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  • @tigger99 I fell asleep with her nursing in bed last night for an hour before I woke up. (She was still latched when I woke up, but asleep.. and we weren't even side lying I was just propped up on some pillows) I cried so hard because of it and have felt guilty about it all day. I spent the rest of the night checking for her before I really moved. I even did it when I napped today despite napping on the couch and we've never even nursed on the couch.
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  • My little one fell asleep around 12:15. It's now 2 am and I am still sitting here wide awake. I can't fall asleep as my mind is going crazy thinking about a million things. I know just as I fall asleep my little guy will be up ready to eat. I am usually begging for some sleep... Not sure what is up tonight!
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    11:59 and this boy has a clean diaper, jammies, full tummy, has burped and swaddled and is asleep in his bed. I'm so ready for bed so I can make it through tomorrow with all of the appts we have. Hope you all get a little sleep tonight! See ya at the next feeding. (:|

    Eta: holy shit dd2 just gave me a legit stroke. I was almost asleep with the bassinet next to my bed so I can see in and all of a sudden someone little was sitting up and my first thought was the 6 day old was doing something. I have no clue why my mind jumped to that but seriously scared me to death. Then I saw the cuteness of the 3yr old. Ugh. There is no end to the crazy in this house.
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    @PintoBean77‌ DS breaks out of swaddles as well, so we went and bought a Velcro one. It wraps tightly around him, and he can't break free from it :) it has been our god send and the reason he can sleep long stretches.
    @RedBaramid‌ my DS def uses hunger cues to get me to change his dirty diapers. However, he is also a piglet, so, any time I change his diaper, no matter how hungry or not, he always at least has a snack afterwards. Lol
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  • @RedBaramid‌ I feel ya on the shield. LO is latching on with it but for some reason, he keeps popping off, which means I have to try an reapply it. It sucks!

    Hopefully he goes to sleep after this feeding. Lately this is the feeding where he is all like  "What's up guys?! Wanna hang?"
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  • I'm feeling extra stabby tonight. LO has been nursing consistently since 3pm without more than a half hour break between sessions. Then at 10 pm they've turned into 30 mins long each side before I switch without a break except for diaper changes. She freaks and start rooting like she had not eaten all day in between. Now it's past 1am and she. Wont. Stop. I thought we were already past her 3 weeks growth spurt.

  • I took a 30 minute nap at 11:45 so I could feed/pump DS. He made me formula and changed him and everything. DH then goes up to bed. As I'm feeding DS not five minutes later, I can hear him taking a lovely poop for me to change. And I hate the diapers that he's in right now because they leak (but I got them at my shower for the diaper raffle and I'm honestly too cheap not to use them :/ ). Joy...
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  • Wtf? LO cluster fed from 5pm to 1030p. Then woke up at 320am, it is now 513 and we're still up. He's wide awake, eating almost this whole time. Why won't he get sleepy?!
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  • Up every 2 hours and taking way longer than usual to fall asleep... I think by the time I actually pump and fall asleep I get like ten minutes before she's back up. I am so tired.

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    @tigger99‌ I hear ya on the night sweats. Mine are ridiculous. I wake up drenched at 2 am every morning. I forgot how crazy they were.

    DS is driving me up the wall. He nurses pretty much every hour During the day eating mostly from one side. Then at night he's up every 2 hours :( I'm one tired momma and I feel like I've always got a baby attached to me. The twins weren't like this at all. I don't know if this is a newborn thing or a J thing since I didn't nurse newborns last time.


  • Both Ro and I have Dr. appointments today and I have enough expressed BMs to get us through waiting rooms and the desire to last second feed if something like that arises... I still feel like we're going to have a hell of a time today.. especially since she won't go down after our 6:00am feeding. She just wants cuddles and I really wanted that last power nap...
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  • tigger99 said:

    @natsan08‌ i text my husband from the nursery when i need something so I think calling is acceptable as well!

    Night sweats suck ass. They wake me up before baby or my alarm for each feeding.
    Also every time i waking up from more than just a nap I have a panic moment that I got up and brought baby to bed and fell asleep and she is lost somewhere in the bed. I have to use the flashlight on my phone to quick scan the bed before I can calm down despite hearing her in the PNP a few feet away and she has never been around the bed when we are sleepy.

    Yes and yes. I just woke up soakibg wet from a major night sweat. Just when I thought this was getting better..... And the other night I woke up freaking out in a panic and was yelling, "Where is the baby?!?" and was frantically looking all over our bed thinking I fell asleep with him in our bed. I always have nightmares about that.
    I always have nightmares that I lost LO in my bed!! Glad to know I'm not the only one having these crazy panic attacks. DH just laughs at me every time, because DS is always in his cradle.
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  • Oh man, when we were dating, H was in the army and had to do 24 hr shifts a few times a month. He had to stay up, and the texts I'd get the next day were hilarious. Random numbers in words, nothing made sense... I just assumed he was home and going to sleep.

    I've woken up and had the blankets / body pillow bundled up like a baby while dreaming I'm bfing. I wake up so confused when she's crying from the pnp and my brain says she's in my arms.
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  • I've definitely had some moments where I totally thought I was nursing DS but it was a dream. Even argued with DH about it. Fun times.
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  • 12:30 is considered MOTN right? This is our first wake up tonight, and since we just went to bed at 11, I'm not real hopeful for how our night will go. She's been miss grumpy pants all day, and it carried into the night.

    I just want sleep :(
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  • Well B is obviously still thinking it ok to stay up until 12:30, it's fine with me if I get another 4 hour stretch like the other night. Since he's been cluster feeding since 9 I highly doubt I'm going to even get that. I'm a tired mamma, I didn't get my nap when both babies were asleep bc I had an unexpected visitor, ugh. I'm going off of 4 broken hours of sleep from last night. And of course DH is snoring away, I should go kick his ass out of the bed.
  • Been trying to get her down for over two hours. I'm so tired and frustrated. DH has been an ass, too, and he's usually pretty good about helping. So I'm pissed at him, too. These are the nights when you really feel like it won't ever get better.
  • Today LO would not let me put her Every single time she nursed or fell asleep I would wait a while then put her in the rock &play she was awake and screaming within 10 min. I have a DD and DS who are preschoolers so I need to be able to help them and play with them. Finally I started wearing LO and she would nap in the k'tan so i could clean/cook and play games with my big kids. But the older kids had way too much screen time today and I feel like a horrible mother.

    LO just started this (screaming if not held) today. I'm up for suggestions ! Sorry I haven't been invloved in the thread so far as LO is only 9 days old.
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  • Checking in. The LC has us trying 10 minutes on one side and ten minutes on the other - then reattaching to empty the breast if he's still hungry. I also have to up my pumping. Gahh. I don't wanna.

    Also, wearing pants to bed was a bad idea. Sweating buckets.

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  • It's 10:40 and someone wouldn't cooperate to bf on one side and he has been not liking the right side for a while so I'm pumping and hoping dh can get him and dd2 to bed soon. I'm ready to collapse.

    And by 11:00 the tiny one has been fed, the toddler is passed out on the couch and I am going to crack open the bottle of red that fil brought us since I am off of pain meds and have some time before I need to bf again! It's been a long time, old friend and an even longer day. :D
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  • I needed LOs gas drops and of course DD1 had carried them off somewhere so I went off to the room to see if I could find them and there she was...sitting in her pants, no diaper...playing with her poop! Smiling at me! OMG! Now everyone's screaming. LO hungry with a tummy ache, me bc DD1 is playing with shit, and DD1 bc I won't let her play with shit!!!
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  • DD slept great in her bassinet all day but now that it's night time she's hating it. I thought we were making progress but apparently not. I got her rocked back to sleep and could possibly get a few hours of sleep myself but am wide awake.
  • @damasked Glad to hear its Stirling for you! we've tried the bottle twice cuz DH wanted to help feed her (she's 3.5 weeks now). So far she's not having any if it :( Hope she'll change her mind soon cuz in a few weeks she won't have a choice on the two days a week I'll be working at the office...
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  • DS had been sleeping 5/6 hours at night and has been back to waking up every 3 hours. He'll be a month old tmrw and hasn't done that since 2 weeks. I want my sleep back!!
  • Up feeding LO. I'm so tired the room is spinning.
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  • I'm about to fucking lose it. It's my first night back in my own bed with DH (I've been in the guest room with LO because our bed was too tall to crawl in and out of while I was healing) and she has been eating for over two hours now, with breaks to change her diaper twice and tried to lay her back down once. I just want to sleep next to my hubby. She has been sleeping great in the guest room-only waking up twice for quick diaper change and feed, then back to sleep... no such luck tonight. Wtf?!
  • My fucking nipples are killing me because she's been eating so long, and as she dozes every so often her latch gets lazy and she just tugs my nipple. I am getting so pissed but I know it's not her fault, so then I just get pissed at myself for being mad at a newborn but Jesus why is she doing this all of a sudden?!
  • DS is up for another MOTN feeding. I swear he can tell time, he is up every 2 hours like clock work. I really wish he would start nursing every. 3! That extra hour would be amazing!
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  • I think L has bruised my nipples with the death grip she puts on them every time she eats. How can someone so small be so strong?!
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  • No  baby here yet. Just wide awake for no freaking reason. Gave up and came out to the living room to dink on the computer. Just sent the IL's a snarky fb message asking them to not post any details of the baby until we do so (because they totally would). DH will be mad at me, but whatever, they needed to be told. If I could block them from "sharing" every single thing I post, I would.
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  • Its almost 430 DD finally sleeping somewhere other than my arms. She has been in bouncer for 30 mins!!!

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  • I hate the newborn phase. He only sleeps 2hrs at a time max and nurses for an hour or more. I wonder if I'm making enough when he won't go to sleep so I give him a little formula...he throws it up. I'm so ready to quit breastfeeding. The exhaustion is so hard...I feel guilty getting a frustrated but I have not gotten one 4 hour stretch of sleep since he was born!
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  • Thank the Lord for four hour stretches! I completely misjudged tonight.
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