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    @laurenmicheley ahh snap I knew I forgot something...thanks love!
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    @lurvleybunchococonuts Whaaaaaa?!? Congrats mama! 
    Me: 33 DH: 32
    Started Dating: 2003 Married: 2013
    Started TTC August 2016
    BFP: 2/1/17 MC: 2/8/17
    BFP: 3/8/17 MMC: 5/1/17
    BFP: 7/23/17 EDD: 4/5/18
    BFP: 2/27/20

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    mimser said:
    1st trimester ultrasound was this morning and it seems like everything looked good! I was able to Facetime my fiancé which was nice and the technician asked him several time if he had questions so that was nice. We saw a lot of cool stuff, baby was wiggling a lot, then went to sleep, then wiggled some more, we saw the brain hemispheres, the blood circulating, he swallowed. Nuchal fold was measuring good and there was a nasal bone. Heart was beating at 156 BPM! Oh and looks like it's a boy 💙 ! 75% chance that the technician is right so we'll confirm at the 2nd trimester ultrasound. Still measuring 3 days ahead but my doctor last month was keeping my due date in early November.

    I heard slower heart rate means boy. I'm curious if she is right. 
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    @krystrist2014 oh yay! I am glad they were able to send you one :)
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    @bundleofjoy4iluvu I heard that too but at 12w5d 159 BPM is quite average from what I read and it was 175 at 8w3d so I thought girl at the time! I also heard that left and front placenta means girl and that's what I have yet the technician says boy! It's fun to guess though! I like the slight doubt we have for a couple more weeks.
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    I just had my 1st u/s at almost 10 weeks. Some offices don't do a super early dating scan, plus covid, I'm sure.
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    @1MommyRunner aww congrats mama!
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    lalarose22lalarose22 member
    edited May 2020
    @potofgolden when did you find out about your synchronic bleed? I had my first ultrasound yesterday (12 weeks, 5 days) and my midwife said there’s a little spot of blood just around the edge of the placenta. She said if I’m not having any bleeding (which I’m not) then it’s probably an incidental finding and will disappear by my next scan at 20 weeks. Is this similar to your situation? I’m so nervous now 😔
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