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The Baby Name Thread

I know it’s early and probably no one knows the sex yet, but anyone want to talk about baby names?


Me 34 DH 34 

DS1 born September 2017
Baby number 2 due 4/11/20

Re: The Baby Name Thread

  • @mflowers929 I have a DS Finlay, and we call him Finn!
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    This is perfect because I need advice. 

    My husband and I both like the name Lyra for a girl, however I only like the pronunciation “Lira” (like the money or word lyric). The correct pronunciation is actually “Lye-ra” and with friends and family in the science and academic communities, it feels odd to name our child after a constellation but not pronounce it correctly.

    An alternative would be to name her Leira - which is unique and has the pronunciation I like. But — is it unappealing to have a name with the word “leer” in it? To me it sounds much better than having the word “lie” but I suppose I just like the softer syllable. 

    Also when you see Leira do you think of it as a “made up” or “trendy” name? I prefer something that sounds more classic versus decidedly post 1990 names (Jaxon/Oaklynn/Paisleigh/Treyden) - all fine but not the vibe we’re going for. 

    Any thoughts?
  • So far we like Celeste for a girl and Locke for a boy; both are from video games we love and follow the nerdy naming trend of my other 3 kids :)
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  • @independentgeorge Could you use the "lira" spelling?
  • @independentgeorge

    I think Leira sounds trendy, not made up. I actually like the spelling. I don’t think or “lie” or “leering”, I just think it gets to the pronunciation that you like.
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  • @mysteryship my husband is pro- Lira but I worry people will think of the currency unit. I love how simple it is though. 

    @drkoyya thanks! And I can sympathize with your husband wanting out of the Charles pattern - my husband, his dad, and grandpa are all Joseph and we are on the fence for what to do if we have a boy. I love your idea of naming a girl after him and a boy after you! 
  • We already have 2 boys so no idea for boys names! We are fairly traditional, we liked James last go around and didn't wind up using it and now I am over it.  I also like Caden (I know not traditional)

    For a girl I love Georgia and my grandfather's name was George. But my husband doesn't like it.  
  • We have 2 girls Kara and Luna if we have a boy we are going with Dean Kent it's been our boy name from the beginning and hasn't changed. If it's a girl I said I wanted to stick with 4 letters ending in a but starting with m so we both likes Miya(pronounced Mia) Natasha

     but hubby is now talking about an old girl name we liked which is Lyla. I'm not set on that as our sister in laws brother had a girl same age as our oldest with the same name and I don't want to confuse our nephews I know it's weird but I just want something not in the family already. 
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  • If it’s a girl, I really love the name Fiona.  That was our girl name when I was pregnant with DS.  We made the mistake of telling our family that we liked that name and they did not hold back with their criticism.  Because of that, when we found out it was a boy, we kept the name to ourselves!  

    Anyway,  I also like the name Nora as well.  

    If it’s a boy, I have no idea.  DS is Ronin and it was the only name that DH and I agreed on. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • @independentgeorge I love Lyra!  I suggested that for DD2 and DH shot me down since he’s not an astronomy/science kind of of person.  I don’t think your alternate spelling is trending and does get the pronunciation across, but maybe I’m biased.    
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    @Sailing_Mama That's what my husband and I had as a boy name, the first time around, but I'm not so certain, this pregnancy. We wanted to keep it Scottish, for his heritage, since our daughter is named after both of my grandmothers.
  • I have a Wyatt and Ellie (Elizabeth). I like Rowan and briar for boy and for girl Addison and maybe Lydia? Charlotte? I have no idea 

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  • @littleredm My DS is August! It's the only boy name we could agree on. We call him Augie but if you ask him his name, he likes to say August.
  • @mysteryship Ahh we are planning on calling him Auggie too if it's a boy! We have a dog named Oliver and I really love thinking of Augie and Ollie as bff.
  • @mysteryship my dog is named Oliver and we also call him Ollie! 😀
  • @babybison I also had one of the most common names my birth year, and I agree it got really weird having several other girls with the same name growing up. But I didn’t learn my lesson because we have a Samantha and a Hunter, which are both fairly common. I also didn’t tell anyone Hunter’s name before he was born for the same reason! I didn’t want anyone’s opinion or facial reaction to sway me because we already had such a difficult time landing on that name. 

    I don’t know what we’re gonna do if it’s a boy. We didn’t decide on Hunter until I was 36 weeks last time. Girl names are pretty easy for us and we have already discussed Ally Lynn for a girl, middle name after my MIL. 
  • We have two girls. They are Colette and Lydia. We decided before even deciding if we were having any more children that the third's first name would have to start with an E.  We are from Cleveland and huge Cleveland fans. CLE is a common "nickname" for the city and you see CLE on everything. So we are leaning toward Ethan for a boy and Evelyn or Elyse for a girl. 

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  • @mandapandapie13 I'm in Canton and my son is an Ethan!
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  • @kathryn0903 Awesome! I went to Mount Union so I have spent a lot of time at Belden Village. We love the name Ethan! It is a lot more popular than our girl names but we still love it so much. That is about the only boy name we agree on! 

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  • @mandapandapie13 my husband teaches there!
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  • @independentgeorge have you ever seen the tv show billions? My favorite character is named Lara and it’s pronounced Lira
  • We have settled on a girl’s name for now. Being a Kimberly I had at least two other Kim’s in my class at any given time so i started going by Kimberly to avoid confusion. So my kids have more uncommon names. 

    For a girl we like Ravyn Ivory. For a boy we are stuck. He likes rock star names but some of the people he wants to name our kid after died of drug overdoses. Definitely NOT what I’m going for!!!! So now we are just in a holding pattern of trying to find a good name for a boy. Thankfully we still have a lot of time. 
  • @knottiedcc5922c010f770a I haven’t seen that - I may add to my weekend plans!

    @kimberlyevan I love Bowie for a rockstar boy name! Mick or Stevie (Fleetwood Mac) would be fun kid names too. Hope you can find one you both enjoy. 
  • The baby in Netflix's The Let Down is named Stevie 😄
    Also 10/10 recommend that show. It's hilarious and real life post-partum at the same time. 
  • I’m 30 and have had favorite names picked out for years 🤦🏾‍♀️ I would drop some as they became too popular.  I’ve been set on these for the longest 
    Girl: Emerson Kate (Emi for short)
    Boy: Sawyer Rhys or Sawyer Knox

    but now that the time is here to potentially use one of my names, I’m not sure if I like them anymore.  This happening to anyone else??

    I also like Isla for a girl.  DH on the fence with that one.  Or Stella.  But the 10 year dog is Bella & for some reason I think a Bella and a Stella would be weird lol. 
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    @cansav1013 FWIW, our son’s name rhymes with one of our dog’s name. We’ve basically shortened the dog’s name to avoid confusion. It took a month or so, but the dog accepted it and never responds to DS’s name. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • @mercury94 Good to know! Thanks so much!
  • @fitzandgiggles I work with a Celeste and she is AMAZING! I find it helpful to have positive associations with the names I'm considering :)

    @cansav1013 yes I'm experiencing the same issue! There's a girl's name we both liked instantly before getting pregnant and now I'm like, eh... Do I still want that?

    DH is dying for a boy and wants to continue the family name of William. I like the name Will so I'm fine with him getting that haha. For a girl we are still up in the air, but the one we had both liked is Dafna (technically it's Hebrew and is pronounced Dahfnah, but I assume most people will pronounce it like Daphne).

    I would like to honor my grandparents with a first or middle name that starts with the same letter at least, but struggling with one we both like. 
  • I don’t think it sounds trendy at all. I feel like I saw it on a baby name list for top scandanivan names or maybe it was gaelic names? Either way it sounds beautiful and different without being trendy. Go for it! 💗
  • @independentgeorge I was in the circus for a bit and Lyra is actually the name of an act/piece of equipment. It is an aerial hoop and it is beautiful to watch people perform with- so I think it is kinda cool. 

    As for names- I have a girl name in mind, since we had a top 2 when our daughter was born. But for boys- no idea. It was super hard to come up with our sons name, and now- while I really want a boy, I have no name ideas. But middle name would probably start with an S in honor of 'big brother' who's name was Spencer.
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    4/26/2020: EDD for baby #3!!!
  • Reviving this thread because a bunch of people have found out the sex recently. I’m not one of them, but I like baby names. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • We’re Team Pink and so far we have:

    Maisie Leigh
    Rosalie (Rosie) Aurora 
    Hadley Josephine 
    Josephine Leigh

    Maisie and Rosie are my favorites but DH keeps waffling.
  • @literatureandink I just met a baby named Maisie yesterday and it's such a lovely name.

    Josephine has actually been at the top of our list for a long time, but now that we're actually having a girl we're reconsidering. I love botanical names and old fashioned ones.
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