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  • @=caenis= live Marilla and Anne of Green Gables!!  Your other name choices are pretty too!
    We are so excited to grow our family!
    DD #1 Born 10/3/2014

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  • Thank you, @sabby2! You're also an "Anne with an e" fan? I loooved the books and movies growing up and always kind of liked Marilla's name. 

    Unfortunately this evening Marilla and Ottilie were both vetoed. Gah. That leaves me with Laura and Odile for now! Plus plenty of time to mull some other names over. 

    Can't believe he vetoed Marilla. I kind of assumed he'd love it.  
  • @caenis I know it’s been vetoed but I love be name Zelda!!
  • I'm trying to get dh to come around on Ezra. I love that name and it's been in my head almost this entire pregnancy.  I just *feel* like that's his name. 
    We are so excited to grow our family!
    DD #1 Born 10/3/2014

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  • llamamama14llamamama14
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    @=caenis= I'm an Anne of Green Gables fan and DH and I both like the name Katherine but DH wants it with a C and I want K. Clearly this is an issue.

  • @kellicoptor062018 my daughter’s name is Charli. We love it!
  • @katie121209 I love Hazel. I pushed for it but DH would not agree. You can call her Hazel-nut. 

    Question, if there was a brother named Jack and a sister named Ruby would that make you think of something? (Not gonna say what DH's concern is, just wondering if most people would think of it.) 

  • @llamamama14 it took me a minute - - I had to really think. I don't think most people growing up now would make that connection, but maybe our parents' generation would.
  • So apparently we haven't completely agreed on the middle name. I thought we had, but when we were telling family, my husband thought we agreed on 2 middle names and I didn't realize that was a conversation.
    He has 2 middle names, as did my dad, and neither of them used the 2nd one.

    Does anyone here have an opinion?

    Option 1
    Michelle Jaclyn Harper LastName


    Option 2
    Michelle Jaclyn LastName

    {yes there is a reason it would be Harper - her entire name is family name related, but there's more to it}
  • @llamamama14 I did think of Jack Ruby, but I agree with @marcus7676--I don't think most people would make that connection.
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  • @MoonOverGoldsboro @marcus7676 Ok. Yeah. I didn't even know who he was. (I do know Lee Harvey Oswald.)

    DH's point was if we're calling the kids it might be like "Jack, Ruby, stop that!" But even then at least he's the guy who shot the guy who shot Kennedy... (I think it'd bother me more if it was "Lee, Harvey, stop that!"

  • @misskittydanger does your state allow for two middle names? Only some states do.  FWIW, my sister kept her maiden name so now she is First Middle Maiden Last.  She says its an absolute pain and wishes she didn't have four names to contend with.
  • @marcus7676 ; I live in Canada, so it doesn't really matter. As I mentioned, my husband and my dad had/have 2 middle names :)
  • @MissKittyDanger clearly, I read your post closely.   ;)

  • @MissKittyDanger I’m not a huge fan of 2 middle names in general, BUT I would say the deciding factor for me would be how long your last name is. If it’s short, I think you’d be okay, if it’s more than 2 syllables it might be too much of a mouthful!

    @llamamama14 Truthfully it didn’t ring a bell for me, but after googling it I can see what your H is referring to. I wouldn’t let that one bother me, I don’t think.  It’s not necessarily the worst correlation I can think of as far as names go. 

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  • S+TMs how inundated are your kids with friends named Emma? It is a family name on MH's side and I really love it. However, it has been one of the top girl names FOR-EV-ER, so I'm afraid to commit to it.
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  • @LaceyBee522 I can think of 2 Emma’s we know off hand, and I know it has been really popular for several years! But, I’ll play the devil’s advocate a bit here, and as someone whose name was one of the most popular girl names 20 years BEFORE I was born, I would have honestly preferred a name more similar/the same as the other girls in my class to my outdated middle aged lady name. 

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  • FYI- is a great website for name ideas/meanings/history/famous people/etc
  • @lisa2589 I would have agreed with you in middle school but once I got to high school and particularly as an adult I really like my name. It is normal and you will find people with the same name but I didn't know anyone with my name until high school when there was one other Karen. 

    I struggle with a lot of the names that are popular right now especially the girls names because to me many of them don't sound professional. I try to imagine my daughter introducing herself at a job interview and how it sounds. 
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  • @LaceyBee522 DD is in kindergarten this year and does not have any Emma's in her class and she didn't last year in pre-k! She does however have a Lillian, a LilyAnne and a Lilly in her class.
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  • @Llamamama, I know what you are referring to but it wouldn’t bother me. I would guess only the older generations would know who that is 
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  • @marcus7676 ; I've been misreading things all day, so it's cool ;)

    @lisa2589 ; Not a long last name. 6 letters. My dad used his first middle name unless necessary and my husband barely uses either middle name in general

    I'm just so torn because I love both lmfao
  • Thanks for all the input on Jack Ruby LOL.

    @LaceyBee522 I can't think of an Emma I know IRL offhand (though I do see it at the top of popularity charts) I think it's a sweet name. I also agree that a popular name doesn't bother me. Plus nowadays there is a greater variety of names than there was in the 80s when we were born so  the most popular name today has less market penetration than the most popular name in 1983 did. I have a Jackson which commonly tops the popularity lists but I don't feel like I meet that many other Jacksons my son's age. 

    @krashke I know what you mean about names sounding professional. That's something I think about too. It gives me pause. My cousin named her girl Margaret but nicknamed her Daisy so she can go by whatever she wants later. I like the names Lucy, Ruby, Julia, Hazel, and Evelyn but Hazel and Ruby give me pause because of the whole sounding professional thing. Like are they only cute for a little girl... I am open to opinions on this. 

    I also think though, that the names that are popular now will become normal for this generation, though, so it won't give people pause in job interviews. It will be the norm. 

  • @Llamamama I had no clue who that referred to so most people probably wouldn’t make a quick association. 
  • @LaceyBee522 - There are a couple Emma's in my kids' preschool and daycare classes.  Not a ton, but I probably know 2 or 3.  There aren't a lot of repeated names that I've come across (my kids are 3 and 4.5).

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  • @amys614 I love that name! I vote it's a sign to use it. Plus it's a cute story for when he's older. 
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    Married August 2015
    DS born 5/23/2018
    BFP #2 12/6/2018 EDD 7/26/2019

  • @LaceyBee522 I know 1 Emma and she's in her late 20s.  But my cousin and his wife have an 18 month old named Emerson that they call Emmy (Emmie?) which is a nickname for Emma as well.  

    @amys614 I agree with @Amphibious22 that it's a sign to use the name.

    Has another else not really had any naming conversations with their SO?  We have had brief (I mean under 5 minute conversations) about names a few times, but it mostly ends up with us basically agreeing on negatives for each name on our boy list from when we were expecting DD.  I know we have plenty of time- at least 15 weeks- but I just want to stop calling him "the boy".  
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  • So many name ideas here, I love it :) 

    we still haven’t decided on a boys name... I like Ezra too @sabby2 , but hubbys last name starts with a Z and has three syllables so I want to keep first name simple and probably no Z’s. 

    So far we’re still agreed on Owen, Oliver (but I’ve gone off that a bit), I like Jack and James... my last name will be the middle name. 

    I also really like Cooper for some reason, but then baby would have three last names and that’s a lot haha 
  • @helenbz Jack is the name we picked, Owen was my second choice, and Oliver was in the running for a middle name, so clearly we have a very similar boy name wavelength! I love them all! 
    Me 28 Him 28
    Married August 2015
    DS born 5/23/2018
    BFP #2 12/6/2018 EDD 7/26/2019

  • @amys614 I agree, it's totally a sign to use the name!  And you will all love that story many years later   :)

    DH and I have decided on Allison.  I was really stuck on Blair at first but DH changed his mind.  I didn't know whether to spell it Allison or Alison so when I was in Key West I looked at all the souvenirs and they spelled it with 2 ls, which is what I was leaning towards.  Plus I prefer nn Ally over Ali.  The only thing I'm worried about is that our last name (common) has 2 ls in it so I'm not sure if it will look wierd.  I need to write it out a bunch, I think.  

    No middle name yet but I was thinking Faith as it's MILs middle name.  Anne is popular in my family but Allison Anne doesn't go well in my opinion.
  • Every name I suggest DH shoots down. Every name he suggests is an evil dictator- Ghengis, Rasputin, etc. He can't be serious. I'm really liking Nicholas William though, going to suggest it and try to sway him to it. We don't have a lot of boy names so... He'd better agree to one. 
    Another option is Ollivander, but idk if that's silly or acceptablem
  • @May14th2011 Big Harry Potter fan? ;) I like Nicholas. MH is just as bad at shooting down potential girl names, but unlike yours he has nothing to offer, lol.
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  • @silvergreen huge Harry Potter fan. So far that's the only HP name that DH didn't say no to. 
  • @May14th2011 Evil Dictator names sounds like something my DH would do- I promise you will find a name- you might just be undecided until the end.  We are still very undecided too if it makes you feel any better.
    me 35/ DH 39
    married 8/22/2015
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    BFP#3- 4/30/2016 DD1 12/27/16
    BFP#4- 9/26 edd 6/5/18

  • @May14th2011 I like Nicholas! 

    I think we are maaaaybe set on Mateo Jax. I like the option of MJ for initials, not that I'll call him that. First thought was Mateo Joseph but I'd like something a little different. James? John? Still open though 
  • I've avoided this post cause we've been so all over the place with names. And I didn't want to overload my little brain with more options lol.

    us 3 are all T names so we have a T name list and a non T name list for this baby. We can't decide which direction to go. 

    I recently told DH my probable top 3 of all the lists and sounds like they're his top names also now!


    middle name Daniel after his uncle.

    trey stood out to me cause it means 3. And this is our third attempt for a sibling for DS.

    DH did a 180 on T names. He started out liking Tyson and theo... I wasn't on board. We both loved Tate. But I posted awhile back that we were torn cause it sounds like an inappropriate body part lol. 
    me:35 DH:34
    DS: born oct 2012
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              BFP #3 sept17  EDD 5/31/18
    fingers crossed for our rainbow baby
  • @catlady1215 Trey is super cute. Love the personal meaning to it, too. And it's a T! Perfect. 
  • @catlady1215 I love that Trey would pay homage to the 2 losses before him.   
    me 35/ DH 39
    married 8/22/2015
    BFP#1- 4/2014 edd 1/1/15 mmc/d&c 6/2014
    BFP#2- 10/2015 edd- 6/29/2016 mmc/ d&c 12/2015
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    BFP#4- 9/26 edd 6/5/18

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