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Spotting and Bleeding Support Thread (TW)


Re: Spotting and Bleeding Support Thread (TW)

  • @asf619 glad everything looked good!  I had a subchorionic hemorrhage with my last pregnancy.  They are typically harmless if they are small but could cause some bleeding. If you have any questions about it let me know!!
  • JessDG said:

    @asf619 glad everything looked good!  I had a subchorionic hemorrhage with my last pregnancy.  They are typically harmless if they are small but could cause some bleeding. If you have any questions about it let me know!!
    Thank you! Going to try this thing where I only worry if doc tells me to so I don’t go crazy!
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  • Hi everyone. This is my first time posting. I had a miscarriage in October but then got pregnant again immediately. I haven’t been in for an ultrasound yet so i’m not sure exactly how far along I am. Somewhere around 6-7 weeks I think. I went in to get my hcg levels checked two weeks ago and they doubled after 48hrs so I was feeling good about things. Then I started having some brown/light pink spotting on and off since Saturday. I told myself it’s normal but I can’t help but worry due to my so recent miscarriage. I went in today to get my levels checked again and it was higher than the last one from two weeks ago but just barely over double. So now bc of the thanksgiving holiday I have to wait to go in until Friday to get my second check. I wasn’t spotting much all day but then just had some darker pink when I wiped. Just hoping I can stay positive and have good news on Friday. 
  • @wwhh4718 I hope you get great news on Friday, keep us posted. ❤ I understand the fear when you had such a recent loss as well. 
  • Hi everyone. I posted in the symptoms thread yesterday about my lowish first hcg count and the fact I was having no symptoms. Today I was about to leave to get the repeat hcg test done and saw I was bleeding. It's not heavy but it sure looks like the beginning of my period usually does. My Dr. took blood but I wont get the results until Friday at the earliest because of the holiday. I feel like I'll know if it's a loss before then because my period usually picks up on day two. I don't know how anyone gets through this. 
  • @emilyo89 I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. FX it's just some normal bleeding and everything is okay

  • @emilyo89 thinking of you. I will hope for you that the bleeding tapers off and you get good results on Friday. It's not ever easy. ❤
  • @emilyo89 I know when you are bleeding it’s hard to be calm but sometimes bleeding is normal. I had pretty significant bleeding over the weekend and it was just low progesterone and baby is ok. I kept trying to remind myself that right now I am pregnant and panicking will only cause me to lose joy. There are many reason that you could bleed and everything be ok ( exercise, sex, the world wants to play a cruel joke) fingers crossed for you
  • @emilyo89 I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. I hope you get some great news on Friday and that the bleeding ends up being normal (super scary) and nothing to worry about. Take care of yourself and I’ll be crossing my fingers for you on those results. 
  • Thanks everyone  <3 I'm crossing my finger too and trying (mostly failing so far) to stay calm. 
  • @emilyo89 echoing everyone else that I hope the bleeding stops and your results come back looking great. Thinking of you.
  • I started spotting yesterday morning after having sex with my husband and it's continued to get worse and is now fairly heavy, bright red bleeding with some clots. I'm fairly certain I'm having a miscarriage and when I called the doctor, he told me that I needed to stay home and keep my feet up, don't do anything to bring my blood pressure up. I'm so frustrated because he didn't want to see me, didn't tell me to call if _____ happens, didn't give me any direction at all so I'm not sure what to do next? How am I supposed to know if I am miscarrying? 
  • @hotmessmama53 I'm so sorry to hear that you've started bleeding and passing clots. When do you have your next appointment scheduled? When I had my mc in September I woke up cramping and bleeding heavily, like a period. I called my doctor and they wanted to see me and ran betas to monitor whether they were rising appropriately or falling. I was told to go to the ER if I was soaking more than one pad every hour. How many weeks are you? I'm surprised they don't want to at least check your hcg levels and monitor that. 
  • What @modoodles said.... my on call RN said to go in if you’re soaking a pad an hour for 2 hrs, passing fist sized clots or gray tissue, and/or have intense cramping.

    hopefully you just ruptured a small hematoma and the bleeding will subside soon. 

  • @hotmessmama53 I'm sorry you're going through that- I hope it stops asap. 

    I had bleeding this morning as well and cramping.The  stopped but the cramping hasn't and it suuuucks. It's dull and hasn't been getting worse but hasn't been getting better. It's really hard to be in limbo. I had subchroinic hemotomas with lots of bleeding with kid #3 so I'm trying really hard not to borrow trouble but it's hard. Thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated! 

  • Thank you all. I'm 7 weeks 2 days, I'm not bleeding heavy enough to soak a pad. I was cramping last night, felt like period cramps but the cramping has subsided. I don't have my first appointment until December 18th so I plan on calling and making an appointment Monday
  • Hey all! I’m currently 5w5d. Yesterday morning I had a small “gush” of bright red bleeding that maybe would’ve covered half a pantyliner. Then just brown/pink-red spotting when I wiped after that. Cramping on and off during the day but I think for the last week and a half I’ve had more days of cramping than not. This morning I had another small amount of red blood, less than yesterday, but then brown to fill 1/4 of a pantyliner or so. Now maybe a scant streak of spotting when wiping. Still cramping. But I don’t know if any worse than previously. I have a message out to my docs RN, but due to yesterday  being a holiday they aren’t open today either. I have my first appointment with the OB on Wednesday. That was already scheduled. But trying to wait to see if they want me in Monday or Tuesday instead.

     I also think I’m dealing with another round of yeast or BV(I’ve have two episodes in the last two months) so I’m wondering if that could also be contributing because the bleeding is not like “blood red” but still bright ? If that makes sense. I’m rambling. Because I’m nervous, trying to relax 😂 I’m trying to be optimistic. But also stay realistic a bit as well to keep me grounded. 
  • @nursejenn5 so sorry you’re dealing with this. The turning brown and not much volume of blood is a good sign. I bet it’s all normal but I know hearing it from someone who actually knows will help most. Let us know what they say 

  • @emilyo89 I am so very sorry for your loss. I remember that feeling with my loss. I didn't see the point in going to the doctor because I knew there was realistically nothing else going on. Sending you so much love. 
  • @emilyo89. I'm so sorry.  Sending lots of love.  
  • @emilyo89 I’m so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you. 
  • @emilyo89 I’m so sorry for your loss. 
  • @emilyo89 I’m so sorry 😢 hugs

  • @emilyo89 I'm so sorry. Thinking of you

  • @emilyo89 I’m so sorry. I hope you have a good support system and get your rainbow baby. 
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  • Woke up to a bunch of brown spotting again. I was hanging on by a thread and was laying around all day yesterday bc of all the nausea so I know it’s not bc I was too active. Ugggh... if this shit could stop so I can be a bit less stressed during the first tri, thaaaat’d be great.

  • I’m spotting again this morning. It’s just when I wipe and brown but ugh! I’m 5 weeks 4 days and **TW**this was around the time I had my loss last year so I’m freaking out 😢**TW over** I had some brown spotting most of the 3rd week and it stopped for almost 2 weeks now. Ugh! I’m going to call in about an hour when the office opens. My ultrasound is scheduled for next Friday but I’m hoping it’s not too early for them to at least take a look. 

  • @blaf322 how are you doing today?
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  • @hbird0723 I'm so sorry! FX it's just normal first tri spotting. Keep us posted on what they say.

    @b_1029&nbsp; I'm good... still lots of brown spotting (well, just when I wipe... but it's kind of a lot) but I guess brown is good? I'm emailing my RE this morning about it since it's still happening.

  • @blaf322 same to you! Sounds like the same thing that’s happening here. Only when I wipe but it was a lot earlier. It’s gone down a bit but still there. Waiting another 5 minutes before I can call... ugh the waiting! 

  • @emilyo89 I'm so sorry for your loss.

    @blaf322 @hbird0723 ugh, sorry you're both spotting! That's so stressful. I hope you both hear from your doctors soon.
  • @hbird0723 I'm so glad you're feeling better about it and were able to see a little heart beat <3

    I heard back from my RE. They're not concerned because I'm asymptomatic, otherwise.

  • @hbird0723 I'm glad everything looked good on your US!

    @blaf322 I'm glad your doctor isn't concerned, but I'm sure it's still unnerving. When is your next US?
  • @stlbuckeye132 12/9... I mean, I guess there's nothing they could do between now and then if things aren't going well, ya know? I mean, that doesn't help me not worry. But I guess it just kind of is what it is. (whomp whomp)

  • @blaf322 yeah. I was hoping for this week though so your anxiety could ease a bit after another good US. I hope this week goes quickly for you!
  • @blaf322 I’m sorry they aren’t giving you more to ease your mind! I’m glad they’re not concerned but I get it! I hope the week goes quick as well! 

  • Thanks y'all! I hope it goes by quickly too!

  • Update on my bleeding. They had me come in today for an ultrasound. She says I’m probably not as far along as my last period suggest. But they were able to see a Gestational sac, fetal pole, and she said maybe even the slightest flicker of a heart. 
    Thinks my bleeding last week may have been implantation (which I find strange since I had a positive urine test almost two weeks ago) but overall I find this all good news for where I’m at. Follow up ultrasound in 2 weeks to hopefully get a better look! 

    (Also most of my continued spotting she thinks is from an infection so happy to get that cleared up! Super sad to take the worst antibiotics again but I want things healthy!) 
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