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  • @mamabear0528 freaking out over here, too! DD is not even 9 months old yet. 

    Married May 2014
    DD born August 2016
    Baby #2 due December 2017
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  • @tmk0325 One of my closest friends from my other BMB had twins and now has a 6 month old...  She said it's a breeze this time around and she LOVES it!  Fingers crossed it's the same for you.  :)
  • @cait5413 I'm glad someone is in the same boat as me! At least we have some time for our babies to get a little older and try to prepare.
  • @mamabear0528 and @cait5413 were you two in the August 16 group??  I was because my due date with the boys was August 25 (adjusted age is currently 7.5 months) although they are 9.5 months old!  
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  • @tmk0325 Yes! I remember your screen name. I never went over to the Facebook group, but enjoyed being a part of Aug 16 on here. 

    Married May 2014
    DD born August 2016
    Baby #2 due December 2017
  • Welcome @midwestmomma91 congrats on the great surprise! My husband and I currently have 2 fur babies who are absolutely our babies and are so very excited for them to meet their soon to be sibling hehe
  • Thanks @ShyTonia!! Our dogs are definitely our babies and spoiled to boot!! I'm excited for them to meet their little human sibling haha!
  • @jesrude welcome back! I'm just across the river in Vancouver, WA! 
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  • @ilikestars089 hi! Oh how fun! We'll have to keep in touch as we go along and maybe meet-up one day.  Hopefully that isn't too weird!
  • @MandyPandyBear My AOL screen name way back in the day was mandypandygrr lol. Welcome!!

    Me: 29  DH: 31
    Married 10/13/12
    TTC Since 8/2016

  • @rachswi hey girl, it's Alyssa from N15 <3
  • cait5413 said:
    Hi all, 

    Looks like we're pregnant with baby #2! Like @missbmama , we were using condoms and had unprotected sex right around the time my period was supposed to arrive, thinking it was safe, and it wasn't! We had planned to start trying around August when DD will turn 1, but I guess they will be closer together than we planned. I'm still a little in shock. Obviously my cycle was way off, but since we only had unprotected sex once, I think my due date is around Dec 17 from the probable date of conception. 

    My dad died in March, so we see this as a blessing + cosmic joke from him; he was over the moon when our daughter was born and I know that he would be overjoyed with #2 (and laughing at us for our best laid plans!)

    I'm a college professor (33) and DH is an engineer who works as a manager (also 33). Took us 6 months to get pregnant with DD, so we were quite surprised, but sometimes once is all it takes. We have a dog, a cat, and a fish. This will likely be our last baby. We planned for 2 (though my dad was a twin, so you never know), and plan to get baby making over before I hit AMA, so this will probably complete our family. 
    This is us. I was on the pill but got a little lazy with it and missed a few. I thought I was fine but here we are. We were gonna start trying in June. Oh well, the shock has worn off and I'm just excited. Congratulations! And sorry about your dad. 
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  • kdestito said:
    Congratulations, December Mommies....
    FTM here, edd 12/18/17... 
    We are cautiously optimistic... had a m/c on 12/28/16 with D&C on 1/10/17... trying not to worry too much!
    That's my birthday! Good EDD! Good luck with all. I am sitting here looking at my rainbow baby who is currently 20 months and fabulous. I hope all goes well for you!
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  • My name is Brit and my edd is 12/24. I just got my BFP yesterday (at 3weeks and 3 days). Haven't told hubby yet; coming up with a cute way to tell him. 

    I'm already a Mom to an almost 2 year old (5/8/15) and we've been TTC since December. I was really hoping to have a baby before the end of the year, so I'm ecstatic!

    I work FT in healthcare doing payroll and funding authorizations.

    congratulations to all of the 12/2017 mamas!!
    Congrats! I have one that will be 2 in July! I didn't tell my DH for a while. Haha. Finally I put a piece of paper that said "egg" spected to hatch December 2017 into an Easter egg. He was floored. Haha. This little poppyseed was a surprise but we are thrilled!
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  • Hello Ladies, 

    I am Lisa from Ohio.  My EDD is Dec 3rd. This is my first pregnancy 6w3days. I will 38 next month. I am feeling nervous and anixous all the time especially at work. Home is great my hubby is amazing. Just need some advice on calming down. Good Luck to all you ladies. 
    To say having a baby is overwhelming is an understatement BUT you will be fine. Congrats mama!
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  • @tmk0325 I was actually in the May 2016 group.  :)
  • @midwestmomma91Congrats! I'm also from Iowa. West Des Moines! 
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