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The ultrasound thread

(Taken from May 2020 BMB)

When posting your pictures, please be aware of any personal information that might be visible, such as date of birth, full name, name of hospital/OB practice, or SSN.

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Re: The ultrasound thread

  • runwmusicrunwmusic
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     sticky please 
  • lo_clo_c
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    Had my first u/s yesterday at 5 weeks 6 days. I'm measuring 6 weeks. Location is good! No heartbeat yet. Go back October 15th! Fingers crossed. 
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  • 6 week ultrasound completed.  No pics.  No yolk sac just a gestational sac.  Not looking great but dr said repeat in a week.  And maybe my dates are off even just a day or so.   
  • @runwmusic How exciting! It makes me look forward to my first appointment on Monday even more! 😊
  • @runwmusic ❤️ This so much! So happy we are on a BMB again! Stick baby stick! 
  • @chaos-and-coffee aaahhhhh!!! I thought I recognized that cup! SSOOOO happy you are here  <3 <3 <3
  • @BumpAdmin sticky please! 
  • My six week, six day peanut had a heart rate of 113 today. It was so surreal seeing it's little heart beat on the monitor 😍 I go back in 2 weeks, since I am still early, to get my due date! We are gonna go ahead and tell family this weekend 😊
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