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The Ultrasound Thread

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Re: The Ultrasound Thread

  • @coffeeandcookies84 “lovetits” 😂😂😂😂
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  • @rachelredhead yay for a good US! 

  • @rachelredhead if you think you're close to 5 weeks, we're pretty close in timing, and I've been crampy yesterday and today too! I'm trying to just ignore it and stay off google. I'm glad everything looked as it should with your US! :heart:
  • @stlbuckeye132 my nurse called and said it was likely a combo of gas/uterine stretching. They did see a fibroid but it was not anywhere that would cause trouble but could potentially cause some pain (though they were doubtful on that). So many twinges and pokes to get used to! I’m thankful I was able to get in, just to calm my nerves. Sounds like week 5 can have all sorts of crampyness but I hope yours resolves soon! I like to think it’s just the little bean building his/her house, swinging hammers, moving furniture. Get comfy in there, bean! 
  • @rachelredhead I’ve always had the Twitching pains around my ovaries in early pregnancy. Things like all over cramps during a sneeze are pretty constant.
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  • @rachelredhead the cramping is fairly normal. I remember having lots of cramping throughout my 1st pregnancy- from initial implantation and growth to round ligament and braxton hicks. As long as it's not severe and you're not running a fever then it should be fine. 
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  • First Ultrasound: 11/8 (4+6) saw gestational sac and yolk sac. 

    Second Ultrasound schedule for 11/20 (6+4) give or take. Hoping to see heartbeat! Fingers crossed🤞#stickybaby

  • Hi @footdrbritt was there a heartbeat? And if so, what was the number? Just curious as I’m going in next week and will be around the same time as you (6 weeks and a couple days) 
  • @kekmurph Our doc doesn’t give you the rate, just that is was there since it’s so early 
  • @footdrbritt. Ahhh. Makes sense. Thanks! 
  • pretzelloverpretzellover
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    Had my first u/s today at 5+2, and just a big empty gestational sac.... This is exactly what happened with my son 2 years ago (also at 5+2), so trying to remain optimistic and hope it’s not a blighted ovum.
    No pic bc I was so flustered I forgot to get one. Figured I’d post in case anyone else has the same experience.
    Next u/s in a week. If we don’t see yolk sac + fetal pole then, sadly I’m out. 

    ETA: bc fat fingers!
  • @pretzellover hoping you see that fetal pole next week! I'm sure that's unnerving, but hopefully knowing you saw the same thing with your healthy son provides some comfort.
  • Thanks @stlbuckeye132. My H is a lot more chill than I am. Gonna be a long week. 
  • @pretzellover FX for a more exciting US next week... I'm so sorry you have to wait so long to set your mind at ease

  • @pretzellover I hope this week flies by and you see some excellent growth next week! 
  • @blaf322 @modoodles Thanks so much ladies!  
  • @pretzellover I hope you get great news next week!
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  • @bluguitarhannah how far along are you?
  • @Elle131 measured 8 weeks 4 days yesterday. I've given up understanding the measurements but Dr. was pleased so I'll take it.  FET was on 10/10.  Was quite surprised at the movement I could see.  Pix quality is bad but on screen I could see buds for arms and legs.
  • @b_1029  yay! Congrats on a successful US!!! So nice to be able to breathe a little!

  • @b_1029 yay!!! Congratulations on a great US!
  • @b_1029 yay! Congratulations on a great appointment!!
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