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  • Yeah, I’ve heard this is very common and normal and the placenta moves upward. If you’re at 35 weeks or so and it’s still there that’s when they start talking about doing a csection. It wouldn’t cause any problems until the actual birth. :)
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  • @annemarie96 Thank you so much mommas. I feel so much at ease with your replies. 
  • @francesgs aww hi baby boy!! How precious!!
  • babybumpin2022, this is really helpful! I’m also 14w2d and I had no idea the baby looked so…baby like! I’ll have my next ultrasound on Dec. 30 and looking forward to it! Yippee!
  • It is amazing how much changes in such a short period of time. Enjoy your ultrasound.. And hopefully you get some good pictures to take home! 
  • How are you guys getting anatomy scans so early?!? I wish my MFM did that lol. I hate waiting till 20 weeks 
  • @kalesix3 Mine was booked for Jan 17 (20w3d) but I got in yesterday last minute because of my maternal screening results (very slightly elevated risk for down syndrome of 0.4% when the 'low risk' cut-off is 0.3% -- U/S results dropped it back down to 0.2%)

    They called me at 7:30am to see if I could come in for 10am -- and I live 90min away! But I was so excited for the chance to see baby again I got my butt up and moving for it haha
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    I’ll have one at 16 weeks with my MFM because they want to keep an eye on my cervical length (history of incompetent cervix) and potentially do a cerclage.
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  • @potato3000 that's the same day mine is booked for too! I'm so glad you're went so well and the risk dropped back down to normal, what a relief! 

    @pttomato I hope you don't have any problems this time around with an incompetent cervix. 
  • @kalesix3 I had an early scan in leu of of a different genetic test (I don’t remember which one). I get my healthcare through the Veteran’s Administration (AF vet here). To get the genetic test I would have had to go to a different clinic and trying to get the VA to understand a simple transfer for one test is like pulling teeth, so my doctor said an early anatomy scan was just as well. So I chose that instead. 
  • Baby Santiago 19w5d
  • @ReadyForaB oh my gosh huuuge sigh of relief for you, I hoped everything went okay and your sweet baby was growing healthy and happy! Congratulations on a little boy! 
  • @kalesix3 looking at your scan, I am TOTALLY team girl for you. 
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  • @ReadyForaB I agree. I had switched over to girl for her yesterday before I even saw the ultrasound but now I'm even more team girl 
  • @ReadyForaB @hitcj4687 it's the angle of the forehead/nose isn't it? I think it just looks so feminine plus the turned up nose angle idk it's completely different than my son's profile. Gah. Plus the dang ultrasound photo that got deleted. My intuition is screaming it's a girl. Good thing I only have 19 weeks to be strong and not cave lol. I want to know but I want to be surprised so bad. 

  • Had our anatomy scan today and we have a healthy baby boy.  He was such a wiggle worm that this was the best profile we could get. Dr also wants me to start taking baby aspirin. He said it helps reduce the risk for preeclampsia especially for diabetics I guess. 
  • Sweet baby boy 
  • @sunny_native14 hiiii baby! The sweet tiny lips and nose!
  • Hello 20+4 baby girl bean!!!
  • everyone, I had my ultrasound yesterday. I was 21 weeks and 4 days. The head size was in the 7th percentile and my doctor said it should be in the 10th percentile so I have to have another ultrasound in a month. Is this normal? I’m so nervous. Everything else measured normal.
  • @ knottie48517df17e375722, you could ask your doctor what's normal. I don't know, but in my scan on Wednesday the head circumference was fine at 33%, but the feet measured at 7% and there were a number of percentages in between for various other measurements. My doctor seemed to think baby girl was fine. All to say, maybe ask your doctor if you're worried. 
  • @francesgs hi buddy 🥺 good job growin'!! Being told "it's nothing to worry about" has never stopped me either 
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