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  • @momsterpayne I’m sorry you’re going through that with the SCH. FWIW usually they go away without causing issues. I hope at your next appt it’s disappeared!
  • @amys614 @doxiemoxie212 hi friends  <3 lurking from early May 22 bmb… I don’t technically go here but I might have to pop in once in a while
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  • @dinomeetsjedi Yes to wishing at 11:11! Also I am always knocking on wood. Haha! 
  • @willowhisper I actually got 2 yolks the same day I took my positive test!! They only saw one at the 8 week ultrasound but they also forgot to check the heartbeat/heart rate. I'll see at my 12 week ultrasound if they missed one and let you know lol
  • @doula-mama and @kiwi2628 I randomly decided to lurk today and was so excited to see names I recognized :smile:   Congrats!!!   
  • @KFrob I saw your name and thought that meant you were joining the bmb too! Disappointed that you aren’t, but happy to see you nonetheless :)
  • welcome @missa_lyssa! I also love Stardew Valley! :) I play on both the PC and Switch. Switch is nice because I can lay in bed and play when I'm not feeling so hot!
  • @missa_lyssa @Blondesweety444 J love Stardew Valley! I grew up playing all the iterations of Harvest Moon and I just find it so relaxing. I play the iPhone app version when I need to just zone out and chill.
  • @missa_lyssa @Blondesweety444 @aloha_mama I love Stardew Valley too! I haven't played in a long time but used to play it all the time. Such a fun and mostly relaxing game (except for the fishing parts).
  • Welcome @missa_lyssa! We share a lot of the same hobbies! And I'm in marketing so I do a lot of copy editing as well. And we might even share the same name...mine is Alyssa! 

    Also, @Blondesweety444 @aloha_mama @constantinabee I love Stardew Valley too! I got my friend into when she got pregnant and she said she played so much and it was great to have while breastfeeding! If you haven't already, check out the Stardew Valley guidebook by Kari Fry. It's not only helpful but beautifully illustrated (and IMO beats having multiple tabs of the wiki open)
  • @knitkiwi I’m going to check it out!

    I got stuck after finishing the community center and didn’t know what to do next. But my friend just showed me this whole other island and millions of things to do. So I need to pick it up again!!
  • @hugsy44 Welcome! I think the prevailing feeling for all of us has been disbelief that we’re all here 😂 We have a great balance of FTM and STM+ so the boards all have a good amount of advice from the more seasoned mamas. I feel like we’ve already covered a lot of topics on the threads but there’s always more to get to. Just jump right in whenever you’re ready! 
  • @hugsy44 I totally get what you mean about tempting fate to tell people about the baby. We are starting to tell people slowly and it does still feel risky every time but I am finally allowing myself to get excited about baby so I’m excited to be able to share that with friends and family as well.
  • @Blondesweety444, @aloha_mama, @constantinabee, @knitkiwi,
    Haha, I'm so excited that other people here like Stardew Valley! Hubs and I play together all the time. For some reason we've never had our characters get married though, lol.

    @knitkiwi, mine is Alyssa too! Always fun to meet someone with the same spelling since there are about a million different ones, haha.
    Me: 30 // Hubs: 31
    Married May 2019
    Baby #1 due April 19, 2022
  • Good morning! My name is Crystal. I'm 33 and am 14w6d with rainbow. 1st DD was in Dec and this new one is April 18th (1 year and a day after my loss).

    We started trying again once we got the OK from doc. I had 3 periods and felt a little more moody than normal PMS symptoms. Test positive right at 4w.
    I have a 15 yr old (acquaintances/co-workers are wondering why I took so long to have another... it just took me some time to find my person as I was 17 when I was pregnant with my son, Gavin and took precautionsbut the Lord decided I needed to calm/slow down apparently haha).
    I'm married to my best friend, have a handsome son and a sweet 3 yr old rott/German shepherd named Pebbles.
    Everyone here is so excited to welcome "Sprout" in April. We find out gender November 22nd so you'll see me use the nickname "Sprout" in posts.

    I have some lucky clothing (things just seem to go great on those days haha),I knock on wood, and pick my feet up over railroad tracks lol. Lucky clothing items had been around ever since I started dressing myself and the other two started as childhood fun but kind of stuck 

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    • @lemonlove86

      *waves* Hi! Also from the Chicago suburbs. Welcome
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