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  • @ReadyForaB I'm a soda person and not even remotely a coffee person, but I haven't made any attempts to completely cut out caffeine. I'm more mindful of my intake, but I'm not giving anything up if it makes my life easier to get through while pregnant and is still safe!

    Funnily enough, like I said I've never been a coffee drinker, but I became a religious cup-every-morning coffee drinker while pregnant with DS2. Probably started early second tri (once i got past the worst of the vomiting) and then stopped immediately after he was born and never craved it again 😂 but I was sooo tired all the time and didn't want to drink more soda, and hate tea even more than coffee.
  • @ReadyForaB it's a hard pass for me to give up my coffee. I often have 2 cups per day and I did with my first too. I love my coffee and I'm not willing to not drink it, unless of course I was told I absolutely needed to. 
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  • @ReadyForaB I drink tea but not coffee. I gave all tea up completely in my first pregnancy. This time around, I'm looser with it-- I'm mostly sticking to decaf, but I've had a few days where I had a caffeinated tea.

    My OB is very chill about caffeine, she says following the recommended daily limits is fine. I'm just a cautious human lol.
  • @ReadyForaB I was drinking decaf when I was trying to get pregnant, and now have given it up completely. It helped that coffee didn’t even sound good my first tri and then I just continued it now in my second tri. I want it sometimes now, but still just resist it and it’s not so difficult. 
  • @ReadyForaB With each pregnancy I give up caffeine completely. I don’t judge anyone who continues to drink caffeine but it’s just something I’ve always done. I do miss coffee and Diet Coke so much! I told my husband to make plans after baby’s born to get me a latte lol 
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    Do we want to do labor buddies with this board? Since we're all around the halfway point (18-22 wks) now it was on my mind! My bmb with DS1 did, but I didn't stick with my board for DS2 long enough to know if they did as well and I'm not sure if they're commonplace?

    Basically the idea being that someone (me) puts together a spreadsheet of everyone who wants to participate, and then people are matched up in pairs to be "labor buddies". Ideally your buddy should have a due date in the opposite half of the month from you so you're less likely to be in labor at the same time, and then you can exchange phone numbers, email addresses, whatever you're comfortable with. And you can develop a closer relationship/have someone to report to the board when you're in labor/have delivered so you're not worried about updating the bump when baby arrives! And you can share with your buddy whatever you want them to post/any pictures if you choose. Then have time to rest before you're ready to come post your own birth story. I loved it with my first, but it's obviously to each their own!
  • @thescarletmom I've never heard of that but it sounds like a really cool idea! My problem would be that I like all of you here in our little group so I don't know who I would pick because I'd want to be a buddy with everyone 🙈 my last BMB we moved to Facebook I want to say early on in our third trimester and we all did separate posts when we started going into labor, when we had our babies and when we told our birth stories so in my head I guess what's what I was thinking this time but I don't know who all would want to go to Facebook or feels comfortable doing that in this group. I don't want to share photos on here of my baby though, so I do genuinely love the buddy idea 💚
  • @kalesix3 same, I love everyone 🩶 with my first bmb they just did a randomizer that paired people up by number in a spreadsheet, and then made sure all the due dates were spread out a bit, so you wouldn't have to choose! We moved to Facebook I think at the end of the month all the babies were born in that group. I don't use Facebook but would definitely try to use it to keep up with everyone when we move over! But labor buddies were something really special and I connected so much with mine in my last trimester. 
  • I don't use Facebook, but have considered making a fake one for this exact purpose. I really miss my mom group from this app with my first but I've been off fb for like 3-4 years so I'd feel weird trying to get back in to their group now but it sucks cuz we were all so close. 
  • @hitcj4687 man I feel you there, I probably wouldn't try to reconnect with mine either if I left, I love my last BMB, even when I'm not the most active they're so kind and welcoming. I think if we moved over we'd have a pretty close group too. 

    @thescarletmom oh a random draw is a much better idea, I was stressed just thinking about hurt feelings! 
    I'm happy to move over to FB sometime in April or May so that we can all announce on a private platform and away from the crazies on this board if they're still lurking if it's what everyone else wants too but it definitely seems like there are more non FB users here so I'm sure we can all come to a good decision and either way I'm up for being a buddy 🙂
  • I love the buddy idea. That is so sweet! I have Facebook, but I’m not super active. But I moved over with my previous groups so I’m really okay with either!
  • I also moved over to FB in the third tri with my previous BMB. So I would vote to do that again!

    Personally, I would opt out of a labor buddy, but I think it's a great idea for those who want it!
  • I like the Facebook idea also! But I would be fine with whatever is decided or gets most votes. 
  • I would love the facebook idea!
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  • I also don't use Facebook anymore but would just to check-in on a BMB group with everyone here
  • Anyone else feeling Braxton hicks yet? I notice them happening when I’m at my desk for extended periods of time. 
  • @francesgs almost, but not quite like it. Where they're not really consistent and it'll be like one contraction like feeling that lasts a few seconds and then im fine. But a lot of tightening and what I call lightening crotch as well. 
  • @francesgs I do, fortunately not very consistently, but I have had some. I’ve only noticed them when I’m sitting.
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  • @francesgs 🙋‍♀️me! I've been having them occasionally since late first tri.
  • I've never been able to feel Braxton Hicks, they'll show up on my nsts later on but even then I don't feel them, it's kind of weird. I feel prodromal labor contractions, though they're not  uncomfortable and are generally mild, my body is weird about uterine activity. I've never understood how I can feel early baby flutters but not Braxton Hicks 🤦🏻‍♀️😅 
  • Has anybody else had an experience where suddenly they feel like their bump got way smaller than it was before? Like I can take a picture and post it to the HDBD thread. But I feel like my bump is noticeably smaller than before. It's really freaking me out and I'm trying not to have a panic spiral about it. I first noticed it over the weekend, and it's been 3 or 4 days now and it still looks so much smaller than before, it doesn't matter if I'm dressed or naked. I'm terrified to Google it and don't want to call my midwife over something that's nothing and end up feeling silly.
  • @thescarletmom that hasn't happened to me but I just want to say don't feel silly, if you're worried please call, that's what midwives are there for 💛 
  • @kalesix3 🥺 I still feel her moving and kicking like she's supposed to (even though I would have rather she did not while I was vomiting all day the last two days) and there's nothing else to make me suspect there's anything wrong. So I'm just freaking myself out and then gaslighting myself over and over again in a loop. I'll shoot her a text soon and see what she says.
  • @thescarletmom the anxiety loop is no joke, I'm so sorry, is it possible that your placenta HAS moved up and so she's hanging out towards the back because she finally had more room down there and her position change is making your belly smaller? Because I've heard of that happening even though I didn't experience it personally. I hope all is well with sweet baby girl ❤️
  • @kalesix3 I replied over on the HDBD thread before I saw this but I am thinking that could be the case. Or at least I hope it is 🤞 she's been kicking in spots she didn't used to before, which could just be because she's bigger, or it could be that she's moved because my placenta isn't in her way anymore. I have no idea and the oscillating rapidly between "this is terrifying" and "this is a good sign" is so fun lol
  • I replied over there too but I'm feeling v v hopeful for you!! 
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