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  • Thank you. Sorry to hear that you you all ended up with Covid in the end. Definitely not a great way to be spending the holidays. At least you can all be together right :)
    On a serious note though I hope you are all feeling better and glad to hear that although un-pleasant your symptoms seem to be mild this time around.

    So far I’m still feeling okay, although last night and this morning my sinuses were bugging me quite a bit. Hearing that it felt like a bad sinus infection for you has me wondering. I do have my test today, here’s hoping we dodged it somehow. Either way I’m isolated until at least the 27th. I don’t think I’ll get the results much before then anyway. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! 
  • @Chrsell I hope you dodge the Covid bullet. I'm feeling better just last bits of stuffy nose and easily worn out but not sure if pregnancy fatigue or Covid, so yay!  Merry Christmas to you too!
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  • I’m feeling much better! The first day was rough with aches and fever but after that I’ve mostly just felt tired and a bit coughy. But overall doing wel!
  • Really torn about a trip to Disney World I am
    supposed to take with two girlfriends. They had a trip planned and surprised me with a flight and will be staying in their hotel room (so I only paid for park tickets). I can only go from Fri night- Sunday night because I’m in the middle of a big launch at work. It’s not a big deal trip … just a quick getaway (we did our big Disney trip in May already with my husband and kids) but I feel bad if I back out. I just feel like if I go, I’m going to get covid.
    I’m triple vaxxed and I’ve had it way back when in March 2020 (and it wasn’t so bad) but I’m more concerned that I’ll pass it to the baby and also my 2.5 year old who will
    then have to quarantine at home while I’m in the middle of so much going on at work. 

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  • @winterviolethope that sounds like a tough dilemma. You can always self quarantine when you get home for a few days just in case and then you can focus on work while not worrying about the possibility of passing anything to the family. Not ideal, but could make it work possibly!
  • @rbflei & @kiwi2628 glad to hear you guys are feeling a lot better! ❤️
  • @Blondesweety444 you mean from the kids? It would be impossible- the 2.5 year old is glued to me at all times and I think I’d do more damage isolating from him than I would making him sick to be honest. Plus, I have to go physically into work the following day :(
    At least the quarantine period was just dropped to 5 days 
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    Married: October 2011
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    DS: May 2019
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  • @winterviolethope That’s a tough decision that totally depends on your individual comfort level. Be sure to look into their current mask policy and precautions as it tends to change frequently. I was just there 2 months ago and they were requiring masks in all indoor areas (strictly enforced) but no masks required outside, even in outdoor lines. So indoor areas we felt very comfortable. Will it be this coming weekend on New Year's Eve/Day? If it makes a difference, I believe that’s actually their busiest days of the year— I went one year for the ball drop for New Year’s and we were sardined shoulder to shoulder. Just something to consider if you’re planning to be there for any holiday events or nighttime shows (and also to consider the parks might be much more crowded than usual). Good luck with your decision! It was a tough one for me too, but ultimately I’m glad we went when we did in October!
  • @minnie_yoga_mama omg I definitely would never go to Disney this week- busiest time of the year! This would be mid-Jan which isn’t supposed to be big for crowds thankfully. I’m so glad we went in May but May felt like a very different time and masks
    were required indoor and out. I’m going for such a short period of time so I think I can do outdoor dining for all our meals … I go to Disney every couple of years so I don’t feel like I’m missing out if we skip the restaurants and just keep it casual… especially since I’ll be without our kids. I don’t care about characters and stuff. I am leaning towards going and just keeping my indoor exposure limited.  
    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married: October 2011
    DS: January 2016
    DS: May 2019
    #3: April 2022
  • How is everyone feeling? I had my booster yesterday and I feel awful! 
  • I'm sick, two days of work exposures but no positive although I have to test again Saturday if I can find a place to do so or get a rapid test. DS6 had two days of exposures in his class but he's vaccinated so he gets to stay. He tested negative earlier this week but his window is technically Monday-Wed this week, so he'll do surveillance testing at school on Tuesday. DS3 is home sick today with symptoms and has to rapid test today and Sunday to find out if he's allowed to go back to daycare on Monday. I was supposed to have a relaxing day off because we had so many positive cases at school we closed today to finish contact tracing (8 cases including two teachers, with 13 staff out today if we'd been open and 6 classrooms out) but now home with DS3 instead. Sigh. Hopefully we all come away unscathed.

  • @SmashJam so sorry that's no relaxing weekend. Hope you all avoid any Covid.
  • @SmashJam Hope you and the family don't end up testing positive. Seems like things are going to be the same way here when school goes back in February and I'm really nervous (I'm a teacher too).
  • @SmashJam keeping track of all of the timelines and appointments sounds stressful on its own.  I hope you are all healthy and can stay that way
  • Sorry to hear @SmashJam. 🤞 you guys stay healthy. Our local high school sent an email to say they are basically giving up trying to contact trace since there are so many cases and they basically said everyone who went to school this week was probably exposed. So basically pull and pray and we all know how that ends!
  • Thanks for the well wishes all! The first test we took yesterday was negative so that's good! We will take another tomorrow, so hopefully it stays that way.

    @Ivorytower2 I just read an article this morning that said we should expect a change in school testing in VT that includes no contact tracing and parents being responsible for testing their kids. Only parents of direct contacts will be notified of a case and they will come pick up 5 rapid tests and test every day for 5 days. We will also no longer surveillance test. I get that there is almost no point in the surveillance testing with PCR if we can't get the tests back quickly and it's spreading so fast but like...giving up and having parents test their sick kids seems like not the best option. We found 8 cases at school with surveillance testing on Thursday that were ostensibly asymptomatic. It seems like we're taking the info that this strain seems less serious and assuming it will stay that way. Sigh.

  • My husband and I also got Covid right before Christmas, despite me being a hermit. I got through it with fairly mild symptoms, I was in bed for 5 days with a bad swollen throat and terrible cough. Husbands only initial symptom was clearing his throat, which turned into a light cough. I now get ultrasounds every 4 weeks for the remainder of the pregnancy to monitor the placenta. According to our midwives, covid can have a negative impact on how the placenta functions so they give any mama that gets it extra monitoring to be safe. We are in Canada so not sure if this is what everyone is experiencing. With that said, they havent had any babies born with issues due to Covid through my clinic. Hope everyone stays healthy!!
  • FYI- Walgreens just restocked rapid covid tests-got 3 packs this morning! For anyone needing/looking.
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  • @queenklau thank you, that is good to know!
  • @minnie_yoga_mama I totally understand. I have been there and only a few weeks ago, saying swear words alone in my car mid panic attack. But it all turned out ok. I wish you a quick recovery. Getting your headspace right is at least half of getting better when it comes to Covid. You got this. 
  • @minnie_yoga_mama how are you feeling?

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  • Well, we avoided it for two years but COVID hit our house 😩 We stayed with a friend last weekend who started showing symptoms the night after we left. Yesterday DH started feeling bad, and he tested positive. My rapid was negative but I’m having the same symptoms as him, so I think maybe I didn’t put it far enough up my nose. Blahhhh. 
  • @monstera13 Oh nooooooooo! I hope your symptoms stay mild and Covid f’s out of there as fast as it can!
  • @monstera13 oh no!! I hope your symptoms stay mild!!
  • That's really awesome @dinomeetsjedi. I'm glad that they were able to have a good conversation and that he understood the importance of protecting those around him! That's very sweet!

    You guys want to come talk to my dad's wife?  :| totally kidding, I wouldn't subject anyone to that kind of torture. She's a special breed... 
  • @dinomeetsjedi That’s really beautiful, he seems to really be taking his role as an uncle seriously!
  • @monstera13 Ughhhhh! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that symptoms are mild. 🤞 I’m sure the booster will help! Extra extra fluids, hot tea, and the neti pot have been my lifelines the past 2 weeks— hope you’re able to find some things to make life a little more tolerable right now!
  • @monstera13 hoping everyone stays pretty mild with symptoms! 

    @dinomeetsjedi that's so great he did that-and good for you guys for having the conversation. 

    DS6 had another exposure in his classroom and there have been 4 cases this week at his school. Sigh. Hoping we all stay unscathed but DS3 looks pretty tired this evening with some red cheeks and looks weird when he swallows, so hoping I'm just imagining things because I'm mildly worried and he's just tired from a long week!
  • @monstera13 So sorry you are sick. Hope it passes quickly and is mild. 
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