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    Thank you ma'am!! Yay for due date buddies!! @kvacmak
  • @GraysonsMama what kind of crafty?! I love doing crafty stuff too. I knit mostly but also draw, paint, updo furniture, hot glue stuff together... glitter things  :D 
  • @dragonette505 hey due date buddy!! So happy to see you here!
  • @ktcakes lol... I would do the same! I pretty much hung out as a leftover in the March TWW on the Infertility board since no one else seemed to be on board till a few days ago.
    vvitchhazelkatiegeminimoon[Deleted User]
  • Yay @dragonette505! This is going to be a good BMB, I can feel it <3:)
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    dragonette505[Deleted User]
  • @missbmama I sew, crochet, redo furniture, wooden signs, vinyl work, wall art... Really anything :) I'm glad to see another crafter!
  • vvitchhazelvvitchhazel member
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    @angetralala I think I remember your username from my time spent dirty lurking D15! I was J16, but my doc was sure I'd have my DD in December. (In actuality she was super overdue and they induced me.)

    ETA: My group on J16 was definitely the science, reason, and snark group of my BMB. AKA everyone just got banned left and right.  :D
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  • @PoeMasque Hey!! Good to see you here!! 
  • Hi @Jellybelly119 I remember you from Feb16 board! I was mostly a lurker and had a different screen name but I had to tell you I remember you! 
  • I remember you too @missbmama! I recognize your old SN; good to see you here!! :) 
  • @Holzie Welcome! I'm day behind EDD wise, but I had my transfer on the same day as you! FX for a sticky baby and happy and healthy 9 months! 
    Me: 30 DH: 31
    2 Dogs / 2 Cats 
    IUI #1 07/2016 BFN
    IUI #2 10/2016 BFN
    IUI #3 11/2016 BFN
    IVF #1 03/2017 - 23 Retrieved / 22 Fertilized / 11 at Day 3 / 1 Beautiful Embryo tf on Day 5 / 7 Frozen on Day 6 - Beta #1 4/5/17: 104 Beta #2 4/7/17 224
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