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  • @babygoodmommy welcome! There are a few of us here from Ohio!
    Me 29 I Him 26
    Married 4/22/16
    TTC 9/2015
    BFP 2/1/16 I MC 3/21/16 (11w)
    TTCAL 6/15/16
    BFP 3/23/2017 Team pink! Quinn Leigh EDD December 1, 2017
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  • elev2017elev2017 member
    edited August 2017

    EDIT: posted this in the wrong spot by accident! sorry ladies...

  • Hi! I am Karina, 38 yo, mom of 4.. oldest DD is 18 and youngest DD is 3.5 yo.... EDD is December 7th
    Evelina Faith born January 4th, 2014 
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    Me-34; DH-36
    DD-14; DD-9; DS-6
  • Hello. My name is Ashlee. I got my BFP on Easter and my EDD is 12/26. 

    This is is my second baby. Both are boys. I had a loss before getting pregnant with my first. My oldest just turned 2. I had a scheduled c section with him due to him being breech. This one will also be a scheduled c section due to insurance reasons. This little guy will be making his debut in 12/20. 
  • Hi I'm Angie,due December 31st with my first! We are excited. 
  • Hi, I'm Katie.  I am due December 7th with my first!  We're expecting a boy, and we're very excited :smile:
  • Hi  everyone. I'm Tracey ,35 years old. I'm out in Cape Town,South Africa. I'm expecting my second baby with my first pregnancy the 28th Dec.. not really that confusing lol. After hubby and istruggled for 6 years to conceive and being told by fertility specialists we Will never be able to conceive,we adopted a baby at the beginning of the year and if I do the math,a month later we were blessed a second time. This time.with a pregnancy. Nice to meet/read you all :)
  •  @knottie617f4c2dc4c8aceb
    I suggest going over to and changing your screen name to something more original to make it easier for everyone else to recognise/tag you once you start posting in the regular threads! Welcome!
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  • I'm late in the game! Anyways my name is Rosalynn and I'm due with my 4th on December 6th. All boys. 
  • Hey guys, 

    My name Alina been on here for a while now just now getting the hang of this app. I'm 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant due on December 25th. This is my first pregnancy/baby, super nervous.
    I was diagnosed with bad SPD aka symphysis pubic dysfunction.  I'm also a flight attendant on leave now. Excited to join this birth month club.

  • Hi! My name is Brett, I've had this app for a while, but never came over to the chat groups until now.. better late than never! 

    We are due with our first baby girl on Dec 27th. This will be our sweet little rainbow baby as we miscarried twice in 2016 nearing the end of the first trimester both times. This time around we were prescribed progesterone and that seemed to do the trick!

    We could not be more excited, nervous and anxious for our little girl to make her big debut!
  • @brashton welcome! This group is really dying off. I had my LO on Dec 3rd so not really in the pregnancy part anymore. 
  • @brashton welcome to the group.  
  • Super slacker, jumping in.

    My little guy was due 12/10 but he's not in the same hurry as his parents, apparently. 

    I'm 36 and this is my first child. We live upstate in NY.
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