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  • @tgortney Look at all those similarities! Alright, thanks that's encouraging. I still POAS every day since I still have like 30 HCG strips lol paranoid!
  • @jkhall2010 once you tell your friends and family hopefully they will be super excited and more than happy to go shopping with you. (I say hopefully because I don't know them)
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  • Hello, everyone! FTM just out of newbie-posting jail. DH and I are 35 and live in Philly. I got my bfp on my birthday (7/26), EDD is 4/1/2018. Looking forward to sharing and learning with the group, we haven't told anyone yet!
  • Hi Everyone!

    Just got my BFP today! EDD April 12th. 

    I'm a STM. DS is 2 years old.

    Trying to stay calm and postive. I've had 2 MC. One before DS and one this past Thanksgiving which was especially traumatic and painful. I'm trying not to get too excited until my first appointment but of course that's hard. Really hoping I'm here to stay with you all. 
  • @toniherdt I'm in AZ too! My DS will be 2 in October and same EDD 4/11!! Weird! 
  • @m00nshyne hello from the suburbs of Philly! 

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  • Hi everyone! I'm a STM from New Jersey. My daughter is 2 years old.
    I got a BFP today. Due date is around 4/16. So excited to be here!! 
  • @sammyn08 I'm from New Jersey as well! North or south? I'm south, just outside of Philly.
    Married April 9, 2011
    TTC since October 2011
    Me 34, DH 40

    IUI #5 w/ Tamoxifen+Ovidrel+Acupuncture Oct 24, 2014-->BFP!!! EDD July 17, 2015. Panorama=low risk...and it's a GIRL!
    DD born July 10, 2015
    Trying for baby #2!
    IUI #1 w/ Tamoxifen+Ovidrel+Acupuncture July 10, 2017-->BFP!!! EDD Apr 2, 2018. Panorama=low risk...and another GIRL!

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  • Hi all!
    This will be our third.  We live in GA and I am working on this big news while heading back to school. My 4 year old is starting pre k and I'm a 3rd grade teacher. My edd is April 18. I'm dealing with AMA for the first time. Can't wait to see if it's very different. 

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  • @roomsu fellow third grade teacher here! I think it's a great due date for maternity leave! 

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  • roomsuroomsu member
    edited August 2017
    @toorahloorah I couldn't agree more!! My boys were both March babies which I loved. This seems even better!

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  • @mrsround2 Wow how funny!! Small world!! 
  • rbs2015 said:
    @toniherdt my daughter will also be 2 in November ... I think we will be fine, fingers crossed! 
    I just can't believe how fast the last 2 years have gone! Yes all the fingers crossed! 
  • sammyn08sammyn08 member
    edited August 2017
    @StephieMK I'm from south jersey too, just outside Philly! 
  • Im still new to these forum and figuring it out lol. Yes im currently living in Sydney, about 40mins out from the city centre. Its a great city!
  • Hello everyone. I'm from KY. Me and DH have talked about trying for another, we have an 18mos daughter. Just got off birth control about 3-4 weeks ago. This morning took a test (I do every so often as precaution because my job I take X-rays and deal with anesthesia) and I was super shocked that it's positive. It took 8 months to get pregnant with our last baby so I was super surprised today. So new baby for us arriving around April15th.
  • Hey ya'll, I'm a FTM from Austin. I'm 33 and DH is 35. Got my BFP 4 days ago at 10dpo and have taken 4 tests, all confirming BFP, since then.  Today I am 4 weeks exactly.  I'm paranoid right now that something could go wrong or that for some reason something else like an infection is causing my BFP's but no reason to believe that other than pure paranoia.  Hoping it sticks!!! My EDD is April 16.  
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  • sammyn08 said:lo
    @StephieMK I'm from south jersey too, just outside Philly! 
    I'm from Jersey too, im in central.
  • Hi! FTM here! My DH and I have been married for 5 years. I got my BFP 5 days ago, and I'm 5w1d with an EDD of April 8. I'm still trying to learn the ropes and abbreviations, but I'm excited to get to know y'all and go through this experience together! 
  • @m00nshyne 7/26 is an awesome day for a birthday, as it's mine too! We got our BFP on 7/22, but I considered it an early birthday present. We also have an EDD of 4/1/18. Best of luck in the months ahead!
  • laahaalaahaa member
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    Hiii! :)SAHM to 2 year old! 4.2 weeks with baby #2 after trying for 8 months! Over the moon and nervous as could be!! We live about an hour outside Pittsburgh! Has anyone started a FB April BM group? 
  • Hello! My name is Beth and I'm from Pennsylvania. I am a STM with an EDD of 4/14 - perfect timing since I'm a tax accountant!! Having had a difficult time getting pregnant with my DS (who is a little over 2) we were not expecting it to happen so quickly but here we are! So far I'm feeling good however it's still early. I had hyperemesis with my first and I'm terrified of it coming back around again. I'm hoping for the best!

    I was very involved with my June 2015 Bump group and I hope to have the same experience with all you April mama's!
  • I spot the MD flag! I'm originally from Maryland and go back to visit often. :)
  • Yep! I have made life long friends from when my son was born and I'm eager to do the easy maneuvering of FB as opposed to here! I will patiently wait! :) 
  • @btm013 I was on the June 2015 BMB too! My son was born 6/8/15 and me EDD this time around is 4/14.

    Me:31 DH:33
    Married: September 2013
    Loss 8/2014
    DS: 6/8/15
    DS: 4/6/18
    BFP: 7/10/20
    loss 7/15/20
    BFP: 9/29/20
    Confirmed twin pregnancy: 10/19/20
    Loss of Twin B: 12/1/2020

  • lahanna said:
    I spot the MD flag! I'm originally from Maryland and go back to visit often. :)
    Heeeeeeyyyyy girl

    Me: 29 DH: 35

    Married 5/3/14, TTC ever since

    DX: Lean PCOS, Clomid resistant

    Femara 7.5 + Ovidrel = BFP! Due 4/15/18

  • Hello ladies!

    I'm from Eastern Washington state. I'm 30, I already have a 6 year old and I share 50/50 custody with his father after our recent divorce. I work part-time as a cashier. I enjoy food, photography, food, reading, food, Netflix and food.

    I got my surprise BFP 8-4, the day befor I missed my period. The father is a FWB so I'll probably be sharing custody of the new baby as well butnhes a great dad so I'm not worried. My EDD is 4-15 (one week before my birthday)

    I'm nervous and excited. My first pregnancy was a breeze and I'm hoping this one will be similar (so far so good). I suck at the abbreviations, I might need to take a refresher course haha.
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  • dirtybootsdirtyboots member
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    Edited to fix tag.

    Playing catch up here...

    @michelle59-2 Fellow Minnesotan here. That would be a huge surprise! But, imagine them growing up together so closely in age. *swoon*

    I love seeing so many fellow Aug16 babies being promoted to "big" siblings!
    @beena722 @sdavis2189 @RadMomma0815

    @tooraloorah my fitbit of 2 years just died  Waiting for black friday deal to get another one… Going through withdrawals here… lol

    @stodierach those are round ligament pains (rlp). They continue the whole time you're (and baby is) growing. Rolling out of bed this morning I had to pull a pillow over my face so my yelp wouldn't wake #1 who was still sleeping when I got a nice shot of electricity in my lower right abdomen. Definitely normal. My first mw appointment with #1 was pretty simple. Depending on if your mw is associated with a hospital or birthing center she may or may not have access to more tools.  I had a home birth so my mw didn't do an early ultrasound or any pelvic exams (she could have done the pelvic exam and ordered out a u/s, but I declined them). Essentially we just discussed what my expectations were, what questions I had, what is standard of care, what tests I wanted or didn't want, ect. I have a different mw this pregnancy as we moved since having #1.  My first mw consult is the 22nd, so I'll let you know how it goes.

    @rebeccafromchicago frequency of meal is the #1 thing that helps my nausea. So your preemptive meal plan may very well be helping you out. Business of Birth or Business of Being Born? I've seen Business of Being Born and think it's awesome! I had #1 at home with a mw and will be doing the same with #2, God willing. Not looked into Orgasmic Birth. I heard a little about it and it sounded… odd. lol No judgement, just never looked any farther into it personally.

    @jkhall2010 just you wait a couple weeks. *wink* I think 9-10 weeks is about the peak of nausea so you still have time.

    @lahanna Don't think theres a fb group yet. I'm looking forward to it because this forum is so laggy and crashes on my devices quite often where fb runs smoothly and is so much easier, imo. My Aug16 fb group started maybe 3 months in, some started other groups later after the babies were born. We never had any drama/issues with our early group and are all very close, however some are cautious about fb being more personal so prefer to wait longer. Stick around, one will pop up here sooner or later.
    DH(27) + Me (27) = 1/14
    Baby #1: Aug. 2016
    Baby #2: April 1st, 2018
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