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Spotting and Bleeding Support Thread (TW)


Re: Spotting and Bleeding Support Thread (TW)

  • @nursejenn5 so glad everything is looking good and they were able to ease your mind!

  • @blaf322 @hbird0723 I'm in the brown spotting boat with you. They didn't want to do an ultrasound since it's so early, just tested hcg and will repeat on Wednesday.
    They don't seem all that concerned and I'm trying not to borrow trouble since this literally happened with #3 except way way way more bleeding and it was fine but man of man it's hard waiting!

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  • @maythe4thbewithyou1234 I’m sorry you’re in this boat too! Even though brown is supposed to be more reassuring, it’s tough to see anything! Not to be TMI but ours told us if you’ve had sex in the last day or 2 that could cause it since things are just sensitive or even picking up other kids. It made me feel a bit better. Keep us posted! 

  • I’m really struggling. I’ve never had bleeding with any previous pregnancies, but I started spotting yesterday and now it’s flowing like I’m on my period. I’m not cramping or passing tissue, which I guess should be reassuring, but I’m freaking terrified right now.
  • @jadencoal I'm so sorry, have you called to get it checked out/look for the cause of the bleeding yet?
  • @modoodles I’m supposed to be seen today. I had my hcg levels checked yesterday, but with the increase of blood flow, they want me to go in for a rhogam shot just in case. They’re gonna try to get me in for an ultrasound too, but I’m waiting to hear back on that for sure.
  • @jadencoal
    I'm sorry you're having to deal with bleeding.  I hope you are able to get in for an ultrasound today.  I had bleeding like you described three times (7w, 9w, and 15w) with my first (He is 2 and totally healthy), and it turned out to be a subchorionic hemorrhage.  I was also given a Rhogam shot as a precaution since my Blood type is negative.  Will be thinking about you!  Let us know how your visit goes.
  • @JessDG I’m really hoping that’s what it is, but I’m not super confident. It’s looking like I probably won’t get an ultrasound until tomorrow at the earliest, because they won’t do one unless my hcg is high enough, and my lab results aren’t back yet. I’m so frustrated and worried, and so tempted to just go to the er, but they said not to unless my bleeding gets heavier. 😭
  • @jadencoal I’m so sorry! That would definitely be frustrating! Thinking about you! Keep us posted. 

  • @jadencoal hoping everything is okay when you go in today. Keep us posted!

  • I passed the baby in the doctor’s office, so I’m out. This whole experience has been so surreal from start to finish. I’m crushed, but looking forward to trying again for a rainbow.
  • @jadencoal I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your rainbow comes soon. 
  • Oh @jadencoal I am so very sorry for your loss. I hope your rainbow will be on the way very soon. ❤
  • I’m so sorry @jadencoal. Hope your rainbow comes soon 🌈❤️
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  • @jadencoal I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your rainbow is just around the corner. 🌈 
  • @jadencoal I am so sorry.   Praying for a rainbow very soon.  <3
  • @jadencoal so sorry to hear of your loss. Wishing you peace and a rainbow 🌈 
  • @jadencoal I’m so sorry for your loss! Praying for a rainbow baby soon! 

  • @jadencoal so sorry for your loss

  • @jadencoal Very sorry sweetie.
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    @jadencoal sorry for your loss.
    TW loss mentioned 

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  • @jadencoal I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope you get your rainbow baby soon.
  • Hey all, unfortunately I'm out too- my hcg and progesterone came back low on Monday, and dropped again when rechecked yesterday. Bleeding is picking up, so looks like the inevitable is happening. I wish you all the best in the coming months! 

  • @maythe4thbewithyou1234 ugh I am so sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself ❤️
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  • @maythe4thbewithyou1234 I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. I'll be thinking of you.
  • I’m so sorry @maythe4thbewithyou1234. Take care of yourself. ❤️
  • @jadencoal @maythe4thbewithyou1234 I'm so sorry for both your losses <3 
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  • I had a brown mucousy discharge off and on for about two weeks, always light and no pain. During my first appointment the midwife said that this is normal and not to be concerned, but it kept happening and it was freaking me out. So I called this week and they got me in for another scan today just for peace of mind. The baby looked great, measuring 8W/6D. And the heartbeat was 178. So I felt really relieved. But this afternoon the midwife called and said that there were two things going on. First, the bleeding was caused by a subchronic (sp?) hemorrhage. She said that was not to be concerned about, and the blood would absorb into my body in a week or two. However, she also said that the gestational sac was about a week behind baby’s growth. And that this could be a sign of miscarriage, or at least it puts me at a higher risk of miscarriage. This was heartbreaking news and of course I’m really terrified. Has anybody else had this happen and gotten a positive outcome? Just trying to figure out where I stand and stay hopeful.
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    So sorry to hear about your losses, it is heartbreaking and I hope you can find a path that helps.
     ^I haven't heard of the sac-embryo mismatch before, I hope it's nothing to worry. 
    I also started spotting brown a couple of days ago, and cramping. I went in for a US at 6w1d and no cause was seen, but also I was not given yet a heart rate. My RE was reserved for some reason and said anything can happen. Now home and I continue to spot, cramp and even saw a bit of red in the bowl :'(
  • Well I’m on the continual spotting trend as well. Usually in the morning a decent amount of dark red/brown. Then tiny tiny amounts throughout the day. But nothing bright red or increasing, or cramping. So for now I’m taking that as okay. Wishing for the day I can stop wearing pantyliners! 
  • sarahrosessarahroses
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    well, today the dark brown discharge increased, it's constant and even lumpy and my nausea disappear. I fear this is it and am terrified. It was my last chance. I can't believe I got this far, seeing the baby and now....
    My mom has never been emotionally attuned person, but it's rough not getting any compassion from her (she told me what did you expect, at almost 40?). My husband is still in denial and blames me for "not thinking positive" but I know this would hit him hard if it happens, last time he cried and it was only a chemical...
  • @sarahroses it's hard no matter what stage you're at, I'm sorry you aren't getting the support you need right now. I hope you find out what's going on soon. 
  • @sarahroses I’m sorry you’re going through this. I hope you get some reassurance soon and that your support circle gets more sensitive to your feelings. 
  • Thank you, ladies. It's so isolating to be in limbo and expect the worst. Last night *TW* I filled half a toilet bowl with dark blood and really freaked out. I guess I have to wait till Monday for another scan but I really dread it, it can't possibly be good after this constant amount of dark discharge.
  • @sarahroses well do remember when blood hits the water it looks like significantly more than is actually there but if you are really bleeding that much you may need to call your on call and see what they recommend. That sounds like significant blood loss. I pray that everything turns out alright for you. 
  • Well I guess I “go here” now. Just had red spotting when I wiped after going to the restroom. I hate this. 7 weeks tomorrow. I have an appointment Friday and have had nausea all weekend, but that’s not calming me right now. PGAL brain is so hard. 
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