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  • Hi everyone and happy new year! My name is Melissa and I believe I'm due August 27th. We got our BFP on Christmas morning and have an 18 month old. I live in Detroit and am a mortgage banker. 

    Nice to meet you guys :)
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    Hello from Detroit!

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  • @rocknrrollmom hello from a fellow MI mom!
  • @rocknrrollmom another Michigander here! Welcome! 
    Me: 34 DH: 37
    DS: 5.28.15
    DS#2: EDD 8.31.18

  • Hello!  My name is Erica, I’m 36 year old. I am 6 weeks pregnant with my 5th child who is due Aug 24th!  I recently had a chemical pregnancy and a couple years ago a miscarriage. I have 4 daughters and I’m ok either way with that this one will be. I’m hoping this one sticks!  
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    Helloooooo, My name is Brittany. I just got a positive test yesterday, AND IT WAS A SURPRISE. Going based off my last period I would be 7W2D, so EDD roughly 8/18. BUT it was only my first PP period and I think I ovulated late(I tested two days after my missed period and it was a definite BFN soooo....)

    This is my second time on TB! My son will be 11 months tomorrow, I was part of a January2017 group. Shout out to my girls,@Lcartee2016 and @juliebird6!!
    delujm0 said:
    Cautiously post here.  According to the pee sticks I am pregnant.  I'm 35 and have two girls, both June babies, 2015 and 2017.  Yes, 2017.  I was EBF when this "bonus baby" decided to make an appearance.

    We're a little worried about having two so close in age, but my younger daughter is such an easy baby that we're fairly optimistic about it.  I'm mostly worried about having enough milk to get her to a year, but if I have to supplement I have to supplement.  I should be due the final week of august but have a dating scan on 1/16.  We had sex one time since my first PP period in November so even though my cycles were wonky due to breastfeeding I know the date of conception at least.

    DH and I have been together since college but only married 3.5 years.  I've basically been pregnant and/or breastfeeding the entire time.  I did two stints on ttgp before having each of my daughters, so I'm on Team Science.  Nice to meet you all.
    We're in the same boat! My son was born 2017, now this next one will be 2018. And I am EBF as well, hoping to keep it up through the pregnancy. :)
    <3 * Happily married August, 23rd, 2014 * <3

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  • Hello everyone! My name is Kacie. I am a stay home mom of a 15 month old boy. According to my LMP I am 8 weeks, but don’t have my first OB appointment until the end of the month. We are very excited for baby number two! Nice to meet you all! 
  • I'm a 30 year old mom of a June 16 boy, but he was 5 weeks early so we were on July 16 BMB (different screen name though). Had a really rough time last pregnancy due to life events, pretty severe ante- and postnatal depression and anxiety, hoping now that the rest of on life is more stable I can weather this one easier.

    Preemies run in my family, so even though I'm due September 7, I'm thinking of hanging out here if that's cool. 

    Currently bartending with a little nanny work, but will be stopping the bar work at probably 7-8 months along to help keep this one in as long as possible, and won't go back to it after.

    Still nursing my 19 month old, just got my BFP yesterday, and have been and still am spotting very lightly on/off. 

    We cloth diaper, so I'm super excited to reuse my son's diapers for this Team Green baby.

    Had a terribly traumatic delivery last time (lots of TW and I'll only tell the story to those who specifically ask) so my plan is to set up a home birth this time...nervous because that's borderline illegal here (North central Illinois). 

    Nice to meet all of you!
    Me: 33
    DH: 32
    Married 7/18/15
    1st born at 35+4 on 6/6/16
    Team green turned BLUE!
    2nd born at 38+6 on 8/30/18 
    Team green turned PINK!
    Due with #3 on 6/6/20 Team Green

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  • @southerngirlinwi yes, that is one of my symptoms as well!  I am always cold, I sleep with my comforter and another blanket!
  • Hi I’m Stacie from uk was on bump in 2015 when I was pregnant with my little girl. We don’t have a proper due date yet will find that out on 25th jan at out first scan xx
  • Hello everyone. My name is Elyse and I’m about 8 weeks along with my second. I have a 3.5 year old son and was mostly a lurker on the A14 board. I’m a sahm, former music teacher, I also sing and play Taiko drums. I live in northeast Ohio and it is freaking COLD! I’m excited to get to know you all. Oh, and EDD.... no idea yet, I go for my first apppintment next week. 
  • Hello!
    My name is Melanie and I (think) I'm due Aug. 24th. I have a 2 year old son. We definitely wanted another baby but the timing of this one was not quite planned... we have many trips planned for this winter/spring, including one to Europe. We planned to wait until after at least that trip, but here we are (and still very excited to meet #2!)
  • Hi from Minnesota! I'm 8 weeks right now and due August 13 (although my OB appointment isn't for another three weeks!). I have an 18-month old and with both her and this pregnancy, I've been SICK! :(
  • Hi, I’m Cora, I’m 5 weeks 6 days pregnant. This is my third child, but my first with my second husband, who I married right around the time we conceived! This is his first child. I’m due August 31st. We announced our pregnancy on Christmas with an e card. Everyone is really excited! I’d love to make some friends here to share this special time with.
  • Hello 

    My name is Josie. I am 25 years old. 6 weeks today. 1st pregnancy. Due date is august 29. Pretty nervous and still don't believe it. My first appointment is Jan 17th I think that's when I'll believe it
  • @raebeth-2: thats awesome that you're giving people a chance to be parents! How do u know this one is a son also? How far are you?
  • I'm 6 weeks 4 days today. The daddies did genetic testing to make sure that the embryos were healthy before we did the embryo transfer on December 7th. (It was a 5 day old blastocyst). They also chose to find out what sex the embryos were. They had the doctor transfer the "best" looking one which they found out after was a boy
  • What an awesome thing to do @raebeth-2
  • @raebeth-2 That is really cool.  It's awesome that you are willing to do this to help others become parents.  <3
  • @raebeth-2 wow you’re my super hero. This is such a wonderful thing you are doing for needing parents! 
    Me: 37 DH: 35
    Married: Oct 2012
    TTC #1: August-ish 2016
    MC: 04.01.2017 @ 9.5 wks 
    BFP 11.26.2017 - DD born 08.12.2018
    TTC#2: end of 2019
    MC: Jan 2020 @ 12 wks

  • calimom2524calimom2524 member
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    I don't know what happened to my post, that was weird. I'm new here, obvs lol.

    I'm a mom to 2 little boys and now a third baby raspberry is on the way. I go to my first OB appt tomorrow to find out how far along I am exactly but I *think* my due date is 8/17. I had irregular periods due to endometriosis and was not in any way planning this baby but alas, here we are! Happy to be here and looking forward to making some other A18 friends :) 

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  • Hi, everyone!! 1st-time momma, and I'm super excited to be here! *TW* I got a BFP within seconds on Nov 28th and was ecstatic! *end TW* I was many days late in Oct and got negatives. I was late again in Nov but didn't want to get my hopes up. After so many tests since TTC, I discouraged and wasn't optimistic at all until DH encouraged me to test again that month. I couldn't believe this was finally happening for us! I even tested again 2 days later to make sure the previous test wasn't flawed lol I had my first US Dec 21st, and we told our closest family on Christmas Day. There were many joyful screams, tears, and hugs to go around. This is our first child, the first biological grandchild on my husband's side, and my dad's [stepdad] first grandchild. DH is the youngest of 4 boys; I'm the first grandchild on my side *TW* (unsure if it's needed or not) my parents are deceased *end TW* We're so overjoyed. Little nugget treats me horribly some days, but I love our baby so much already. DH says he has no preference of nugget's sex. I don't either--just hoping that he/she doesn't turn out like Dennis the Menace or Junior from "Problem Child" lol. I'm looking forward to chatting with you all!
    May we all have healthy pregnancies and happy, healthy babies!
    Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

    We're both '91 babies! (DH is older by 2 months)
    Married since April 2016
    TTC #1 since May 2017
    3 paw babies--Two dogs & a hedgehog
    **TW Below**
    BFP November 2017

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  • Hi! I’m due August 20! Happy to be here
  • Excited to FINALLY join you August ladies. I've been reading for 3 weeks but blocked from commenting until now. This is my 1st pregnancy after trying for almost a year. On Monday we learn the EDD! 
  • Hello there! Let's see if I can do this correctly...I accidentally started a whole new thread last time I tried to write an intro...pregnancy brain has already set in I suppose...

    My name is Lindsay and my wonderful hubby and I found out the week before Christmas that we will be first-time parents come August! This was an absolute surprise to us, as my husband had been given extremely low odds of being able to conceive naturally.

    We are currently stationed in Norfolk, VA but I am a Florida native (this snow storm threw me for a loop!). I work in patient accounting and financing for a large fertility practice and am also a painting instructor on the weekends. I've been an avid rugby player for the past 5 years but will be sticking to art only until little one arrives.

    I look forward to going through this journey with you all and good luck to all the other moms-to-be out there!
  • Hello Hello. Just got a positive test this morning and was surprised. I was absolutely certain I was just late since I had a loss in October and just assumed my cycle was off from that, but here we are! Last pregnancy I knew without a doubt I was pregnant even before turning a test so was shocked since I don’t feel pregnant in the least! I’m 28, live in CT and have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. And that’s it I suppose! 
  • Hey y’all! My name is Jenny and I’ve been lurking for a while. I am 9 weeks pregnant and I have a 5 year old girl and a 15 month old girl. Hope to join y’all in some discussions soon now that I’m off bump probation!
    Married: August 2007
    DD1: Oct 2012
    DD2: Sept 2016
    DC3: Due August 2018
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    Hi! Late entry into the board because I'm a little high risk. My name is C and I have two children currently with #3 currently cooking. We have recurrent pregnancy loss though so this is something we are being very cautious about. I recently was on the March 2017 Bump Club but had a pretty rough pregnancy and had to have our little guy six weeks early (NICU time was rough). We are expecting another rough journey with this little one since I've gotten preeclampsia for both of my previous successful pregnancies. I am currently still nursing since our youngest is only 11 months, but the doctors want me to wean because of how high risk I am and all of our losses. I'm going to miss giving my little guy mom's milk - but I'm so SO grateful we have a few hundred oz stored in our freezer to prolong him past a year. 

    Besides all the mom stuff - I'm a full time RN in a level 1 trauma center in the ER. I love what I do but I hate the politics that come with bedside nursing. Definitely hoping to figure something else out for the long term eventually. Fortunately my husband works with me in the ER so I have someone who has my back to help when I get violent patients or when I'm trying to hide from my coworkers because I can't stop getting "morning" sickness. 

    I look forward to meeting you all! I'm mostly a lurker but really enjoy getting to know everyone. 
    Me: 32 DH: 34
    Baby #1 - January 2010
    Baby #2 - March 2017

  • @raebeth-2 you are amazing! What a fantastic gift you are giving these couples. 
  • cthulu said:
    Hello Hello. Just got a positive test this morning and was surprised. I was absolutely certain I was just late since I had a loss in October and just assumed my cycle was off from that, but here we are! Last pregnancy I knew without a doubt I was pregnant even before turning a test so was shocked since I don’t feel pregnant in the least! I’m 28, live in CT and have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. And that’s it I suppose! 
    @cthulu I live in CT (Fairfield County) too!
  • Hey!! My name is Sadia, I’m due August 5th and this is our first baby! We’re super excited :) I’m a labor and delievery nurse in New Jersey which makes things a little more nerve wracking haha! If anyone has any labor questions or concerns I would love to help out :) 
    Congrats! You should change your screen name so we can get to know you. You'll probably have to log out and back in on the knot after you change it. 
    Also, I think L&D nurses are saints. I had a fairly traumatic labor/delivery, and I would have gone batshit crazy if not for the amazing nurses I had!
    Me: 28, DH: 40
    Married 9/28/13
    DS born 11/12/15
    EDD 8/13/18
  • Hi :) I thought i was going to be due in September but i had my first ultrasound today and measured 6w3d with an EDD of August 30th - looking forward to chatting with all the ladies here :)
    Me: 36 years old   DH: 42 years old
    Married: 05.2012  
    TTC #1 Since April 2016
    HSG/FSH/AMH/E2/SA all normal DX: unexplained IF

    spontaneous BFP 01/01/2017-  Alexander was born sleeping 04/13/2017 at 19w1d  ic/chorio
    September 2017 HSG #2 & Gonal-F/Femara/Ovidrel/IUI #1 = ep (Salpingectomy of left fallopian tube)
    spontaneous BFP 01/02/2018  EDD Aug 30th  It's a GIRL!
    Cerclage placed on 03/02BabyFruit Ticker  Cerclage removal 08/02
  • brannokbrannok member
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    I've been lurking until we had some definitive proof of good things happening. We had our first ultrasound today, which showed 9w5d (right on track with what we thought), a fetal heart rate of 160, and lots of movement! So I can finally say with relief that I am expecting my first on August 8! My husband has 2 boys from his first marriage - the eldest turned 14 last week and the younger one will be 10 by the time our newest one comes along. 
  • Hi ladies!!! My name is Jaclyn, I'm 39 and DH is 38. We live just outside Denver, CO. I'm 7w today! I had my first US last week and all is looking well so far. I'm due 8/27 according to LMP. I have had 3 miscarriages and require progesterone support so back to the doc next week for US#2. I have 2 DDs, ages 21 and 12. You read that right, I'm nuts! This will be my DHs 1st and we are very excited!
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