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Hello and welcome to the April 2022 BMB!

Introduce yourself:

Due date?

How did you find out?

Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)

How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)

GTKY Fun fact: Tell us about a superstition you have or used to have!

Edited to make the month accurate. *face palm*

Re: Introductions!

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  • @kiwi2628 so so happy you’re here! I’ve got my FX for all the ladies over at TTGP.
  • Welcome @winterviolethope! I feel you on the baby costs coming down the pipe. Haven’t worried far enough ahead for camps and college. :# And yours is the kind of superstition I mean! I don’t think anyone will think there are ghosts living in their house. Everyone here says FX, so even that is kind of a mild superstition, right?
  • @loveanddatadriven camp is just fresh on the mind because I just wrote out a 7k check for our 5 yo to go to day camp! LOL - not looking forward to sending three! Maybe their grandparents will help? (Fingers crossed haha )
    no but costs aside I’m very excited and I told my husband I will be MILKING every min of this pregnancy because it’s my last one! He needs to expect lots of foot rubs and ice cream runs 
    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married: October 2011
    DS: January 2016
    DS: May 2019
    #3: April 2022
  • *Lurking from January*

    Congrats @kiwi2628! So excited to see you here!  <3
  • @doxiemoxie212 yup! That was me on TTGP from 2016- early 2018. I recognized you too! Welcome!
  • Lurking around but wanted to congratulate @doxiemoxie212 - we were buddies once upon a time :) I will never, ever be pregnant again but I like to come around and read posts once in a while to see how folks are doing.
  • @wishiwaspreggo Thank you! :) Hope you're doing well!  

  • @Avrilmai yaaaaas! So happy to see you here!
  • Welcome @eh38! Your nervousness is rightfully warranted. But I’ll have my fingers crossed for you that this is the one! 🤞🏻 

    welcome @knotafanofmorningsickness! We are also big video gamers. My last pregnancy I got really bad motion sickness and couldn’t play much. Not sure if I’ll avoid that this time or not!
  • @bequietgera congrats and welcome!
    just came to say that pizza and movie nights are our family tradition too! We love it and it’s the one night our kids are allowed to eat on the couch :)
    Me: 36 DH: 36
    Married: October 2011
    DS: January 2016
    DS: May 2019
    #3: April 2022
  • welcome @dinomeetsjedi! Congratulations on your engagement and your pregnancy! We're glad you are here!
  • @dinomeetsjedi lol when I had my first at 30 I felt like a teen mom. Most parents here and other places we've lived don't have their first kid until late 30s (my parents had me, their first, at 40/42 even back in the 80s lol). You're definitely not too old  ;)
  • @doxiemoxie212 lol saaame. I had my first at 31 and I was SO YOUNG compared to everyone around where I live
  • @doxiemoxie212 , @kiwi2628 Well, I live in Utah so I guess maybe that's the difference. A lot of people start having kids at 19 and I get questioned all the time why I don't have kids yet (rude). But it's good to know I'm not as old as I feel.
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