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  • me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018

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  • I had to stop lurking the BMBs too for pretty much every reason described. 
    @ttcbabyodo I'm sorry for everything you've had to deal with. Be as salty as you want. 💚
    @tyrion_ 💙 And "happy little behind" made me giggle. 

    Married: Spring 2009
    TTC #1: July 2018
    BFP 12/7/18, EDD 8/20/19
    CP 12/17/18 @ 5 weeks, 1 day
    BFP 7/1/19, CP confirmed 7/3/19
    First RE consult 5/2019
    Hycosy: All clear!
    Unexplained RPL/IF
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  • @keikilove Same, I haven't lurked june in a while. But it was a hot mess. 

    @namelessaria Those are all super annoying. When people are like "it was an accident, we werent even trying!" #cantrelate. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    @inthewoods23 I totally relate. I dont understand how some people can be so unprepared!! I dont care if that makes me stuck up!

    @ttcbabyodo Im sorry youre having a bad time lately. * so many hugs* Hopefully the process of getting your money back is hassle free! And im sorry DH was being a punk, they just dont always understand all of the emotional turmoil. 

    Me 25, DH 28

    Married Oct. 5th 2013

    ttc #2

    DS born Nov. 2017

  • My new FFFC is that there is no worse feeling than being stuck on a webex on CD2 when you realize a tampon is filling up but you have 30 minutes left in the call. 
    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018

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  • @mvt2003 ohhh noooo! Ugh do you have to participate or could you like, mute it and run to the bathroom? 

    Me: 32  MH: 36

    TTC since Dec 2017

    Aug '18: PCOS dx

    Nov '18: SA - 19mil

    Dec '18: Letrozole + TI - BFN

    Jan '19: 30lb total weight loss since Aug '18. Natural monitored cycle + TI - BFN

    Feb & Mar '19: Letrozole + TI, BFN

    Apr '19: Letrozole + TI, - BFN.  Repeat SA (27mil) & DNA fragmentation test (17%)

    May '19: Natural cycle. MH reaches 50lb weight loss since Jan '19. BFN.

    Aug '19: Letrozole + HCG trigger + IUI + prog supp - BFN (MH: 16mil)

    Sep '19: 2nd IUI, same protocol. (MH: 16mil)

  • @mvt2003 that's why I wear a pantiliner in addition to my tampons. Also because I have no flipping clue how long I can wear a tampon without it leaking. I blame it on my irrational fear of TSS for wearing lighter tampons than I really should most days.

    @kiki047 yes, thank you thank you! Gotta look out for my favorite group of ladies ❤️ I don't think I was the only one to call her out but I was probably the most blunt in my F You message 😆

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    Me: 30 DH:32

    Together since 2007
    Married 7/2/16

    TTC #1 since 7/2017
    Dx: unexplained but low morph

    IUI #1-3 all BFN

    IVF #1 - 6/11/19
    24R, 17M, 15F, 6B, PGT-A tested - 5 normal, 3 girls & 2 boys

    FET #1 - 9/10/19
    Best male not viable after thaw, used boy #2 (both graded 5BB)
    Beta 9/20/19....BFN
    "I know you, but we've never met. I'm with you, but I don't know your name"

    FET #2 - Tentatively January 2020 after loss, ERA, and Receptiva testing 

  • Yes to this whole thread. ❤️
  • @kiki047 I just held on until it was over! 😂 luckily not too much damage!
    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018

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  • FFFC - I ate waaaaay too much halloween candy today. I also called in sick again. I worked from home, so it wasn't a total loss, but I should have gone in. 

    @mvt2003 I switched to a cup. Honestly - so much better, and the risk of TSS is much lower. 
    @inthewoods23 Yup, I've been here since Jan 2018. So, there have been a few who are out the other side. 
    Also - There was someone who did PM an admin to open June. I only know because 

    I was in the May BMB. You know, until I wasn't :( 

  • @whatsbumpinpumpkin I have a cup but it’s so messy to change, I’ve had to clean up every time I change it! (Am I doing it wrong?) I use organic 100% cotton tampons, apparently those have an almost nonexistent level of TSS. 
    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018

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  • @shoogapoff I think I’m qualified to respond to your UO (or FFFC or whatever :D). I’ll very briefly give my background first, but TW: living children mentioned. 
    I’m a SAHM with three young kids. I joined a BMB for my first and third child.

    Ok, I’ll just put this entire thing under a general TW: talk of pregnancy. 

    For me, a BMB is so much more than just a place to find answers about pregnancy or where you can crowd-source information about baby products. No matter if you’re a FTM or a fourth time mom, pregnancy can be a very isolating experience — and a BMB provides an instant community of women going through the exact experience you are, at the same moment you are. It’s not really about being an old hand at something, it’s more about connecting with people through a shared milestone in your lives. What many gain from participating are friendships that span years. While some may not have time to participate as much as FTMs, it can still be a valuable and cherished community of support. 
  • @mvt2003 I can almost always get away with just emptying it every 12 hours. So I just do it in the shower. I like to shower twice a day on af anyway, I always feel gross. So I find it cleaner, since I’m not then dealing with things I have to throw away. 

  • @whatsbumpinpumpkin that makes sense. Spoiler because it’s gross but yolo. 

    Last cycle I didn’t realize just how messy things got and MH called me into the bathroom to ask if I was ok because that was a lot of blood he just found 😂😂😂

    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018

    November Signature Challenge - Dessert Fails:

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