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Pregnancy Announcements

*copied from June BMB*

How and when do you plan on telling others you are pregnant?  
How did you tell your partner?
Who will you tell next?
Why are you waiting (or not waiting) to tell?
How and when are you telling those you work with?
Are you making a social media announcement?

We all have different ideas.  There is not right and wrong, there is only what is right for you and your partner.  Share your plans here.  Share the reactions (good and bad) that you get here. 

married 10.2016
ttc #1 11.2017
dx: unexplained
letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
iui #1 9.25.2019: bfn
iui #2 10.24.2019; bfp 11.4.2019

Re: Pregnancy Announcements

  • k_shauntek_shaunte
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    So far we've only told people close to us. But I don't plan on telling anyone at work. Even when I obviously start to show. If some asks me "is there something you need to tell me?" I'm going to say not at all! 😁😎 
    I work in construction (way more men than women) the men might question it but never ask lol. The other handful of women will hound me 🙃
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  • I’m so excited for all you FTMs!

    This is will be our second, so telling DH wasn’t as exciting this time around.

    i didn’t really plan on testing this month because I was already spotting , but I had a few cheapies and a FRER to use up. Later that night I showed him the FRER while he was watching YouTube videos 😂 I also told him not to get excited since I was spotting.

    we had started trying when DS turned 1 so I’m pretty anxious to start telling people! I hinted at one coworker as I handed him my drink tickets from an event, and I’ll plan on telling my manager the morning of my 8 week scan as long as everything looks good.

    as for family members and close friends, I think we’ll make a subtle announcement over the holidays, and put DS in a big brother shirt 😀
  • Only mh and my previous birth month group (subset got fairly close and check in regularly) know. Not sure about when to tell family; kind of want to max it past the hump so to speak. Work will have to see how it goes; if I’m not feeling well and or showing really early I’ll probably say something sooner. Although we work remote a lot now so maybe it won’t even matter! 
  • How and when do you plan on telling others you are pregnant? So I told two girlfriends (one local one from my old BMB basically the second the second line appeared, they’d been chart stalking my late period),  After I told DH I told about 4 more close irl girlfriends and my entire previous BMB. They’re the people I’d lean on for support no matter what.

    How did you tell your partner? I’d planned on waiting with DH because everyone in my house is sick and I wanted him to be excited and not like “omg we’re gonna have 4 flu-y kids one day.” But I have no self control so basically waited an hour and had to tell him. Nothing fun this time since baby is a bit of a (happy!) surprise, I just showed him my chart  and was like “this is when Ava said we were pregnant, this is when my period was supposed to come, this is where we are now. Do you understand what I’m saying?” And then I whipped out the positive test. He handled it GREAT, overwhelmed, but smiley.

    Who will you tell next? Next up will be family, I’m thinking around Christmas; I’ll probably get the early blood test so I imagine we’ll know sex by then too.

    Why are you waiting (or not waiting) to tell? I like to wait past the first heartbeat ultrasound to really start sharing news, but I am telling the people who’s love/support I’d want regardless. 

    How and when are you telling those you work with? I’m. SAHM soooo 😂 we’ll tell the boys probably when we tell our families; they can’t keep a secret 

    Are you making a social media announcement? I will around 20 weeks ish. I never made one for DS1, but enjoyed them for my other two.
    DS1: Nov. 2013
    DS2: Jan. 2016
    DS3: Dec. 2017
    Baby #4 on the way!
  • How and when do you plan on telling others you are pregnant?    I'm going to tell my mom Thanksgiving because I'll see her in person and it's her birthday. We'll tell H's parents shortly after and then probably his siblings on our family gift exchange later in December.

    How did you tell your partner?  Awkwardly! I had taken a test earlier and he knew my period was supposed to start that day and then as I was trying to bring it up in conversation he was like "oh by the way did you.." and I was like NOPE/YEP.

    Who will you tell next? My mom

    Why are you waiting (or not waiting) to tell? I'll be a little over 7 weeks when we tell my mom/in-laws so that feels like a good time, everyone else will get to know when it comes up probably.

    How and when are you telling those you work with? No idea, my job is contracted and part time and I don't work summers anyone so there's no real like OMG this is going to be awkward but I'm a private person so it may not come up until I'm quite rotund.

    Are you making a social media announcement? Unlikely. No offense to those that do but I'll probably refrain unless I take very late maternity photos and then will be like...surprise, had a large lunch!  :D 
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    I was spotting for five days before AF was supposed to start. So I had told DH I was starting my period (my periods usually start with spotting, although it was starting early). We were both disappointed but it was only month #4 of trying so whatever. Then my spotting got lighter over the five days instead of heavier so I was very suspicious when the day AF was supposed to hit but didn't. However, I was stuck home alone with no electricity and no way to get to a pharmacy because roads were closed due to flooding. DH called to say he couldn't get home and was sleeping on a friend's couch. The next morning when he got home I was like, "remember I told you I was starting my period?  Well...."  We drove to CVS together and I showed him the BFP right away!

    We haven't told anyone yet although I think my in-laws suspect since I didn't drink this past weekend when they visited.  I'm going to tell my mom in the next few weeks and then his parents at Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to telling his 100 year old grandmother. After Thanksgiving I will probably tell a few close friends.  I'll tell my department at work (6 ladies) in December but wait until January to tell the rest of the staff. I was thinking of making a big New Years Day announcement, I'll be 12.5 weeks at that point. 
  • My wife asked eventually on our recent FET and I was on the 2nd Beta by then.  Nothing special about how I told.
    I'm debating Christmas for my family.  I had a recent loss and so I'm more hesitant than I was.  We might tell our best friends and swear them to silence at Thanksgiving.  Will depend on 2nd ultrasound.  I'll do some sort of Christmas themed present for my Mom and let the rest figure it out. I lied at my brother's birthday celebration in another state about alcohol and said I was taking medication that mixed poorly.

    I'm not sure I'll tell at work unless it becomes obvious until February.  Feels like too many risk factors for loss and I don't want to have to explain.

  • modoodlesmodoodles
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    I found out- I was running errands and picked up 2 FRER at the dollar store to use next week, but had zero chill and tested in the afternoon yesterday, fully expecting that I wasting a pee stick. Blazing positive right away. And so was the second one when I tested with it 3 hours later. Then I ran to walmart and bought 2 CBE digital. I took one last night, and it was also positive. 

     Partner- DH drives a regional route, and I knew he would be near home sometime yesterday⁰. I talked to him and asked him to stop at home quick because I had a board meeting last night and wouldn't be home until he was in bed. He walked in to this: 
    (Sorry I dont know how to put it in a spoiler on mobile)

    My family will find out next, we are telling them in person and early, DH wants to tell them at Thanksgiving *TW- if we experience another loss, I want them to know about it. They are so supportive amd I needed that last time.TW OVER**

    We are waiting to tell everyone else until probably January. Maybe. We dont speak to his family hardly at all, unfortunately. 

    I'll probably share something on social media after we tell the rest of our family and friends. It's too exciting for me not to share. I just want to hold it to ourselves for a little while first. 

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  • How and when do you plan on telling others you are pregnant?  This is our second so we will most likely just call/facetime our families and send a cute pic of DS with a big brother t-shirt. We don't live close to immediate family.

    How did you tell your partner? I had been feeling pregnant for a few days and waited to test when I knew I would get at least a faint line. Tested on a Friday night with a cheapie strip, then again in the morning with FRER and immediately got a dark line. We are moving in the next few weeks, and I kept making comments about a second kid and how we need a place with at least 3BR. He didn't really pick up on it- he's not always great with subtlety 😂.  I showed him my positive tests later that evening. 

    Who will you tell next? some close friends and our church family.

    Why are you waiting (or not waiting) to tell? We want to wait obviously until the pregnancy is further along, but I know it will be harder to hide this time since I may show earlier. 

    How and when are you telling those you work with? I am SAHM so I dont have to worry about that this time around, but DH is starting a new job. So, I'm not quite sure how he will broach the subject with his new employer about needing time off in 8 months.

    Are you making a social media announcement? Most likely we will to let out of town friends and family know. I have already to my O18 BMB group know- there are a few of us now who are expecting.
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  • How and when do you plan on telling others you are pregnant?  I think we will tell family around Christmas and then be public after that.  I will probably get DS a Promoted to Big Brother t-shirt to announce at the holidays. 

    How did you tell your partner? My FET (frozen embryo transfer) was last week so it wasn't a surprise but I told him I was testing a couple of days ago and then showed him the positive.  He's a numbers guys so the real positive for him will be after the blood test. 

    Who will you tell next? Family.  
    Why are you waiting (or not waiting) to tell? When I was pregnant with DS everyone knew I was trying so people knew right away when I was pregnant.  I want to wait this time and keep it to just us for a little bit.  
    How and when are you telling those you work with? I work from home so this isn't a big deal.  I will tell the woman I work closely with right after Christmas.
    Are you making a social media announcement? Maybe.  It's not a priority for me. 
  • @crystalmir91385 What do you plan on doing for time off after delivery? Also, do you use a sub on appointment days? I *just* started doing in home daycare 2 weeks ago, so I'd love to hear your plans!
  • 2 of my kids are teacher kids, and another's parents work at the university, so they all will be taking part, or all of the summer off.
    For the other 2, I had preemptively asked my SIL, a teacher, if she'd be willing to help if we were able to get pregnant.
    I'm hoping I'll deliver a little early (due 16th) so I can use her for about a month before she goes back. Schools here start mid August, so hopefully I'll be ready by then.
    For appts, I'll be using hubby or my MIL as a sub. My MIL only works pt and has afternoons off.

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  • I just stood in front of my husband while he was taking his 30 min morning poo with the test staring at him. Lol. He finally looked up and I said, "Do you want to take a look? See if you see what I see?" Super special...I will probably end up letting work know early bc I need to have more breaks and an actual lunch. I dont get one now, even if I work almost 10 hours on my feet. It's too much. 

    I bought a shirt that says, "leveling up to big bro" for my 6 year old son ❤. I think here at around 8 weeks next month we will take him to play laser tag at the arcade and to dinner and give it to him. Sit down and have a long talk. Ugh, I'm gonna cry. Then a week later for christmas we will tell everyone else. I have some onesie care packages planned, almost all of our families are out of state!!! We will tell my grandparents and aunt on christmas though. 
  • How and when do you plan on telling others you are pregnant?
    Will be seeing my parents during thanksgiving so I'll probably tell them ahead of time as a warning, since I have a delicate relationship with food right now. Not super close to them so I don't have any special way planned to announce.

    How did you tell your partner?
    Texted SO at work right after I took a HPT, suspecting I was pregnant due to late period and sore boobs. In retrospect I wish I had waited so that I could put a literal bread bun in the oven and asked him to look in the oven. :D 

    Who will you tell next?
    Parents. Then I'll probably wait until 12 weeks before letting friends know (if I can keep it to myself for that long).

    Are you making a social media announcement?
    Considering it, but not sure.
  • kristinl492kristinl492
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    How and when do you plan on telling others you are pregnant?  
    My best friend, husband, and a couple close coworkers know. We will likely tell both sets of grandparents somewhere around the 7-8 week mark. The rest of the family and friends we will tel around Christmas. 

    How did you tell your partner?
    I used the letter board that we’ve used for all of our sons milestone monthly pictures. It already has his name on it, so I just added “big brother, July 2020.” And then I put it on the dining room table for him to see when he got home from work.

    Who will you tell next?
    I will tell a couple close friends and coworkers over the next couple weeks, as long as everything continues to go well!

    Why are you waiting (or not waiting) to tell?
    I’m in the camp of waiting to tell at the 12 week mark, except for those I’m closest to. 

    How and when are you telling those you work with?
    A few know, we’re a really close knit department. I won’t tell my managers and anyone outside my department until 12 weeks or so.

    Are you making a social media announcement?
  • How did you tell your partner?
    We were watching football and I just had a really strong feeling, so I went upstairs to find a test. I only had a digi, so I wasn’t excepting much, especially not using FMU. I brought the positive down and handed it to him and just said “so in other news.” Not very cute or romantic or anything. It doesn’t feel real, and for now we are more nervous than anything. Cautiously optimistic, but nervous. 

    Who will you tell next?
    We will tell our immediate families, maybe Thanksgiving weekend? We have a big brother shirt for DS from our loss, so might find a way to use that. Just not on actual dinner since extended families will be there and we want to wait awhile. 

    Why are you waiting (or not waiting) to tell?
    We want to tell our family, since we would tell them about a loss anyway. Waiting to tell everyone else until after 1st Tri. 

    How and when are you telling those you work with?
    I have no idea... maybe just wait until I’m showing. Or until we go out for happy hour and I don’t drink. 

    Are you making a social media announcement?
     eventually. Probably also post about our loss. 
    Me: 31 DH: 34 :heart: Married: April 2016
    TTC December 2016
    BFP 2/28/17 // CP 3/1/17
    MFI Diagnosis: Aug 2017
    BFP 11/1/17 // DS born 6/18
    TTC January 2019
    BFP 3/21/19 // D&C (MMC) 5/8/19
  • How and when do you plan on telling others you are pregnant?  Not sure how! Just like that I think, I'm actually nervous about it and I don't know why. I think we will tell most people when I'm 12 weeks along and we've seen the baby on the ultrasound. I don't plan on making an announcement, I think we'll just tell people as we see them or as it comes up. The timing should be perfect for Christmas holiday anyway. Ok I sound so boring haha, I might try to come up with something

    How did you tell your partner? At the end of the day at 15 DPO, I attached the HPT to our dog's collar. It was a good laugh for me to watch it happen. DH: What's on Oliver's neck? [...] Is it a pregnancy test? Me: I don't know, why don't you check it out? He had the best reaction, I was really happy! The poor guy thought we were out which I thought when I started spotting early on, so he really didn't see it coming! 😅

    Who will you tell next? We might tell my mom and my MIL and SIL this week-end after I have my 2nd GP appointment on Thursday and I get my bloodwork results. I'll be 8 weeks then. I feel like I need another proof than a FRER to believe this is happening. 

    We kind of had to hint my SIL this week-end as she was going to book the venue for her child's baptism. The date is set for July 12 and I am currently due July 3 and we are the godparents... she kept smiling but didn't ask any more questions lol

    Why are you waiting (or not waiting) to tell? Anxious as I had a chemical in August. 

    How and when are you telling those you work with? I think I will tell my boss just before the Christmas Holidays and the rest as it comes. I might have to do it earlier if they request I attend one of our partner events in March which is in a Zika zone.

    Are you making a social media announcement? As of now, I don't plan to. But if I do, our dog will be the one announcing the good news :smile:
  • mrsdrezmrsdrez
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    I'm loving those Christmas big sister shirt announcements!
    How and when do you plan on telling others you are pregnant? 
    I think we'll wait to Christmas to announce. I would prefer to wait until we're actually passed the first tri, (which so far will be Jan 12), but if everything is going well it would be a good time to announce to everyone together. Maybe I'll throw my daughter in one of those cute "big sister" shirts.
    One of my best friends will be getting married on Jan 11, a night of sobriety will be a dead giveaway anyway :D
    How did you tell your partner?
    I gave the HPT to my 12 month old daughter and said "show daddy what you have". He was so shocked, "is that us?", he had no idea. I thought about videotaping it, but I'm glad I just enjoyed it in the moment. 
    Who will you tell next?
    Probably just my best friend. And then wait to tell everyone else. 
    Why are you waiting (or not waiting) to tell?
    I've had a loss before, and I'd just prefer to wait until we're further along. 
    How and when are you telling those you work with?
    I'll probably tell someone in admin at my school (but not my boss) just in case there are any infectious diseases going around so I can get a heads up. I'll tell my team sometime in the new year.
    Are you making a social media announcement
    Probably not anything super formal. 
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