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  • @hayhay2501 did they move your due date two days?! 
  • @runwmusic yea. My cycles weren’t completely bang on so I’m not surprised! Also last time I was 3 days off in my 8 week scan and then bang on in my 12 week so we’ll see. Either way glad everything looks good so far 😊
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  • @hayhay2501 I was off two days but my ob doesn't move unless it's a week off. 🤷‍♀️ Glad everything is looking good though! 
  • @runwmusic ahhh here they just go off whatever your scan says! You need a specific date written down for maternity leave to be triggered 
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  • Also two days off, but I dont think my OB will change my due date.  I know I ovulated two days later in my cycle than standard.  
  • Had my first u/s yesterday & they saw the sac, but no baby or heartbeat yet.  I was only 6w5d based on LMP and measured 5w6d, so I'll get another one in 2 weeks.  Praying to see a healthy baby & heartbeat then.  We went through this with our oldest, so I'm hopeful we'll see a beautiful little nugget in 2 weeks. ❤️

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  • I went for my first ultrasound today. I'm 8 weeks and 2 days. My doctor did a regular ultrasound and an intravaginal (I think that's how you spell it). Anyway, they found a yolk sac that was measuring 6 weeks, but they couldn't find a heart beat. She wants me to schedule another ultrasound for next week. Have any of you had this happen and everything turn out ok? She says that we should see a heart beat by now, and she's convincedthe baby is gone and I will miscarry. I'm trying to be hopeful but it's hard. I've not had any unusual pains or bleeding. I'm even having symptoms still. Nausea, fatigue, etc.
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    @mommallama17 That's hard. Either dates could be off, like a slightly late ovulation and slow to implant, or could be a missed miscarriage, and your body just hasn't caught up with what's going on yet.

    eta-so hugs, the waiting is hard. I hope it's just dates being off! 
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  • @pourmeanothermocktail Thank you ❤️ I'm praying for a miracle. This would be our second loss this year and I'm it sure if I can handle it ☹️

  • I was 7+6 according to LMP, but baby measured 8+4 at first. OB almost bumped me up a week, but then we got a clearer view and measured 8+2. Since it was so close, we stuck with using LMP for due date - June 23rd. 
    We got to see the heart beat and little arms wiggling around, which was a huge relief. This is our first baby, so I had no idea what to expect and was letting my lack of symptoms freak me out. But baby is healthy and happy in there, and I’m just thankful that I haven’t experienced really bad symptoms yet! 

  • Hello @number1and2tenyrsapart You might want to crop your image to remove your personal information. 
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    Little gummy bear facing the "camera" at 6w4d on Nov. 6th. Saw the heartbeat at 131 bpm! NP said possible low amniotic fluid,  so we're getting a second opinion this coming Thursday at 9w! Due ~June 26

  • Congratulations @HeavansAngel20x!! What a blessing!  <3
  • MssyMmmyMssyMmmy
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    @rabbitmama09 wow great shot! How far a long are you? You already know the gender? Congratulations on a beautiful boy!
  • @MssyMmmy Im 12+4, so really I'm due the end of may.... I got my results back from my NIPT last week where we found it we were having a boy. Thank you :) I'm so elated
  • 11+2, keeping our guess date of 6/6

    Me: 31
    DH: 30
    Married 7/18/15
    1st born at 35+4 on 6/6/16
    Team green turned BLUE!
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