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  • My name is lisa i am a stay at home mom of 3 boys 6, 4, 3.. i gave birth to 2 the oldest and youngest. I just got remarried in sept. And my hubby and i are expecting our child together due in july!
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  • Hello ladies, I am about 7 1/2 weeks with my first baby. We initially thought I would be a June moma but the us showed I am bit behind so edd is July 4th! Whoop whoop. I am 32 yrs and DH is 33. We are super psyched since we endured one mc in June. We saw our angel's heartbeat last week. Wishing all the ladies here a great pregnancy and excited to meet the little ones :)
  • MamaBish said:


    I am terrified yet excited to be joining you all here! I'm glad to see some familiar faces :)
    Apps tell me my EDD is July 22.

    *** Trigger Warning - Loss history ****

    A little about me, I am 31 years old, I live in The New England area of the US. DH and I have been together for 11 years, married for 6. We had a stillborn dd this past March when I was 28 weeks pg due to complications from a car accident. It is by far the very hardest thing I have ever dealt with. Trying very hard to be cautiously optimistic about this little rainbow.


    Ahh!! I recognize you!! Congrats!! SO SO excited to see you here!!
  • mjmardel said:

    HI! I'm Monica and I'm 30. My husband is also 30 and we just moved to Louisiana for his job. We found out on our trip down that we are expecting on July 4, 2016. I am very nervous as my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage in late May 2015. We are excited to be pregnant again but hesitant to share or be excited yet. Is anyone else going through pregnancy after a loss? 

    I am right there with you. I had a mc in September. Definitely nervous but trying to be postive everyday. Best of luck to you and that this is your rainbow baby!
  • Hi @tennisbabymama!! Happy to see you too! Congrats!
     Rainbow baby Savannah born 5.13.16 at 30 weeks    
    Baby Cadence born still 3.24.15 at 28 weeks 

  • @tennisbabymama aw, sorry about strep throat. H just got it too.
    Me: 28
    DH: 29
    Married: 7/4/15
    TTC #1 since marriage
    BFP 11/17/15 -- EDD 7/31/16

  • @ProfessorEcks so sorry to hear about your loss. Congratulations on your anniversary gift, and to a H&H 9 months! :)
  • Hi everyone I just found out I was pregnant this weekend. I'm 4 weeks pregnant this week. Going on 5. I have endometriosis and had 2 surgeries over the summer to remove the endo and ovarian cysts and fix my uterus. I'm praying all goes well with this pregnancy. So happy to have found this app and similarities of what we're going through!
  • Hi I'm Dee Dee, I'm 20 yrs old and I currently live in Michigan. My boyfriend and I will be having our very first child (we're happy and also scared to death! Lol) our bun will come out of the oven around July 16th and my first ultrasound is in 6 days I can't wait to see my little precious! :)
  • Thrilled to have made it over here!

    DH and I have been married for 4 1/2 years. We had always said we would wait until 5 before trying but ended up ahead of schedule with paying off debt and buying a house so we decided to start trying sooner. I didn't know what to expect when we started but I feel very lucky to be here now! We have 3 furbabies now so it will be interesting introducing a human into that mix!

    Estimated due date is the end of July according to my LMP. And I'm very anxious for my first appointment which isn't until Decmeber 15th! It feels like forever away! Luckily with Thanksgiving next week and my birthday two weeks after that I think (hope) the time will pass quickly! Looking forward to getting to know everyone! H&H pregnancy to all!
  • Hi! What does LMP mean? I'm sorry- new to this stuff!
  • I totally agree. I'm feeling the same way. I'm only 4 weeks and analyzing every symptom! :)
  • Hello everyone! I'm a STM, with an EDD of July 15th. DH and I have been married for 5.5 years, and we have a 4 year old daughter. I had my confirmation appointment today at 5w4d, and my first prenatal appointment is in 4 weeks. I wish you all a happy and healthy 9 months!
  • Hi! What does LMP mean? I'm sorry- new to this stuff!

    It stands for last menstrual period
    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

  • I am also due July 4th!
  • Hi guys!
    My name is Emily I have a 3 year old and just got married last year to my high school sweet heart who I've been with since freshman year of high school. We are expecting baby # 2 after only trying for a month so I'm blessed on that part. Good luck to all the mommies out there! Baby is due July 6 !
  • Hey all! This is Mona. My hubby and I live in Northern Virginia with our 15 month old daughter. Messed up on birth control pills so had to stop and restart the following month. Didn't get a period, took the test and yay! We are now expecting #2!
  • Hi! I'm Anna, DH is Ken. I'm 30. He's 31. We have a daughter, Julia, who turned 3 in October. We were trying since July and I just got my BFP on Sunday night while we were on a trip in Vegas!

    EDD according to LMP is July 28th, but because of a unicornuate uterus my DD was born a bit early (37 weeks) so I'm assuming the same thing will happen this time too.

    I'm excited to join you all for the next 9ish months! I was very active on my October 2012 board the first time around so I'm looking forward to some great fun with you ladies too!
  • Hi, my name is Shannel. I recently found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago. This is my first pregnancy and it's so weird because for a long time I thought it was just impossible to have kids...
    But 3 at home test and a trip to the OB later and it was confirmed...I am 6 weeks pregnant and a nervous reck!!
    So far I've been getting some cramps, sore boobs, and feeling queezy...im just hoping all goes well!
  • @jessicarose0602 I didn't believe I was pregnant when I took my first test, so I went straight to walmart to get a few more...my husband thought I was crazy but I didn't care ...I had to be sure lol! So I totally get it
  • Hi all! I'm Autumn, 29 years old and DH is 30. I have an 8 year old step son. Our new sweet pea is due July 10th! Got pregnant our first try!
    MamaBish[Deleted User]LDSJM123
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    Hi all! Excited to be part of the July mom's group! I'm Ashley, 22, from Australia but living with newlywed hubby in Israel. We were married late September so this little one is, as someone else put it, a honeymoon souvenir! :smiley: Quite nervous but very excited! Due date is around 7-9th July...yet to find out exactly! Looking forward to going through this with you all! :smile:
  • @dtaylor125 I'm also in school, and my MS has been so terrible I've had to register with disability so I can finish my semester from home. It's been really frustrating and stressful. I hope school is and will be easier for you than it is me atm!
  • Hello! My name is Jules and I'm 40, DH is 45. We have a daughter who just turned 3 on November 12th. We've been hoping for another baby for a long time now, and actually just completed an IVF cycle where transfer occurred on my 40th birthday (November 8th). Our first beta yesterday was excellent at 404, so I am 4 weeks along. Hoping for an uneventful, happy and healthy 9 months ahead! Due date July 26th.
    Julene & Lance, July 6th, 2008** TTC since 2009** Chemical pregnancy Dec 2011** Surprise natural BFP 3-20-12! Beta #1 at 12dpo=108, Beta #2 at 14dpo= 419. 5 week beta (21dpo)= 8,398, 6 week beta (28dpo)= 35,485 **Grow baby, grow!** TTC Blog: http://thequestforlittlelambies.blogspot.com/ Pregnancy Ticker
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  • Hi! I'm Samantha. We just found out we are expecting our third one July 27th. I have a 4 year old and 6 year old. Glad to be here!

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  • mesa123 said:

    Hi every one. My names laura , I just recently found out I'm going to be a first time mom. Super excited but still have lots of things to learn to let my self become ready for my baby. My due date is July 9th. So as I Learn And grow with my baby I'm just patiently waiting.

    I'm a first time mom with the same due date! Yay!
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