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  • @queenklau thank you for your response ! I appreciate it . I was genuinely curious and no one could answer me with an educated answer lol 
  • I have a legit question for everyone vaccinated that is worried about being around unvaccinated people. The CDC director just came out on CNN and said vaccinated individuals can still contract and spread covid. So my question is , why would you be worried about the unvaccinated when the vaccinated can still get it and spread it just like the unvaccinated? This is a genuine question that I’m just curious to hear . 
    I'm worried about the increased risk for mutation in unvaccinated individuals which could render my immunity entirely useless. There's also a pretty significant difference in terms of viral load and duration of viral load. 
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  • Ivorytower2Ivorytower2 member
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    Just here to say how much I truly despise Covid. We really struggled with whether or not to let DD7 have a bday party. She’s such a social butterfly and covid has been so incredibly hard on her. 

    We decided to limit it to inviting 10 friends and had it all outside. Two days later one of the parents called me and said one of their kids woke up with a sore throat and tested positive. Now I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear about the parent and friend who were actually at the party. Ugh you you try your best to be so safe and find the balance and this is just a great reminder that nothing is really safe. 😭
  • @Ivorytower2 arghhh. So sorry you’re going through this. I’m with you on just deeply despising Covid. So much. It sounds like you were really thoughtful about risk mitigation, and even if the friend who attended is positive, your decisions to keep it outdoors and limit attendees will have swayed the odds favorably. ❤️
  • @loveanddatadriven thanks for saying that! We were trying to be really careful.
  • @jesiannv thanks for letting us know. I hope your symptoms stay mild and give us all a warm and happy feeling about getting boosters over the next few months.
  • DS6's school is closed tomorrow for a positive covid test in the upper grades, discovered after a positive test Friday in the third and fourth grades and the contact tracing for that positive. DS6 has contacts in those upper grades through his aftercare, which is also DS3's preschool, so preschool/aftercare is also closed. H is staying home because I have exactly 4 weeks of vacay right now and I need all of it for minimal unpaid time off for maternity leave scooting into summer vacation. Here's hoping DS6 and DS3 weren't close contacts because I don't think my school has separate Covid leave-they changed the rules this year and I'm still unclear-and a quarantine would decimate my leave. 
  • I got my booster yesterday and have had pretty much the same reaction as I did after the 2nd shot.  Fever, aches, fatigue, sore arm, etc.  I've heard some people say the booster was nothing compared to the 2nd shot- guess I just got lucky. 😐
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  • @SmashJam ugh! Hopefully everyone stays healthy and you can keep your leave. 
  • @shlecks ugh this is what I’m afraid of. I was also one of the unlucky ones who got severe symptoms with my first two doses (like 102 fever, soaking through sweats and shakes). I’m nervous. Aren’t fevers bad for fetuses? Plus we can’t take Ibprofen. Oof. 
  • @Ivorytower2 acetaminophen works well as a fever reducer. The fever thing, though, was called into a question by a study out of Denmark in 2017, I believe, so it's probably not something to worry about too much.
  • @doxiemoxie212 that’s good to know about the fever study. Can you share a link if you have? Acetaminophen does absolutely nothing for me when I have a fever unfortunately. 
  • @Ivorytower2 I didn't end up taking anything for mine, the highest I noticed it was around 100.5.  I ended up just sleeping a ton and going to bed super early and felt about 95% better by morning.  100% better by end of day.  
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  • @hoosiermamajayden thanks! so funny neither my kids or I were a close contact for any outbreak (there ended up being one at my school, too) but I called out sick yesterday because sinus wonk kept me down for the count and I didn't think about the Covid repercussions of that-I'm out until my negative test comes back, hopefully early tomorrow. So I am actually losing 2, maybe three days of paid leave that would be maternity for one day of feeling awful. Usually I would have it before work tomorrow but because of our school outbreak we sent 140 tests to the lab, lol, so I dunno.
  • Got my third last weekend. Was tired earlier slept longer and my arm hurt for 2 days, otherwise fine. We get my daughter's on the 15th. Yay!
  • @monstera13 how did your booster symptoms go?

    I got my booster about a week and a half ago. I felt like the side effects like tiredness and achiness were just as bad as the other 2 doses for me, although my arm was less sore. I don't think I had a fever but I did have a backache which I didn't with the other doses.
  • I got my booster Thursday and was fine except I was tired, none of the fluey achiness I had with the second shot. But I had Moderna and it's only a half dose.
  • @dinomeetsjedi I actually feel completely fine. My arm is a little sore but otherwise, no symptoms. It’s a startling difference from my second shot, when I felt like I was dying for a day and a half. I got Pfizer btw. 
  • Is there any consensus about the best time to get your booster? I had my second shot about 6.5 months ago. I am currently 17w5d.
  • @meow719 I think every doctor probably has their own take on it.  Mine said to just get it when I can.  I know some say to wait until 3rd tri to do it. 
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  • @meow719 My OB said the research seems to show declining immunity between 6 to 8 months after your second shot. I was 10 months past, so I went ahead and got the booster rather than waiting til the third tri. 
  • @meow719 my doc said to get as soon as I was able to rather than waiting. I'm 7 months past my last shot.
  • @meow719 I just had this conversation with my midwife last week. She said get it any time as far as pregnancy, but that our province is saying at least 6 months after the second dose. 
  • Apparently it doesn't matter right now 😭 just tested positive via a rapid test. They did a PCR to confirm afterwards, but that will take a few days. 
  • Oh no @meow719! How are you feeling ?!
  • I thought this article was pretty interesting. It shows that antibodies are produced through breast milk up to three months after receiving the vaccine, so if you end up getting it late in pregnancy you could still pass immunity along through breastfeeding.

  • @amys614 I can't find in our bmb now. Can you share the info about the pre-3rd-tri data on pregnancy/covid vax? 
  • I just saw this - it’s just about vaccination in general, not boosters specifically, but says weeks 27-31 is best 

  • @doula-mama that’s interesting, but now since we are learning the vaccines only really work well for 6 months, I’m curious if waiting until the end of pregnancy would be more strategic. Hypothetically, if you got vaxed closer to 9 months your baby would have antibodies until they were about 5 months. Then you could also pump and freeze some milk to supplement at 5/6 months to extend immunity further.

    Just wondering about this since it’s unclear when the vax will be available for kids under 2.
  • @Ivorytower2 Your point makes sense, but we also have to weigh the risks of getting COVID while pregnant. That decision will be different with each person’s personal risk factors (e.g., I work in an inpatient setting, sometimes with COVID+ patients, so for me the risk of getting COVID while pregnant outweighs the length of of time I can pass on antibodies). If I didn’t have high risk of getting it and wasn’t so far past my original shots, I’d probably wait and get it in the third trimester when I could pass on antibodies longer through breastfeeding.
  • @Ivorytower2 I think actually getting it earlier in that hypothetical makes more sense, since we'll probably be getting boosters every 6mo from now on. So if I got my booster right now, I'd need another at the end of May, and I'd still be BFing so I'd be able to pass immunity through breastmilk to baby at that point. 
  • @fameonmain2 so far not too bad. I was trying make an appointment with our on campus center (I work for a university) and they require a covid test prior. I wouldn't have necessarily thought covid given my symptoms - sinus congestion, ear ache, and sore throat - but it seems like anything can be symptoms. 
  • It's so hard to say - it was interesting that the amount of antibodies the baby had after birth was so much higher when the mom was vaccinated in that window... But also the risk of getting sick while waiting for that window is scary! 
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    @monstera13 that is my point my OB really tries to drive home. That covid in pregnancy increases your risk for icu and intubation significantly and that a healthy mom is needed for a healthy baby. Covid infection also increases risk for <32 weeks gestation prematurity. 

    ACOG recommends booster when eligible and for anyone 6 weeks post partum, which would put our timing right there if they recommend further boosters. We just dont know yet if immunity waning will follow the same pattern with booster dose yet. Its all preliminary data, but in looking at the few studies of titers of neonates, not all vaccines are created equal in how and when immunity is transferred when comparing to covid vaccines. My OB was pointing out points in this one in how immune response to mrna vaccines may be delayed in pregnant women:

    I need to find the one I have saved at home that shows neonates actually had lower titers in women who received vaccine closer to delivery vs those vaccinated in 2nd tri. 

    @meow719 I hope your case remains mild and passes quickly!
  • @Ivorytower2 I agree with @monstera13 I think each person has to do their own risk/benefit analysis and go from there. I was 10 months past my 2nd shot when I got my booster 3 weeks ago. I too work in direct patient care with many unvaccinated people and have also seen covid in pregnancy and that is a scary thing to me. I would also look at infection rates in your area.  

    @meow719 Hope you're feeling okay and symptoms pass quickly

    just as anecdotal info: my side effects were mild, sore arm, tired for like 24hrs and at 48hrs post injection had a swollen lymph node, but it went down after a few days. 

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