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  • @rachstar18 I love it! That is so adorable!

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  • @pocketrose I’m sorry you didn’t get the response you were hoping for. DH’s parents’ response was underwhelming. “Oh! Congratulations!... okay, see ya later.” 😂


  • How and when do you plan on telling others you are pregnant?  We don't really have a plan yet to be honest. This was a surprise so it's just hard to process. We want to tell our kids after the New Year because once we tell them everyone will know so it's easier to wait til we are out of the first trimester at least and then once the kids will be a domino of telling everyone else close to us I think. Because I'm older I'll probably know the gender before the first trimester even so I did think it might be cute to do one of those smoke bo.b releases to let the kids find out the sex of the baby. 

    How did you tell your partner? I was late and already stressing so I just told him after I got the positive on the pregnancy test.  It wasn't that exciting because we were panicked and stressed. 

    Who will you tell next? i have my first sonogram on Monday and I'm dying to get there. I can't solidify this baby in my head I feel until I see it. Once I see it I think I'll feel more comfortable telling a few close friends just so I have someone to talk to and don't have to constantly worry about not letting anything slip. I think for the bulk of people in our lives we are still going to wait til after the first trimester and even longer to day anything on Facebook but for close friends I want to say something sooner just so I can talk about it more openly 

    Why are you waiting (or not waiting) to tell? We are waiting to tell family because this is a surprise 4th and I think they are all going to be shocked. I feel my mom especially is going to be mad but what else is new with her in some sense. My youngest is going to be almost 5 when this one comes too so the gap is larger emphasizing even more how unplanned this was.

    How and when are you telling those you work with? im a stay at home mom so no work to tell.

    Are you making a social media announcement? ill eventually make one yes but not planning on it til at least like 20 weeks or more.
  • How and when do you plan on telling others you are pregnant?  

    Eh I don’t quite know how best to proceed with my family announcement. I am the younger sibling and have not been married as long but already have one LO (a family was really important to DH and I, we started TTC right after we got married in 2017). We struggled with infertility/mcs both times. I also had an incredibly difficult pregnancy and delivery with my first and were told to not attempt to get pregnant for at least a year. We are planning to tell my family at Christmas when my parents come visit. My sister and I have a tense relationship. She and her husband are TTC, however seems to me more like NTNP. I want to be sensitive to her feelings (although she isn’t super sensitive to mine, but that’s a story for another day) but we are also really excited to share about this little one because it’s a miracle he/she will be joining our family. I think we are going to tell my parents with DD in a big sister shirt with just us and then later that day just tell my sister and not make a big deal of it. 

    How did you tell your partner?

    I showed him the test and said “oh boy!”  He knew I was getting close to be able to test, but didn’t get a BFP the first time around until much later so he wasn’t thinking it would happen so early. We were cautiously optimistic until about a weeks worth of testing all with BFPs!

    Who will you tell next?

    We have told our very best friends already. We have a group of friends we are very close with that we will tell next. And then family when they get into town if I can wait that long!

    Why are you waiting (or not waiting) to tell?

    I want to tell my family in person this time around, but that is still three weeks away!

    How and when are you telling those you work with?

    Two of my closest coworkers know. They know we were TTC and all three of us start within a week, so when I didn’t (I’m usually first) it was a dead giveaway! I will tell the rest of my coworkers after the holidays because I won’t work in isolation rooms at that point, so my other coworkers and I will have to switch our schedules around a bit if need be. 

    Are you making a social media announcement?

    We probably will. I’m thinking a cute picture with DD standing under the tree in a big sister shirt with a box that has a tag that says open summer 2020. 

  • My husband and I found out together, and my mom guessed when I let something slip about being in a doctor’s office. We each told one friend, but we’ve been keeping it a secret otherwise. We planned to wait until after our first appointment to tell his family, but we ended up telling them on Thanksgiving! We were playing Telestrations (telephone Pictionary), and sitting in such a way that my booklet started with me and ended with him. I used “baby” as my word, and when he got to the end he wrote “baby coming July 2020.” His family was sooooo excited, and we got the whole thing on video!

    We haven’t told our kids yet, but we’ll wait until we have heartbeat confirmation for that. And we’ll do a social media announcement around Christmastime.
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