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To Buy Epic Local Pass or not for next year?

So it is that time of year, when we buy our ski season passes for next year. I plan on TTC this summer, so should I buy my pass for next year or not?
How many of you guys skied while pregnant? I am a very advanced skier (I was a ski racer, ski instructor and ski racing coach). I am more likely to fall while walking than skiing. I cannot tell you how many times I have fallen while walking this winter alone.
Can I buy it now and cancel as we get closer if I decide I am just not feeling good enough to ski because of the pregnancy?
I just do not want to regret not buying the pass at its cheapest and then it takes me along time to get pregnant and then I could have skied.... grrr...

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Re: To Buy Epic Local Pass or not for next year?

  • Pregnancy can throw your whole balance off, so it's generally not recommended when you're pregnant. What are their cancellation/refund policies? Can you always resell to someone else? I tried my best not to NOT do things "just in case" I got pg, because I didn't want to put my life on hold not knowing how long it would take. Good luck!

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  • I would buy the insurance if you do get it so you can get a refund.  I am an experienced snowboarder and have taught for several years, but I took this past season off because of the pregnancy, just wasn't worth the risk to me or baby.  

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  • Definitely buy the insurance. I opted to pass this year bc we are TTC and if I get pregnant, my winter sport will be snowshoeing and if not I'm going to just cough up the money for my pass :)
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    Not worth the risk! Just because you are an experienced skier doesn't mean you can trust all the rest of the people on the mountain to ski-ride safely or smartly. I bought a copper/winter park pass for this year and luckily got insurance. Found out I was pregnant November 24th before I had gone up once & got all my money back
  • I work in Breck so having a season pass has been a way of life for the last 15 years.  While TTC, since I didn't know if/when I'd actually be pregnant and how far along I might be in ski season, I would by the pass and pay the extra $40 (I think that's what it is) for pass insurance.  This allows you to get a refund on your pass if you end up pregnant and the timing is such that you won't use your pass.  I can't decide this year as I'll be due in Feb. so could potentially ride in March and April, but not really sure if I'll feel up to it yet.  Decisions decisions.
  • FWIW the seasons when I was actively trying to conceive, if I did not yet know I was pregnant I kept snowboarding and snowskating as usual and my doctor did recommend any restrictions on physical activity.  This year is different because I will be 6 months when the resorts open.
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