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Ultrasound Thread

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Re: Ultrasound Thread

  • @kalesix3
    WOW THATS AMAZING! Congrats! How far along are ya right now? Was this first one? 
  • @kalaibii omg no it's just a gif because I saw all the other BMBs had a gif to start their threads off. I'm sorry I should edit the introduction to mention it's not my ultrasound! 
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  • @kalesix3 my first measured a few days behind at my first scan around 6 weeks! He's a healthy six year old now ❤️ personally, I've always been told by providers a few days either way is nothing to worry about. Hi baby!!!
  • @thescarletmom thank you! ❤️‍🩹 The tech did say it was encouraging that it was less than a week difference, I've just heard too many bad stories 😩 hopefully it's all okay and I'm not behind next time.🤞🏻 By next scan I should be able to see a gummy bear baby if all goes okay😍 
  • I’m headed into my 5 week scan tomorrow! You are not alone
  • @kalesix3 I was almost a week behind what I KNEW I should be for my first. I knew the day we conceived. And I freaked out. But she’s a cool little 6 year old now and ended up being just about 10lbs when she came out haha. You got a heart beat and that is proof baby is alive and well in there!
  • @kalesix3 sometimes you just gotta take it day by day. I like to remind myself that I’m thankful for every day I’m pregnant and I will do what I can to control what I can.

    That came in handy with DS (my third child) who I was told was a missed miscarriage at my first ultrasound at 6 weeks. When I went back to confirm it a week later there was a perfectly on track little fetus in there. Sometimes they just can’t get the right view to see what they should, and the measures are a little subjective too
  • @ReadyForaB omg YES!! ❤️❤️❤️
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  • @ReadyForaB omg I've been thinking of you and hoped everything went well, so glad your scan was reassuring and I hope it's a healthy rest of the pregnancy!! 

    @maddmama oh how scary, transabdominal ultrasounds that early are so anxiety inducing but I'm glad everything they could see looked good! I hope time flies till the 31st!! 

    @babyaontheway06 aw what a great picture! It's so relieving finally seeing your baby for the first time 🥺

    Aw it really does look like a tiny salamander, how adorable! 

  • @kbrew2622 oh my goodness I'll be looking forward to seeing your update on if it is twins or not! I love that ultrasound boutiques offer peace of mind early scans, it's so helpful! 
  • @kbrew2622 ah I would be so scared if someone said "maybe it's twins!" Twins run in my family and I definitely have been nervous this time that it is! I think my husband would faint, he was only vaguely on board with baby 3 lol.
  • @thescarletmom twins run in my family on both sides, and I got excited maybe it was my turn, especially since my mom had twins for her 3rd and 4th and this is my 3rd but nope I didn't get lucky lol. I hope for your husband's sake it's not twins though!! I'm still going to hold out hope I have another one in there that's just hiding even though there's next to no chance after two ultrasounds 😂
  • @kalesix3 purely because it would ruin my birth plans (no homebirth or even birthing center since twins are strictly high risk) I'm staunchly anti-twin for us haha. My younger siblings are twins (my moms 6th and 7th) and they're only 14 months younger than me! I don't know how she survived lol. I think twins are precious and probably a fun family dynamic but just too nervewracking pregnancy wise for me! My husband's good friend announced to us two weeks ago that they found out they're having twins and I told my husband he can't be friends with him anyone if we end up with twins too because of his bad vibes lol. 
  • @thescarletmom oof I sometimes forget the laws in other states, I'm sorry! Yes I definitely will cross my fingers it's not twins so you're not out the birth you want to experience! I know cnms can and do attend twin births where I live but I'm not sure if freestanding birth centers can, and I know twin homebirths aren't legal yet. But the state we are house hunting in to move in the next few months has much better twin birth laws. It sucks when they make all twin pregnancies high risk by default because they don't have to be. Especially when they're in the right presentation. 
    Just steer clear of all the bad vibes haha!! 
  • @thescarletmom I would be delighted with twins, so would my hubby!  But yes... Birth plan/hopes/dreams would be squashed for me also. Twins run in both of our families but haven't happened recently so maybe it's our turn ;)

    @kalesix3 I will definitely keep y'all updated! I'm already driving myself mad with Google searches...
  • @kbrew2622 I will cross my fingers for you then! And @kalesix3 haha just in case. We haven't had an ultrasound yet so I keep getting nervous because HG is way more common in multiples than singleton pregnancies. Anytime I'm reading about it, the article is like "could be twins!!" Theoretically there's a possibility, but I'll save my twin thoughts for you mama's who want a good 2-for-1! 
  • @thescarletmom I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's just baby girl hormones to blame for yours! 
  • @thescarletmom I'm also terrified of having twins! I had a rough postpartum/newborn period with just one baby and couldn't imagine doing it with two. It's a big fear of mine. I'm also afraid of all the pregnancy high risk things that come up with two and how that would ruin my birth plan. My first ultrasound isn't until mid November, so I'm hoping for one healthy normal sized embryo in there! 
  • @babyrummom right! I have pretty bad PPA/PPD after both of my kids and I feel like 2 has to make it worse right?? And for better or worse, I'm not a super go-with-the-flow kind of person. DH has a friend who just found out they're having twins and after a brief period of shock were in a "new adventure" mindset. Which is incredible and I applaud them! But my husband and I just aren't so flexible haha. Wishing everybody the exact number of babies in their womb as they want 🤞 haha
  • My little blob has a heartbeat thank goodness his the size is worrying me 
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