and I am too afraid to commit to a name yet. So we said we will just have fun talking about it and then get serious after 12 weeks.
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  • @asun123 I am obviously partial to Max, the name of our first. I actually also like it for a girl! We are considering Sam for this one (also either boy or girl), because I think Max and Sam sound cute together.
    Me: 34 
    Husband: 35
    Married: June 2007
    Son Max born 1/10/17
    BFP #2: 10/5/17; EDD: 6/11/18
  • @oneblessedmess Yes I just love the name Bellatrix and my Lil couldn't be further from that lestrange character. She's such a comedianne. 
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  • I haven't discussed with DH yet but my EDD is June 1st so far and that is the one year anniversary of my grandfather's passing so I want to name the baby after him if it's a boy. My grandfather's name was Merle Dean and while I think Merle is a little old fashioned for me I have been thinking Micah/Mycah Dean would be nice. 
  • @nakoehl I think Merle is a great name. Though it's the name of one of the villains in The Walking Dead, that doesn't diminish its charm IMO. Nice name ideas either way.
  • Our top picks are Amélie Marie for a girl and Bastian Ramon for a boy. 

    Amélie would be because I've been in love with French films and culture since I was a kid, and it's one of my favorite movies, and the first one I ever got my partner to watch with me. 

    Bastian because Neverending Story :blush: and Ramon is a family name in my partner's family and this will be the 5th generation to have it.
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  • @fitzandgiggles LOVED the movie Amélie! Beautiful name, too. :) 
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    @silvergreen Now here's to hoping I get to use the name! Hopefully we'll know around Christmas, and we're taking pregnancy announcement photos at the Eiffel Tower next month on our honeymoon so it'd be SO PERFECT if this baby turns out to be a girl  :p
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  • @asun123 I also like Zoe. You can also use any of my siblings nicknames: Bri, Tae, Ari, Tre. I love short first names just makes life easier.
    Me:27 DH: 31 Married Since: 08/2016
    TTC: 08/2017 EDD: 6/11/2018 FTM
  • @fitzandgiggles love those name choices!  I miseed some how that you were recently married!? Congrats and have a wonderful honeymoon in Paris!!!!!
    We are so excited to grow our family!
    DD #1 Born 10/3/2014

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  • For a girl, Blakely and not sure on middle. My DD is Sydney Catherine so possibly a classic middle name. 

    Not 100% sure on boys but most likely Grayson David. I want Grayson James after my dad but David is my husband and FILs first names. I just feel like Grayson may be too popular now so IDK. 
  • @fitzandgiggles Yeah! Another person with Bastian on their list.  I just like the nickname Bash, although my H thinks that we're in for trouble with that name.  My DS's nickname is an animal name and he lives up to that name as well.  We joke we should have named him sloth.  So Bash might bring trouble :-) 

  • elsie42elsie42
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    If baby is a girl she will be Mary Elizabeth. It's the only girl name we both like so far lol. For a boy we like a few names but I think Benjamin Joseph is in the lead. 
    It's a girl! 
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  • Bumping this to the top. Now that a lot have found out baby’s sex and we’re father along anyone want to share their name lists? I need some boy inspiration (we haven’t found out, but boy Janesville are hard.) :D

    DD: 09/16/14 @ 37 weeks
    Baby #2: BFP 09/29 @ 11 DPO | EDD: 06/11/18
    Betas: 10/04 - 235 | 10/10 - 2,975 | 10/13 - 8,150 | 10/16 - 21,987

  • I hate choosing names with my H. I really hope it's a boy so we don't have to try to pick a 4th girl name together. 

    My list so far:

    Girl: Ada, Hadley, August, Isla, Jospehine (Josie), Eleanor (Elle), Astrid

    Boy: Isaac (Ike), Grayson, August (Auggie), Samuel (Sam)

    Our other 4 littles have pretty classic/traditional names (bc those are the only type of names we agree on), so we're trying to stay with that theme.
  • We are having a girl and have decided on Eleanor Jo, and we'll call her Ellie. Had baby been a boy his name would've been James Daniel.

    DH: 29 years old.
    Me: 25 years old.
    DS: born 12/30/14
    Baby #2 due 6/8/18

  • My husband has said since our first date he wanted to name his son Sebastian, Spanish pronunciation.  Although I didn’t love it at first, it has been many years, and the name has grown on me.  I couldn’t imagine any other name when we found out we were having a boy.  So now I’m trying to think of nicknames, maybe Bastian (??) and a middle name.  I think Sebastian “Luis” (after my hubbys first name) sounds pretty good, but he is feeling embarrassed or something about using his own name.  It’s kind of funny! 
  • We just shared our name with family on Christmas!! We have agreed on Aspen ❤️

    Not after the tree or the town.. we just really like it and since we are team green, it’s nice that the name works for either gender. 

    Girl: Aspen Charlotte (Charles is a family name on my side)
    Boy: Aspen Parker or Aspen Blair 
  • H and I have decided on Ellis James for our little boy. Ellis would have been our girl name too and James is H's middle name. We love names that work for either gender...DD is named Avery. 
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  • @megara5 @twelvetwosomeonenew Astrid is also on my list and I especially love it because I wanted to honour my Swedish heritage (my mother is from Sweden). However, I seem to get mixed responses when I mention the name. Some people worry about kids teasing with the "As" aspect of it. The "As" actually translates into "God" in Old Norse.
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  • rnielsen321rnielsen321
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    @yogamamabear Annalise is one of my all time favourites! and was on my shortlist if #2 was a girl. (we are having a boy)

    @Lolalipsy DD is Margaret. Strong female name, LOTS of Nick Name choices, classic, easy to spell. By now (shes 2yo) we thought she would be going by a NN, nope. She's Margaret. DH is Danish, and we both have quite a bit of height genetically. She is a head taller than a lot of her peers, and may indeed be 6'. We took that into consideration when naming her.  I felt that we couldn't go too cutesy, or frilly sounding, if there was a good chance we were getting a lovely tall lady out of the deal. 

    @PatientlyWaiting10 Abigail was a close second. We named DD after she arrived. She just looked like a Margaret. 

    @silvergreen I know an Astrid, she is a tween now, and she is lovely! In fact, that name was on our list this time round as well. DH is Danish, and so we looked to his side for names and inspiration. There is Queen Margaret in the 1300's (I believe) who was a Danish queen. And his whole family has dansih names or middles. So we are keeping with tradition. Our DD middle is Petra, pronounced Pee-trah, like my SIL, and Margaret is my Mom's middle name, and first name of DH's paternal Grandmother. 

    This time around, we are having a boy. This will be harder for DH than I, as he used to work in sports journalism, and so has too many names that are off the list. We tend to the traditional, royal, 100 year rule, with possibility for nick names, and does it look good on a resume type names. (I am a recruiter by trade) 

    No short list yet... we won't actually pick until we meet him. 

    Mama to a wonderful DD - Sep 2015, Wife to my DH since 2011, 2 dogs, a cat, and hoping to add No. 2 in May/June 2018. Canadian.
    5 - IUIs, 3 - IVF retrievals, 2- failed transfers (fresh, and frozen), PGS on second IVF resulted in 1 perfect emby, and DD. 
    3rd IVF w PGS resulted in 3! perfect embys. 1st transfer - Sep 2017 2 more on ice. 
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