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  • nausea(not buddies w/ bathroom yet!), sore boobs, and peeing all the time(okay a bit of a bathroom buddy forming here)! havent been to the doctor yet but will soon :))
  • Just found out 2 weeks ago that I am prego with my first child! Went to the doctors yesterday for my first ob appt and was told I was alittle over 6 weeks :). Cant wait for my first ultrasound on October 28th, my husband and I are hoping to see our little ones heart beat <3. Im already in LOVE with the little bundle of joy growing inside me.  Feeling nausea here and there (not to bad though) have had some cramping (but was told by doctor that its totally normal) sore boobs, and VERY tired, can barely keep my eyes open at 8:30pm anymore! I am nervous about my body handling this pregnancy, I had a microdiscectomy w/ laminectomy alittle over a year and a half ago. Havent had any increased pain in the lower back yet, just going to take it day by day! Wish me luck :)

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  • It is such a relief to be able to read what everyone else is going through and knowing that I am not super crazy haha.  I heard that some people are lucky enough to not be nauseated at all...  I am super jealous!  It feels like every day I get more and more nauseated! I'm the kind of person who would rather be miserable all night than give in to throwing up because I hate throwing up so much lol.  So luckily I've been able to hold it in thus far, but ugh! The worst time is in the morning and before I go to bed.  The only thing that helps my nausea calm down a little is if I am constantly eating all day long!  I'm trying to eat healthy! It's kind of hard because we don't have much healthy food at our house! the most healthy food we have is green beans! We picked them from my grandma's garden! But I can't eat those every day! Oh well, I have also been having super weird dreams at night!  But I guess that's not too different from before I have always had pretty crazy dreams, they are just extra weird now!  My breasts are still a little sore but the nausea is so bad I don't even think about my breasts ever.  It's kind of hard because I feel exhausted all day long and my husband isn't very patient at times and freaks out because I sit around so much more than I used to. I wish I could do more but I just feel so yucky!  I wish I knew how to help him understand that I would be doing more if I could.  Anyway! I still need to make a prenatal appointment with my doc.  I keep forgetting to buy prenatal vitamins, is that bad?  I just don't know how important they are and I don't know why they keep slipping my memory!  Anyone have any advice on the best prenatal vitamin to take?
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  • Hi everyone :) I am currently in week 6. We are so excited to finally have a baby in the tummy, can't wait for the first u/s. Still no symptoms yet except kind of sore boobs and fatigue. I was born with a chromosonal abnormality so they aren't sure how that will effect my baby yet. Anyone else out there in the same situation?
  • WOW everyone is echoing my ecxact feeling and symptoms, wich is hadly anything beside the sore boobs fatige and constant urination...... i thougt i was crazy for feeling so anxiouse to start feeling pregnant and cant wait for my first u/s wich is in 2 weeks, Good luck to all u moms :D
  • Welcome to week 6.  Didn't have any nausea until yesterday.  First doc appointment next week, and OB appointment the week after.  Ready for this trimester to be over that's for sure.
  • I hear you!  I'm 6 weeks today and so unbelievably sick.  I never expected it to be this way.  I'm nauseous 24/7 and vomiting constantly.  I finally called my OB (even though my 1st appointment isn't until 10/31) and asked for help.  He prescribed Zofran and, though I don't want to take medication, I was almost completely dehydrated.  That is worse for the baby. 

     Additionally, I've got heartburn that could launch a rocketship.  I feel so discouraged because I want nothing more than to be excited and happy, to enjoy the pregnancy.  I'm so worried it won't get to that point.

     Help.  I'm a wreck.

  • Hi there. This is my first pregnancy so I may not be a lot of help but I keep ready that a lot of women with morning sickness find it helpful to eat throughout the day. I am not sure since I don't have any nausea.

    Overall I think pregnancy is nerve wrecking. So far I have no pregnancy symptoms other than a bit sore breasts and though I pee a lot, you can attribute that to all the extra liquids I've been consuming. Sometimes I wish for morning sickness since the lack of symptoms makes me  doubt my pregnancy. Good luck to you!

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  • My first post to the site...6wks 5d today! Feeling the fatigue now but the most difficult issue now is the moodiness- anger so easily. Anyone else having this to deal with? Suggestions?
  • I'm 6 weeks today!  I'm on here first thing (after sleeping from 7:30pm-7 am) because all of a sudden my boobs don't hurt anymore.   I'm reassured to find that quite a few others have symptoms that are coming and going.  I have almost 2 weeks to the first appt (with a nurse) and another two until my first US.  I'm going to go crazy.
  • I have e same problem. I get aggravated so easily and am super tired all the time. I think it's affecting my job, or soon will be if I don't find a way to curb it a bit. My only symptoms right now are tired and moodiness. I haven't had any morning sickness yet. 
  • I am 6 wks today with my third pregnancy, at 27 years old.  The past two resulted in miscarrage one at 4 wks, the other at 16 wks 6 days.  I am being cautiously optimistic.  I have some of the same symptoms: MOODINESS, fatigue, cramps, and a very hightened sense of smell, which is causing some nausea.  Thank goodness everything is looking great so far!
  • Hello,

    I am also 6 wks pregnant and experiencing nausea throughout the day and evening. I feel like the only thing that curbs my nausea is eating carbs but I'm afraid that I am going to eat too much and gain too much unhealthy weight. Just wanted to ask if you have found any drinks or foods that are healthy but decrease your nausea? This is my first pregnancy :)



  • Yes, I am 6 weeks today and am sooo nauseous and my breasts hurt like crazy, even when the sheets rub across my nipples, it's so painful. Also peeing like crazy and am super tired! My first appointment is in 2 weeks!  But emotionally and mentally I feel the same, it's just a lot of physical stuff. Plus, my sense of smell has like tripled, it's superhuman now! Just so many things!
  • Prenatal vitamines are important. Generally we don't eat the right foods to give us the vitamins we need even when we arn't pregnant. So now it's more important that ever. My doc recommended over the counter women's 1 a day for pregnancy. It comes in a pink/purple box. It's also go the DHA/EPA suppliment bottle in there two. Regardless of what you get, make sure you starting taking your folic acid suppliment ASAP. It's one of the most important things you can do to help prevent serious birth defects in your baby. Repeated studies have shown that women who get 400 micrograms (0.4 milligrams) daily prior to conception and during early pregnancy reduce the risk that their baby will be born with a serious neural tube defect (a birth defect involving incomplete development of the brain and spinal cord) by up to 70%.

    Good luck and congrats!

  • Try recipes with ginger in them. Fresh ginger is best. Certain Thai dishes will have ginger in them. Ginger tea can also work just make sure it doesn't have other things in it that pregnant women should avoid in herbal tea's like ginseng, guarana, etc. Hope that helps :) 

  • I feel the sameway. With my son I felt like something was different with this one I don't. Except for the sickness ... and I also have cramps but, I took 3 test and they are all 

    (- -) so they don't lie. LOL I go for my first appt on 11/28 by my dates I think kmy due date should be 7-7-12. Just pray that everything going goes great. I'll feel better once I see the baby on the u/s.


  • I am 6 weeks pregnant. This is our first baby!  I was worried at first because I was having a little cramping, but the doc informed me that it was normal.  I have not had any morning sickness yet. I have my first u/s on December 7th and I cannot wait!  Best wishes to other to-be moms!

  • I was expecting a 8 week ultrasound and to see the babys heart beat on Thursday. When we in the ultrasound tech only saw a gestational sac and started talking with a rather nasty attitude that it may be a blighted ovum and I may be miscarrying. The midwife then dated me at 5 weeks and 3 days and said it was a normal ultrasound,then didn't schedule another one tell after thanksgiving. Well its very difficult to get the ultrasound techs words out of my head. I ended up in the ER this weekend with sharp pains the believed were from dehydration and vomiting, I fallowed up with the ob today and he said the ultrasound looked good and didn't know why they would mention a miscarriage and scheduled my next ultra sound for this Thursday so now I'm just praying to see a heartbeat this Thursday
  • I am six weeks tomorrow and so excited. I found out I was pregnant at my 4 week mark... we had been trying so I test the day I missed my period :). The first couple weeks I had a lot of cramping and urinary frequency but that seems to have subsided... now the only symptom I have is fatigue, but of course I havent been sleeping well at night. Other than that I dont feel any different and its nerve racking!! My first appt isnt until December 8th, but of course I havent been able to keep my big mouth shut about being pregnant. I am nervous but super excited!!! Hope Im not jinxing anything :)
  • I'm six weeks and I'm definitely feeling it. I'm always tired, I'm always queasy and I'll only eat certain foods because all others make me nauseous. My boobs hurt like crazy. I'm not sleeping well, and when I do I have the most vivid dreams. Plus, my husband feels unloved because I'm not up to having sex with him. I finally get to hear my baby's heart beat in less than two weeks though, with my doctor's NP. I can't wait!

  • im 34, and am pregnant with our first child.' such exciting times we have dr's appt scheduled in two weeks hope to hear heartbeat.

    so far i have had mild cramping, major boob soreness, frequent urination, and queasiness just no vomit thank god. but its all worth it 

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  • Super excited to have another child! I have my ultrasound next week, looking forward to seeing my lil honey for the first time! 
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  • On Thursday was my  6 week mark. I'm going to my first doc apt in less than two weeks. I can't wait!!!

    I am supper excited!!! We haven't told anyone yet. I want to wait till after the ultrasound so I have proof :) It's going to be a Christmas present for our families :)

    We are super stoked! I am 33 and this is my first. We just got married 2 months ago (in 5 days to be exact). I have been on the pill for last 15 years. I got off the pill a few days after the wedding and I didn't think it would take us so little time to get pregnant! 

    I took 3 different brand pregnancy tests after 5 days of being late and they all came out positive within seconds after being peed on....

    My symptoms are  mostly super frequent peeing, lower back pain, fatigue and cramps, my boos are only a bit more sensitive. No morning sickness yet.


    Good luck to all the new moms!

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  • My husband and I just found out we were pregnant last Wednesday.  I had an ectopic pregnancy last June and my left tube was removed.  We went to a fertility specialist a few weeks back to talk about IVF.  And here we are...  I went in for a blood test today and have a sono tomorrow.  I have had some spotting and some slight bleeding.  My Dr. also has me on progestrone supp.  I am very nervous and scared about my results tomorrow.  Congratulations to all 6 week ladies!  I am praying for all of you!  Please let me know if anyone is or has experienced what I am experiencing and had... Thanks :)
  • @Kevant81509 Hi! I am 25 and 6 weeks with my first! I have only told my mom and sister so it is really nice to talk to people on here :) How are you feeling??


  • im 25 and 6 wks as well...also my first...i feel tired alot...and every now and then a little queasy..other then that pretty normal...happy that no vomit yet...cant wait for my first u/s....how are u feeling?


  • I'm 23 and I'm also 6 weeks pregnant with my first child. I honestly don't really feel any different, I can't wait til my first ultrasound either. I haven't had any morning sickness, no vomit, no cravings; but I'm not complaining. I have my first OB appointment next thursday so I'm hoping they do an ultrasound then, How about you?
  • I know! I worry that I'm not feeling pregnant enough and something's wrong! But I feel better reading the posts!
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  • Hi! I'm also 25 and 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I'm slightly more tired than usual but otherwise have no symptoms, if only very few cramps.

    I'm so envious of those of you who are getting their appointments next week! My OB scheduled my first ultra sound for week 11 (is that a Canadian thing?). I'm glad I have this website to keep me busy, I don't know how I could wait all those 40 weeks otherwise! 

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  • Hello my name is shellie. I am roughly 6 weeks pregnant I am very nasuas,tired all the time, moody like no tommorow. I knew I was pregnant right away This will be my fourth child
  • Congrats! I knew something was up because i started craving strawberry milkshakes (which i NEVER drink) and mexican pizzas and some other odds and ends. The past week i have had very bad morning sickness and sore breasts. My abdomen has also been very tender like i have done a million sit ups. Be glad your not feeling anything yet, haha.
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  • Congrats!
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  • [I am glad am reading this, am 6 wks and my 1st appmnt is next week monday. Sleepiness is the order of the day, backaches after work and  Nausea even in the evening]
  • Although I have yet to go to my first appointment, I also think I'm 6 weeks pregnant according to my LMP. This was not planned and I'm very scared but I'm also excited.Everyone keeps telling me not to get too excited because I'm not out of the 'safe zone' yet. I try not to listen and just take things day by day! :) The first thing I noticed were my boobs hurting, feeling a little crampy and some moodiness but I thought it was all PMS and had no idea I was preg! haha! Now at 6 weeks I am still dealing with all the same things except the cramping has pretty much went away. No nausea yet! First doctor appointment in 2 weeks. Anxious to get that overwith!

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  • So I feel like I've tried everything: Preggie Pop Drops, Sea Band Accupressure wristbands, gingerale, soup, crackers...I've been Promethizine, Zofran, and now Reglan and I'm still crazy nauseous ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Please help.

  • This is our first, and we are shocked! I am so excited (and scared). I am really relieved to hear some people mention they have some cramping, that's really been my only symptom so far. Maybe a tad more sleepy, and my back hurts really bad!

  • This is my fifth!  Im not feeling any symptoms as well, except the sore bbs, fatigue and frequent bathroom trips. Going for my first ultrasound 2morrow. I'm nervous and stressing myself out. Having the weirdess dreams everynight! I guess I should be grateful that i'm not feeling quessy yet....lol.
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