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1st Trimester

Powerful Eats for You and Baby

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We hear a lot of chatter about what foods to avoid while pregnant, but not nearly as much about the foods to seek out.

Check out our list of nutrient-packed eats to keep you and baby healthy throughout pregnancy. Which of your favorite foods made the list?

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Re: Powerful Eats for You and Baby

  • Vmedina1, click on the "our list" above and scroll down to the topic of orange juice. There is a list of others foods to try as well. Hope this helps!
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  • Yeah, I'm not a huge meat eater and I LOVE fruits and veggies, but not lately! It's my first pregnancy and I'm nearly 13 weeks in. I can't get enough meat, the aftertaste of fruit repulses me, and veggies are like...yech!
    I try to eat things like pumpkin ravioli Or at least a chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato...that's some veggies! I hate coca cola, but crave it so bad! Avocados are always good (glad I still love those!
  • Dry Fruits, Leafy greens, eggs, milk, meat and fruits.
  • I usually love Mexican food but I cannot keep it down. I also crave a lot of unhealthy fatty foods. I try as much as possible to stick to a healthy diet though. Any good recipes??? :)
  • Do you have a recipe?
  • I was expecting a longer list...but from what I did see on the list, I am fortunate to like everything on it and I don't seem to have any food aversions *yet*.


  • 7 weeks and craving cheese and peanut butter!! How do we even think of things like these?!!
  • Me too and I don't know why my doctor told me to try cheese crackers and fruit
  • I literally always want chocolate, fried food or cup of noodle. It's such a problem.most stuff makes me feel insanely sick
  • Catie,

    I am 5 weeks along and I am the same way. I love food and I'm usually always snacking, but now I have to remind myself to eat. At least I'm not alone! 
  • I'm 5wk+5 and just want to eat lol. Fortunately it's mainly healthy stuff I'm eating, but still the odd choc bar or crisps but I am eating green smoothies, homemade soups greens, fruits etc.
  • I take vitamin C pills and that helps your immune system
  • Take your vitamins at least and talk to your ob and see what she suggest I take my vitamins and take vitimin C which is good for my immune system I'm 5 weeks and we think we're having twins
  • O:-) good luck
  • I've got ulcers too so I gotta watch what I eat so I take my vitamins and vitamin c I'm 5 weeks today
  • This is great because after reading about all the things I shouldn't eat, I was concerned that I didn't have many options.
  • My craving is salad with ranch dressing.
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    Only 5 weeks and 4 days but I seem to have the same appetite I had before I got here. Maybe I'm in for a rude awakening. Sticking to soup, salad, chicken, fruit and veggies.
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  • How can you tell if you are having twins? Is it just a feeling you have? I am curious because I have been having dreams of multiples and they run on both sides of our families!
  • It's interesting that oj is on here - wouldn't that be a lot of sugar and not much fiber compared to an actual orange?
  • Every night, I blend a smoothie for my next day's breakfast. I add banana, carrots, beet, spinach, kale, berries, flax, chia, and hemp seeds and then add water. Once I get it down, I feel like I've already taken in lost of my daily nutrients, so I can forgive myself a little bit if the thought of veggies over lunch makes me queasy. 
  • Mine is salad and peaches
  • I'm a little under 5 weeks and the only thing that seems to turn me off so far is chicken and eggs. Other than that I love everything on that list. Especially Salmon. Yum.
  • I feel so hungry all the time and if I don't eat a small snack every hour or two I get really nauseated. Anyone else? Cravings are salad and pasta. New foods that make me nauseated any red meat.... :(
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  • I'm 5 weeks along and during the day, I have literally no appetite. Then, by dinner I'm starved! Haven't really experience any aversions yet (although PB and J seems less appealing every day) ; I can still mostly eat normally but the CRAVINGS. Those have definitely started!
  • I'm a vegetarian and I'm worried about getting enough protein. Any suggestions for meat free high protein meals/snacks? 
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