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  • MPsMommy said:
    Just got my BFP today! Due with SURPRISE number 3 on May 21. I have 2 girls- ages 11 and 3. Wishing everyone the best!!

  • Congrats!! We share a due date! 
  • Good morning, May mamas. 

    I come to you from the great Midwest where I am a SAHM to a beautiful 2 year old daughter and 1 geriatric rag doll cat. My DH and I have been married 3 years and he works as a medical resident at a local hospital (though he is finishing his training next summer!)

    I have been getting faint positives since Saturday but today I finally got a positive within the allotted 3mins so I guess it's official. We are a duel factor infertility couple so this is an IUI baby: the first try after a 12w loss back in July. Due date is approximately May 23 but I'll have a repeat c/s around our anniversary on May 16th. 

    Hoping this is our rainbow baby and I'm looking forward to getting to know you. 
    Hey @thedawkterswife I'm married to a resident too! PMR- he just started his second year and life is sooooooooo much easier. That'll be such awesome timing for you guys finishing training this summer right after baby!

  • @Cricket648 that's awesome! Congrats! 

  • Hey hey @BakerBird525 and @arteduc8! Lovely to see some June 16 ladies here
    Me: 30 DH: 30 *The old lady by 5 whole weeks*
    Married: 11/2013
    M: 6/2016  E: 5/2018
  • Hey hey @BakerBird525 and @arteduc8! Lovely to see some June 16 ladies here
    Hey there! Yes, some fellow June 16 Mama's! Doesn't it feel just like yesterday we were posting over there about our first? Crazy how fast time flies! Cheers to round 2! 
  • @arteduc8 and @artlea2013 , great to see familiar faces! It feels like we had our babies yesterday! Can't believe they are TODDLERS! Congrats to you both!

    Me - 33, DH - 33
    Married - May 2014
    DH - Low Count/Motility/Morph - Varicocele vein x 2 - surgery (8/11) - success!
    BFP - 10/10/15, EDD - 6/20/16 - It's a BOY!
    Baby #1 - 6/29/16 - Lucas Christopher, 10 lbs 3 oz, 22.25 inches
    Baby #2 - TTC May 2017
    BFP - 9/10/17, EDD - 5/26/18 - It's a GIRL! - RCS May 22nd

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  • @k5678 Small world! My guy is a gas guy. We just signed a contract near my family in Western PA. It will be a crazy time but worth it once the move is over. Just excited to be near the end of training! #broke #90hourworkweeks #ohwaitstudentloansarestillthere #stillbroke
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