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Help! Positive or evap line?

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Hello ladies!

just wanted your opinions and thoughts. Faint positive or evap line? 

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Re: Help! Positive or evap line?

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  • Sorry chat rooms aren’t a hobby of mine so I don’t read guid lines about cyber etiquette. Figured if it wasn’t allowed I couldn’t even post? Just looking for opinions not here to try and work my
    way up to the top so I can post to my online friends 😁
  • Loling over here! I’m glad you compare this board to a doctors office 🤪🤣
  • Normal humans support other humans regardless(unless it effects them). What hurt does it do to be nice to people online? It’s not very welcoming here so I’m not sure I’d want to be friends people who find is so hard to be nice. Ya know?  
  • None really. I have maybe chatted in about 5 my whole life. Maybe come on every couple yrs if I have a question. Or just want opinions
  • Loling again. So sorry I thought this was a pregnancy website. My apologies. I was unaware how online life is so real to some people. I see it now. Sorry for offending you with my pregnancy test. Explains the world we live in. People get offended by the most bizarre things these days. I have to get back to work. Thanks for the chat everyone! Xoxo
  • Everyone has a struggle. Such is life. Maybe I have problems getting pregnant and I’m excited? You don’t know my problem or story but it’s not your job to hide your praise. I’m not selfish enough to make it about me when someone else has joy that isn’t mine? I most certainly have my own struggles that most people don’t. But I don’t lay that on others. 
  • If my post was devious or had a cruel intention behind it. I’d totally understand. But it was innocent 
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  • I see. They are drama starters. Makes sense. 
  • @suckitbitch from you? I feel honored by your love ;) 
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