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  • hey everyone..
    i'm so relieved to read your experiences. i', 6 weeks and only sore nipples for 4 weeks and frequently urination. I dont feel pregnant yet, cant wait either for the u/s to see my little raspberry..cant also wait for my belly to show..so many people are gonna be surprised..hhiihi
  • I couldn't agree more. Completely nervous with bizarre food cravings. Just thought I would say since we're feeling similar emotions. I am 6 weeks today.



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  • Hi everyone...... im 20 and this is my first pregnancy......i just took a test (well really 3) yesterday and im pretty sure im around 6 weeks..im truly excited but just like alot of other females have said i dont have any symptoms besides light cramping and insomnia (not really sure if thats a pregnancy symptom)......im going to the docter on monday to know for sure how far along i am i cant wait to actually start looking preg... good luck and tons of happiness to all the mothers to be out there
  • Well, Monday is our first u/s. I will be seven weeks. We are having an early u/s since I have had 2 losses already. I am so nervous about having another mc. We have been trying for over a year for this little bean so he/she better stick! My symptoms dont seem to be very noticeable today. Yesterday I felt just plain crappy and today I feel great. Not sure if that is normal or not. Every little thing worries me that this pregnancy will fail. If anyone has any insight please share. I feel like I have read everything possible on the internet and nothing seems to help.
  • Hello! I'm 35 yrs old and 6 weeks pregnant. I'm nervous and excited. I had a first trimester mc about 2 years ago and this is the first pregnancy since then. Can't wait to see my OB in 1 week to make sure everything is ok. Symptoms i'm having are breast tenderness, mild cramping and nausea. Other than that, I'm hanging in there thinking positive thoughts :-)
  • Hello all!  This is my first pregnancy, at least what I hope to be!  Based on the pregnancy tracker, I'm around 6 weeks pregnant.  My only concern is that I really don't feel entirely different. My breast are not sore anymore and I haven't been entirely nauseous.  I know it's still early, but I always thought I'd be puking about now haha! I took two tests, two different brands. I hope they're right.. I have an appointment tomorrow morning :) Congrats to everyone.
  • I'm at week six today. Also not feeling a ton of symptoms, sore nipples and nausea only when I go too long without eating. Ive been exhausted, but I dont know if that is from the sudden hot summer weather or the pregnancy! One funny thing is that all my life I have a been a frequent pee-er. I have to get up three times during every movie at least, but for the past few weeks I have not been peeing as much. Maybe from all those days of practicing holding my pee so that I would have enough to take OPK tests and HPTs! Good luck to everyone!

    BTW- so jealous of everyone who is getting in and getting a confirmation on US so early! My OB said that if I do not have any bleeding or other warning signs that there is no reason to come in before 10 weeks, boo.

  • IM PREGNANT! I just found out 4 days ago. My Husband is extremely ecstatic! We still can not believe that we are having a baby. That their is a human being growing inside me, RIGHT NOW! I'm feel so privileged and fortunate that words can not explain how happy we are. Unfortunately, we have not told anyone yet. We are getting married in like 20 DAYS. It is a destination wedding in Punta Cana and so we are planning to break the news then. WE CAN'T WAIT FOR OUR WEDDING! To see their reactions is going to be priceless! I will be 9 weeks along when we announce that were pregnant. 

    On another note, the nurse told me I was very lucky because I have not have ANY morning sickness, no nauseous feeling. The only symptoms I am having is tender bobbies, fell bloated 24/7, and extremely tired. I am still exercising. I went bike riding on an Easy Trail which wasn't too bad. I'm constantly googling, "Im pregnant, can I eat this and can i eat that." 

    Im also in the military and I still need to inform them of my situation. Thats going to be tuff!


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